Tuesday, 14 February 2017

I do some stuff Pt II

Manneken Paradise

I owe you the Manneken. You hunger for the Manneken. DO NOT DESPAIR. HE IS HERE.

Here are some lovely Manneken outfits I discovered at the new Mannekmuseum (that is not its name).

Interesting foreign outfits

Pope chic

Terrifying Belgian ones


Excuse me, you have a church on your head

Indescribably sinister

Pared down Céline style chic courtesy of Estonia

And Ireland? Really? Is this the best you can do? 

Manneken Daniel O'Donnell

I also got to meet the man who is the Official City of Brussels Manneken Pis Dresser. He is the thirteenth official to hold this office and, quite surprisingly to me, he was a normal human man. The Manneken Pis has a Manneken Pis Dresser outfit, which is meta, but also pleasing. 

Here are some other Manneken Pis outfits that are not all on display: urologist, condom, welder, donkey wrangler, Japanese firefighter, chimney sweep, Romanian shepherd, cleaning lady and pêcheur de crevettes à cheval. God, I love this country. 

Condom (crocheted) might be my favourite, btw: 

Further protest

The need to protest is sadly undiminished so we went again this weekend. I got L on banner making duty:

My friend P's banner was excellent: 

But I think these guys stole my heart: 

Yes, indeed. 

I have started my new advanced Dutch class. Almost in the class is better than me and one girl is so good I don't even understand why she's taking lessons. Obviously, this is making me absolutely furious and determined to keep up. We have been talking about child rearing (opvoeding) for two weeks and there is one really dark, funny woman who keeps telling us how awful her children are in broken Dutch. I want her to be my friend. 

Even though it was terrifying, I made chocolate chip brioches with my 10 kilos of chocolate chips (not all of them, that would be silly) at the weekend. The dough was a thing of utter terror and would not rise or do anything a dough should, nevertheless, it did somehow become brioche, eventually. I have bought fresh yeast and watched Richard Bertinet do dough magic and I am ready to try again this weekend with a better recipe, because apparently I need to get even fatter. 

I don't think I have anything else to relate, except that I accidentally drank a Korean alcopop on Saturday night and am still regretting it. I really will update the reading page soon, that is a (craven, empty) promise. 

Did you read Zoe Williams on dogs? It really made me laugh. I bet the comments are a fright. 


30% still dressed like a mime
15% nose spots
15% super late payment rage
10% Working my way through an amazing care package of Dairy Milk and Walkers Cheese & Onion
10% on a minor administrative roll
10% THE SUN! WARMTH! Oh, it's gone now
10% Literally henpecked



Crazy Mom! said...

Best sign I have seen:
"2/3 of Trump's wives are immigrants - proving once again that we need immigrants to jobs most Americans WOULDN'T DO"

2nd best:
"Tiny hands - YUUUUGE ASSHOLE"

Jacqui Fenner-Dixon said...

Manneken Paradise, something for everyone, but the Pinoccio/KKK outfit…. truly terrifying. I particularly liked the Yeoman/ large overweight poodle on head mannequin (and is it really holding a basket of oranges?) The crocheted condom was quite inspiring, as I am a manic crocheter, always on the lookout for novel ideas. Love the look of your brioche and may be brave enough to attempt some (hahaha, who am I kidding)

Jonathan said...

I love the cartoon of Donald Trump on your banner :) p.s. have next few days off work, so will TRY to finish your book. I wonder if there is a collective noun for a number of half-finished books ?

Nimble said...

Everything about those Binche characters is terrifying, even when reproduced in Manneken size. But the bands and the sausages are excellent. Thinking about Binche made me look up Mardi Gras -- it's on 2/28 so I haven't missed it this year! (I *will* miss it because I don't stay up late carousing on Tuesdays.)

My numbers are currently:
20% Still oppressed by the last stage of my head cold. I wish to retire to the sanitarium for a few weeks.
40% Fond of US lawyers and the judiciary who are Doing Their Jobs!!!
10% Enjoying a novel, All the Birds in the Sky.
25% Uncertain whether our new family chore system takes more effort from me to nag others than it would to do the chores myself.
5% Looking forward to buying Valentine's Day chocolate on sale.

cruella said...

No snow so I am peeved and petulant and feel cheated. Thick ice on lakes though so skating a bit. It will have to do as substitute for crosscountry skiing (LOVE).

Have deleted Facebook app from my IPhone for the zillionth time. Drawn to it, can't stop myself from trying to talk sense into people. HAHA. Or maybe I just tell them how utterly unprincipled and ridiculous they are. Who knows. People from left to far right are angry with me so I guess all is good after all. Tomorrow I will probably install the app again.

frau antje said...

25% Don't understand why someone in your household cannot customize a helmet for you so that it looks like part of a leopard Manneken costume, and I don't know how you can defend even trying to fit in if they don't.
35% Finding Carrie Mathison's constantly agitated face surprisingly calming.
10% Slightly freaked out by one of my occasional google searches for people from my past. Have found a meth bust, and a pulitzer prize before, but this week a rape and strangulation cold case that I can't even mention to anyone, because people I know live near the park (in Berkeley!) where this happened, and women have the right to enjoy their parks.
5% Recently guessed a French bulldog was called such as it has a nose somewhat reminiscent of a fleur-de-lis. Though any breed with Weimar in the name may be right on the verge of huge popularity.
5% Thinking about a Plutarch-Parallel-Lives-themed take on rump and the guy next door.
10% Distracted by 2017 calendar one of my sisters sent of a local high school surfing team. She thought it was funny, but checking the tides is kind of soothing.
8% Sending the grocery boy off with, "We're still alive!," yesterday probably goes against my almost daily resolution to tone it down a bit; but until further notice, I'm feeling BAD (and responsible) for young people.
2% Simone de Beauvoir claimed that letting kids behave as badly as they want, makes them more amenable to conforming later on. This seems counterintuitive, but I bow before her knowledge, and have seen some proof (fairly certain she was not condoning this).

just curious said...

Oh yes, the dog days of February:-) Thanks for posting the Trump signs.

frances said...

the Manneken is truly the imelda marcos of ludicrous costumes... is his dresser's official outfit also notable?

carla_fern said...

You're still very funny...let's take 'the very dark lady' out for wine and karaoke!

Patience_Crabstick said...

A Father Ted-inspired anti-Trump sign? That is brilliant!

Teresa Hamilton said...

Condom costumes :)) I want to see all the costume in Mannekenmuseum :))
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