Friday, 16 December 2016

Reading (and York) update

A further Christmas in York update from my sister:

"There has been a turning on of the second fridge which is 'full' of 4 jars of mincemeat. this is the only sign of crimbo my dad is full on bah humbug every time the doorbell rings he is shouting FUCK OFF haha and every time i ask to put my crib up he goes very thin lipped. I had to strong arm him into letting me open his christmas cards which he did last year in January."

And a picture of Oxford Street yesterday, which looked completely beautiful while actually, on the granular level, being seventeen simultaneous cycles of hell. I got very sweaty and anxious and failed to buy anything until I ran away to the Japan Centre which was a joyous wonderland of mad sweets and excellent packaging and I am really REALLY regretting not buying myself a matcha panettone because MATCHA PANETTONE.

Also, this, which travellled from Marble Arch to Notting Hill Gate with me on the bus, to my amusement:

Finally, this post is an excuse to say I have finally added a (brief, it was a month of falling asleep with my Kindle on face) November reading list, long overdue. Though of course, you should all buy your cake, France, Zola, tragedy, romantic disaster and Belgium LOLS loving family members MY BOOK if you are stuck for a last minute gift, hem hem.

I'm going to lie on the sofa now because I only got 4 hours sleep and the typhus stew of the overheated Central Line has given me a deathcold. What are you reading? Would my dad like it? So far I've only got him a bottle of "Belgian Owl" whisky and that only because the name amused me...


Unknown said...

Just finished Second-Hand Time, thought it was amazing. Not sure if it's up your dad's street? Also read Red Plenty over the summer, also interesting and good (yes I'm on a Soviet Union reading jag)

Bryony said...

Grand Hotel he into the Frankfurt School?

BDM said...

Rasputin ... brand-new by Douglas Smith. Who would NOT love the most comprehensive study yet, with its mystics, politics, sex, and astonishingly rampant malicious gossip-mongering everywhere in the empire. Alexandra, you second-hand holy fool.

WOL said...

Don't think your dad would care for any of them. Not exactly main-stream stuff.

Anonymous said...

The happiest of Christmases to you, dear Waffle!
Thank you for your wonderful writing, which I never tire of reading.

Z said...

Darling Waffle, please could you be very kind and change the comment settings until the wretched ghana sayed and other spammers move on? I'm having to delete dozens of comment notifications daily - I unsubscribe from comments of course but can only do it one post at a time and I'm getting mildly hysterical. Love, Z

Waffle said...

Z - god, I wish I knew how, but I don't, without disallowing anonymous comments, of which there are many normal ones. I'll continue trying though.

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