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I'm Emma Beddington. I'm a freelance writer based in Brussels and have written for Elle, Red, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Condé Nast Traveller and O Magazine.

My memoir We'll Always Have Paris is out now. You can read more about it here.

I also write about:


The hell (and heaven) of family pets

How to screw up your family Christmas (Guardian, December 2014)

Meet the Parents (Dance Gazette, October 2014)

On learning/remembering not to hate the country (Guardian, August 2013)

On learning to love clutter (Guardian, June 2013)

The pros and cons of 'sharenting' (Guardian, May 2013, scroll down)

Did I have kids too young? (Red, April 2013)

Abortion after kids (The Times, March 2013)

Raising aliens: my foreign children (Guardian, Sept 2012)

Thomas, Theo, the Boulder and Me (Guardian, July 2012)

Birth boasting (Red, February 2012)


The Rock 'n' Roll Pâtissiers of Paris (Metropolitan, April 2013)

Crabzillla and the Very Regrettable Ladybird: the rise of over the top birthday cakes (Guardian, January 2012) 

Emotions and stuff

I wanted to be a French woman: then I failed at it (Telegraph, April 2016) 

The Power of Friendship - and how to find it (Elle, March 2012)

Looking forward to The Messiah (Red, December 2011)

Letter to my body (Elle, November 2011)

My pathetic finance phobia (Red, August 2011)

First love, mother love (O, May 2011)

Mothers (Elle, November 2010)

Alopecia (Red, June 2010) 

Abortion (Elle, January 2010) 

Blogging/Social Media

Is your career Facebook proof? (Red, April 2011)

Blogging (Observer, March 2011)

Blogging (Sunday Times, September 2009)

Metropolitan Restaurant Reviews

Ars Vinorum (May 2013)

Bia Mara (April 2013)

Yeti (March 2013)

(You can find the full archive of these on my Belgian blog)

Belgium and Belgians

Weekender - Brussels (Olive, December 2014)

Eating on the Street in Brussels (Bthere, November 2014)

Madame Moustache (Metropolitan, November 2014)

Taking off in Brussels (Ryanair, October 2014)

Matonge (Guardian Travel, November 2013)

Dominique Persoone: Master Shock-olatier Brussels Airlines, February 2013)

Show me La Monnaie: backstage at the Brussels opera (Brussels Airlines, January 2013)

Hôtel Le Berger (Metropolitan, December 2012)

Isabelle de Borchgrave, paper magic (Brussels Airlines, December 2012)

Eric Domb and Belgium's most ambitious zoo (Metropolitan, June 2012)

"Astronaut Training" in the Ardennes (The Bulletin, March 2012)

By Royal Appointment: The Jadem Arabian stud (Brussels Airlines, February 2012)

Baloji (Metropolitan, April 2011)

The Charleroi Urban Safari (Guardian, September 2010)

Guide to Brussels Pick Up Spots

Flippant solutions to the Belgian constitutional crisis

.. and anything else you might like me to write about.

If you're interested in commissioning me, or even if you'd just like to talk about Charleroi, or owls, click here.