Sunday, 13 August 2017

Ravishing Fusion

Slept badly, which is very rare for me, probably because of a rainy day of utter idleness, but also some pre-holiday work/menagerie worries. Used the time to finish Hillbilly Elegy, which left me somewhat unsatisfied, I bet he'll be weeping into his massive pile of money to hear that. Wondering which books to bring with me/download, not much has hit the spot so far this month (shit, I must do the July reading list). Thoughts? 

What with the tiredness and the undone work, here are some pictures for today:

I'm reviewing a hotel tonight and this is on the menu in the room SAY WHAT NOW?

I hope to encounter all of these terrifying garage forecourt compilation CD / condom brand condiments at breakfast tomorrow.

A subset of the menagerie enjoying a brief break in the clouds: 

This dog in Gaston ice cream parlour was charming and spectacularly well-behaved:

Mine managed to run into a tree and cut his ... do dogs have eyebrows? That general area. Back to the vet tomorrow for eyebrow assessment and travelling to UK visit, my kidney is only slightly foxed, reasonable offers considered. 

TFW you just can't be arsed to find a name for your restaurant "Listen, just, I don't know. Anything's fine"

Category is: my neighbours are on crack realness

How was your Sunday? 


Sabine said...

Although I rarely recommend stuff to read, tastes do differ and I hate it when someone is disappointed in a book I love, but with this one, I am taking my chances (also, it's a quick read): Montepelier Parade by Karl Geary
Ok, I am a bit biased because once upon a time, in fact at the time this novel is placed, I actually lived there, in the exact Montpelier Parade he writes about - but that's about it. The rest is wonderful.
Look up Karl Geary anyway.

Sorry about the ongoing dog saga, incl. vet bills. I hope there is a shiny healthy dog waiting for you all at the end of this tunnel.

CJ said...

Is that an armadillo on your lawn? A bold choice if so. Love the little well-behaved dog. I have a brand new dog, am wondering how to turn him from chaotic puppy madness into pert, bar stool sitting dog. Sorry about the eyebrow, hope all is well soon. Good luck with the mayonnaises. I wouldn't risk the vinaigrette, there'd be no coming back from such an experience.

just curious said...

Given the events in Charlottesville, Hillbilly Elegy is unfortunately all too appropriate reading. I'm dragging myself through August reading Gary Shteyngart's "Little Failure" about his childhood in St. Petersburg. Very humorous and sardonic. Looking forward to being on a short trip to London in September, but mostly waiting August to be over.

Dale said...

Ha! Condom brand condiments indeed. Do menu writers plagiarize? More often than you might think my students choose some spectacularly inappropriate sources to help them stretch their essays to reach the required five pages (I am very demanding).

Sunday activity: went to see "An Inconvenient Sequel" with middle son, who is now quite cross with my generation for our environmental messes as well our apparent unwillingness to clean them up. The film attempted to end on a hopeful note but it seemed more than a little forced.

anapestic said...

Google Translate anglicizes "pain d'argile autocuissant" into "self-adhesive clay loaf," which I suppose makes sense insofar as a loaf of clay is probably more willing to stick to itself than anything else is willing to stick to it.

Before I did some searching around, I had initially translated it as "self-cooking Argyle bread," which, in my defense, doesn't really make any less sense, does it?

I am fresh out of pavilions, but I'll have a look round my garden and cellar when I get home, just in case.

Jane Calderwood Norton said...

Little Failure by Gary Shteyngart is indeed wonderful. And I think you would enjoy it.

The woman at my local independent bookstore was raving about Idaho by Emily Ruskovich. I haven't read it though (yet).

Jane Calderwood Norton said...

Other great books:

- Father of the Rain by Lily King
- Garden of the Evening Mists by Tan Twan Eng
- Dancer by Colum McCann
- Black Swan Green by David Mitchell (I LOVED this)
- Brooklyn by Colm Toibin

Bryony said...

Outskirts by John Grindrod is my book of the decade. It's sublime.

Patience_Crabstick said...

Is that a poster for a missing loaf of bread?

JC Newman said...

Hi, bit late but I've just read your wonderful piece in the Guardian on watching TV. As for suggestions for other programmes, you might like "NewsRadio", a US comedy series from the 1990s; it's set in a radio station and I think it's in a similar vein to some of the other shows you mention. I don't know if it was ever broadcast in Europe (I saw it when I was living in Australia) so it may be difficult to get hold of, but if you can I think you'd enjoy it. Jane

Solo Gamer 128 said...

S-Town Podcast. Have had to have a break as it was making my cry and that doesn't happen to me. amazing, gripping, moving..

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