Saturday, 23 April 2016

Paris Paris Paris

So: Thursday. Thursday was amazing, and strange and unreal. I am going to write it down even if it is a bit boring to read, being in the "and then we did this" mode, because I really need to remember it later on when I am back to being Eeyoreish and immersed in the Powerpoints of Death. I'm not very good at that whole "being in the moment" business, so I need to be able to do it retrospectively. This was definitely to be savoured. Post contains the words "beautiful", "mad", "ludicrous" far too many times and there are a lot of photos. On that basis, let us proceed (update: I am having to do this for a second time thanks to Blogger losing the whole lot ARGH).

I got to Paris in the morning (after a train ride sitting next to an aeronautical engineer who of course turned out to live about 100 yards from me and who told me about his French bulldogs). The sun was out and it was balmy and beautiful and the Air bnb M and I had rented was in the middle of the Marais, all sun-warm honey stone and nonsensically pretty little boutiques (it was brilliant, perfect for acting out all your fantasies of Parisian living and highly recommended if you don't mind having to do some full on contortionism to get in and out of the shower/loo).

I dragged M off on a cake crawl even though she was actually dying of a chest infection.

1. Du Pain et des Idées

I dream of these little savoury bread twists.

2. Stohrer

Oldest pâtisserie in France. Home of the rum baba. We did not have a rum baba, because gross. We had this guy. He was actually not up to his usual standards, but tasty nonetheless.

3. Lafayette Gourmet

Lafayette Gourmet plays a really pivotal role in the book but they have MOVED it, so we wandered around in confusion for a while, but finally located the Sadaharu Aoki counter and the significant Bamboo cake. Then M saw a sign for a Pierre Hermé ice cream counter, so we went there and found THESE BEAUTIES, which are macaron ice cream sandwiches:

I love this picture of us maddened by sugar:

I think I might print it out and put it on my office wall along with the polaroid from the very first time we ever met, which was also in Paris.

Then we went back and had a rest and took a selection of stupid pictures. Look, I am totally calm and not freaking the fuck out at all.

M vetoed the dress - too dressy - so I wore my discount silk shirt with little swimmers all over it and discount Margaret Howell trousers and we drank half a bottle of champagne as we got ready. There was a total fucking panic when I realised I had left my eyeliner on the table at home and a woman with no lashes really can't do without liner on a Big Occasion, or indeed any occasion at all in Paris. M lent me a crayon-y thing and I cobbled a bit of face together, then we walked through the Marais and over the river and along the Seine in the twilight and it was beautiful, stupidly beautiful and there were people kissing all along the quais.

I dunno why I'm putting so many pictures of me: I think I can't quite believe it was me, there, doing it and I need hard evidence.

I looked thoroughly pissed off here, but it's just the cold hand of terror clenching my insides up. As it turned out, the teror was totally unnecessary. Everyone was LOVELY, the audience were smiley and encouraging, my sister came, no one quizzed me on French politics or Proust and Shakespeare & Co in the balmy spring evening was like something out of a fecking romantic comedy it was so charming. I think I did ok at the reading/answering questions though I did gibber on in a not especially coherent fashion at some points. I especially liked the bit where someone asked me what French expressions I thought were particularly telling about the French character and my mind went totally blank and I ended up ranting on about jambes lourdes and the French obsession with magnesium (I have fully internalised this and am devoted to magnesium too).

Afterwards people wanted their books signed and I signed books which felt like a complete out of body experience, Barbara took a picture, or I wouldn't have quite believed it happened. I then completely fucked up her book dedication, due to being barely sentient with the weirdness of it all, sorry again Barbara and Rob.

We had a mad, funny dinner then M took me to Le Caveau de la Huchette, legendary jazz club type place which was magical and strange and I got to watch her DANCE, she is a fiendishly good dancer. There was a child prodigy boogie woogie pianist, a weirdly high concentration of bald American gentlemen in their 60s and an insane woman who came over and plucked petals off the rose she was holding and laid them on our table with a beady expression of deranged menace.

On the way out we stopped to take a picture of Shakespeare & Co in the moonlight. A rat ran in front of me down the drain and I became very over-excited "LOOK A RAT DID YOU SEE THE RAT", I don't know what is wrong with me.

We walked home along the other side of the Seine and it was EVEN MORE STUPIDLY BEAUTIFUL in the moonlight (nearly full, clear and pale yellow). Ludicrous. Paris, you beautiful bastard.

There you go. My book is launched! If you see it in the wild I would love a picture. And if you read it and like it and are inclined to leave an Amazon review apparently that is a very helpful thing for the goat fund, so I would be hugely grateful if you did.

Reminder: On Thursday 28th April at 7pm I will be doing something similar at Waterstones Brussels, details here (no rats or Pierre Hermé, but otherwise similar). Come! Don't quiz me about Proust!


100% CAKE



bbonthebrink said...

I love the book dedication (and the book, so far) and frankly I was a rude cow to even say anything (sorry!). Many people call the kids Blink (Bleeeenk) so you are totally winning already having written Brink. You were brilliant during the book launch and came across so relaxed and funny, as though you had been doing book launches your whole life. Rob and I spent most of the rest of the evening discussing how we felt about living in Paris, how we felt when we first came, how we feel now. It's interesting, I think I will always feel a bit foreign wherever I live, but that's so much better than being made to feel too posh, or not posh enough.
Roll on book sales.

Renia Edwards said...

Congratulations on this dream come true! I'm so glad it was such a happy, ludicrous and perfect launch for you! Long may it continue! I'll be buying the book on iBooks when it becomes available in Australia on Tuesday 💛💛

Waffle said...

BB - Argh, my links to you got lost in the "blogger ate my post" fuckery, I have put them back now. And THANK YOU xxxx

Anonymous said...

