Francis Spufford - Golden Hill Oh gosh, I loved this. Historical, funny, perfectly evoked. 

JP Delaney - The Girl Before  Psychological thriller in a minimalist modernist palace. Good on property lust, twisty. 

Jane Harper - The Dry Parched, atmospheric outback murder. This will so be made into a film. Russell Crowe will probably play the local bloke who got out and made good coming back to confront his childhood demons. 

Helen Callaghan - Dear Amy Agony aunt gets a letter from missing teenager, things get murky. Enjoyed. 

Joseph Knox - Sirens It took me a while to warm to this Manchester-based noir (rule breaking cop, yawn, loads of young women who may or may not be prostitutes), but the writing is GOOD and in parts it’s genuinely very surprising. 


Laura Lippman - Another Thing To Fall A film crew comes to Baltimore and murder ensues. 

Laura Lippman - In Big Trouble This is a really old Tess Monaghan but I realised I had never read. Texas, Crow is in trouble.  

Sarah Waters - Fingersmith I had never read this. Now I have. It was excellent. Like anyone needs my confirmation of what the whole world knows already. 

Keggie Carew - Dadland An amazing, funny, raw, portrait of dementia, intercut with her father’s rather extraordinary earlier life. I got a bit bogged down in Burma, but everything else was wonderful. 

Ian Rankin - Rather Be The Devil - Solid Rebus action.

Everything I read in 2015

Everything I read in 2014


Anonymous said...

I just finished Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi and Being Mortal by Atul Gwande and I feel like my brain has expanded and I kind of understand life better. Both so excellent. How will I follow them?? Maybe Nina Stibbs based on this list....... Thanks waffle.

Joanna Crawford said...

I loved a place of greater safety too, lots more inspiration here book wise, thanks very much. Are you on good reads? Would like to follow. Xx

Rebecca Leamon said...

I had a summer full of reading, some of which I *hated*, which I feel you'd sympathize with. . . Top Reads, however, include Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandell: beautifully written, haunting post-end-of-civilization story. Has stuck with me and given me odd dreams. ALSO: Ta-Henisi Coates's piece Between the World and Me--wow. It's not an easy read, but it's powerful, brilliant, and important. Worth reading slowly.

I hugely enjoy your posts.

Cheryl said...

I'm a new subscriber to your blog and love finding this list of book reviews! For so many years I wouldn't veer away from non-fiction and, once I did, I haven't looked back...........but I am ALWAYS looking out for suggestions and your list/comments is great! I am constantly in search of great psychological thrillers so I've jotted a few of your recommendations down and will now go back and read your 2015/2014 list. So glad I "found" you.

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