Tuesday, 26 September 2017


1. Escape

Last week I spent a night in a hotel ON. MY. OWN. This was the best night I have had in forever, I am not joking. Beautiful hotel. Just exquisite. Sunny afternoon in Ghent (which is lovely anyway). Went to stare at the Mystic Lamb for ages. Walked around buying myself an elaborate picnic of small delights. Practised my Dutch. Toured the hotel. Two delicious cocktails in the lovely bar. Retired to gigantic, pillow filled bed, watched Drag Race and ate my picnic with a cup of tea. Woke up, ate large delicious breakfast alone with my book, walked back to the station. Literally perfect happiness. Here are pictures. 

Hotel window view with twiddly bits and canal

Room of splendour. Two floors of room! 

View from my chaise longue

Morning view from my chaise longue of beer delivery

Herb garden thingy. 

This is a cocktail. I drank it. It was good. 

This is a dainty bottle of Negroni. I also drank it. Not at the same time. 

This is me, on the chaise longue, at that point intoxicated with nothing stronger than SOLO LUXURY

2. Chicks

I think I’ve decided on names for the chicks, though there were many strong strong suggestions. I think I’m going for Fabiola for the pale one and Simone for the dark one. Here they are sitting on a chair this morning, Fabiola at front, Simone at rear. 

They fell off moments later. I am OBSESSED with them, they are so decorative and funny. They have catapulted me into a whole new level of crazy chicken lady. I have bought all manner of new chicken requisites, inc. hairdryer for their floofy feet, special scaly leg cream, vitamin drops, etc etc etc. Pepper, my old bad tempered hen, still hates/ignores/tries to murder them 85% of the time. The other 15% of the time is night, when she is mysteriously fine about snuggling up to them. I mean, it's progress of a sort, I suppose. 

3. Dark rumblings at the yoga studio

4. Mantises

Have you read this article about mantises? Do you want to live in a deep state of wonder/terror? Read on. If that's not enough mantis horror (IT MAY WELL BE ENOUGH MANTIS HORROR), here is more: 

5. August reading

Is up. Finally. 

That is it. I am very busy today engaged in a battle with a crow over some yoghurt. I know that sounds like a thing Bob Mortimer would say on Shooting Stars, but I promise it is true. 


wholelottarosie said...

Urgh. The mantis story has stained my brain. Ick. On another note, glad your enjoyed your solo trip away.

Karen said...

I want that trip! Thanks for sharing. Had one like it years ago when I lived in England and kids were small, except it was a spa and I lived in just a robe for days. Even for dinner!

Unknown said...

Love the hotel and the names.

Crazy Mom! said...

I read the mantis article earlier and then gleefully shared with my grown sons. The youngest said "Mom, you know I'm scared of bugs." The oldest was fascinated.

At least a praying mantis is MUCH smaller than we are, squishable. Because if it were closer to human size WATCH OUT!!!

I want to stay in that hotel.

WOL said...

Female black widow spiders eat their mates as well. Both species thus gain food to make eggs with. In the insect world in general, males tend to get short shrift.

I, too, want to stay in that hotel room, for weeks. Wallow in luxury indeed. I could do with a bit of that kind of wallowing. I hope you never felt a moment's guilt for a richly deserved holiday.

Patience_Crabstick said...

Your escape sounds absolutely heavenly. There's nothing like luxurious solitude.

just curious said...

Ah, to be alone in a hotel room . . . it's heavenly. I did it in Amsterdam a few years ago while my daughter studied in London. Daily housekeeping, the whole day to myself and no one to please but me. It was a revelation, really.

Unknown said...

I play this game called stardew valley (I don'tremember if you have an opinion on computer games, possibly yes, but anyway don't judge me) where you can keep animals and they are given semi-random names. My cows are called Chona, Brumbo and Pirturt and my chickens Grernard, Snorti, Snipello and Mipumo. I hope reading these names out loud to yourself will give you enough joy to counteract the mantis horror.

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Did you (God forbid) lose the battle with the crow over the yogurt?

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