100% glad that it went so well, 100% proud of you for this amazing achievement and 100% happy that you are sharing these moments with your readers.
You were literally born to do this and it shows!!
It's so lovely to see that life can take turns for better and for worse, things can go wrong and then go right, people can change direction, be lost for a while and then find themselves but in the end everything works out just as its supposed to and that is all that matters.
I'm sure a lot of work and hard slog went into the book. Now you have to sit back and enjoy your success. Bask in it, dear Waffle! We are all immensely proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Just reading some of the Amazon reviews you linked to. What fantastic lines from your book, just perfect. As someone who couldn't/ can't stay at home for many complex reasons and found a different home in the most unsuspected of places, I really understand this sentiment.

"Brussels is a city of migrants and exiles. It’s a place you go when you can’t stay at home."
"Home is where my head is finally quiet and my heart is full".

blackbird said...

You did it!
And it sounds like you did it so well!
My book is on its way and I cannot wait.

Stacy said...

Maybe it's a little weird to get a little teary as I read this, but I am vicariously enjoying the thrill of seeing your book out in the world. You so deserve to enjoy every moment of the launch. I hope it is a huge success.

Crazy Mom! said...


And what a fabulous cake crawl - nummy! I want that fat maroon.

Did you wear the croissant pin?

Oh, and you look great!

Happydog said...

Congratulations! I can't imagine a more perfect book launch then having it at Shakespeare and Co. I too became strangly teary reading this? Is that weird since you're virtually a stranger? Anyway....

Anna Maria said...

Sounds marvellous, and I am glad it was such a perfect day, you totally deserved it.
Got the 'despatched' email this morning, so will soon be reading and reviewing.

Margaret said...

OK, for reals, when is your book coming to America??

BDM said...

FELICITATIONS!! You and your book look so splendid! Repetition: When can we get it in North America?!

tigerbaps said...

Congrats on amazing book launch! Thanks for sharing the story of the Shakespeare and Co gig; I felt like I was there, smiling like a loon at the back in an "I know her! I even met her in Glasgow once and we had coffee and tea in GOMA with her lovely boys and M!" fashion.
Actually a Scottish book promo gig would be super - in the spirit of The Auld Alliance and aw that.

Waffle said...

Thank you all so much for your kind wishes and teariness Happydog and Stacy - I am so touched.

BDM/Margaret - NO ONE WILL BUY MY BOOK IN YOUR COUNTRY. They don't like it. If it ever sells I promise to let you know, but frankly, it's not looking promising, I think every publisher there has already turned it down.

Baps - Ah, I remember, back in the mad old days of early Twitter. I'd love to come up, if it happens, you will be the first to know. x

carolinefo said...

Congratulations, Emma! So, so happy for you.

Tomorrow we are going on holiday for a few days to Hay on Wye, and your book is already sitting on top of the holiday book pile waiting to be put into the car - Richard having procured it for me from Amazon at the earliest possible moment.

So, not only will your book be making a pilgrimage with us this week to Hay, town of books, we will endeavour to photograph for you in the wild any copies that are to be found there. Booth's should have it, as they always do new books, and we will heading for lunch at their wondrous cafe as soon as we get there.

Should they by any chance not have it, I will demand it with menaces, explain to them that 'We'll Always Have Paris' is le dernier cri amongst memoirs, and suggest that they stock many copies to meet what will undoubtedly be HUGE demand for this volume at the coming literary festival in May.

If we see any ponies up on Hay Bluff i will send photos of those, also.

Waffle said...

Oh, thank you C, I am delighted to think of you terrorising the bookshop types. Have a wonderful holiday and love to both of you xxxxxx

Siobhan Morton said...

Congratulations! So exciting. Let us know if you come to London!

frau antje said...

A pox on American publishers.

It was so lovely to see this post. Wish I could also see a few episodes of this rodeo clown in Bakersfield, but no.

sadsadsa said...

Well done, Emma! I have bought, and am reading, your book in blissfully sunny South Africa in a game farm. No idea how to send pic though - sorry! Faye

E said...

Loved the book (just finished it) been lurking on here since before Christmas and really look forward to reading your posts.

L. said...

I am so happy for you, your lovely book release, and your book! Also deeply disappointed in American publishers, as I just assumed that you were slated for a later release here -- but I see that us Yanks can still get the book mailed to us, so all is not lost.

I am also grateful for all the pleasure your blog has brought me over time. You have such a gift for being honest and funny and pulling pleasure out of imperfect life. Cake and owls and one's own children being obnoxious. I just want you to know this is an achievement of its own.

(I would comment more here but my phone doesn't play well with internet commenting, it's a long story, so I end up being a lurker.)

monkeymother said...

Lovely post, wonderful review of your book in The Times. Shall order asap.

Anonymous said...

Katyboo totally gets it. I agree 100% with everything she wrote. Waffle, you are wonderful!

Bryony said...

Just finished one go, of course. Perfect. much love xxx

Mandy said...

So excited to get my copy! Amazon UK tells me it has been "dispatched" and should arrive here in Austin, TX next Thursday, May 5th.

theharridan said...

Wonderful. Well done, what a bunch of cakey literary gorgeousness x

Renia Edwards said...

I've just downloaded your book in Australia (iBooks)- so a shout out to other Aussies who are dying to read it! I was an expat for many years in Switzerland and Germany so I can relate to so many of your stories 💜💙❤️💚💛

chiclit said...

The book is here -here being Washington State in the USA. It is possible that I paid more than the book price to get it here fast because I crave instant gratification. By the way, does anyone know the current exchange rate of the Euro to the dollar? Asking for a a ten year (?) Fan of your blog and one of many who has been enriched, amused, and uplifted during life's rough patches by your writing, I am so pleased for you and so excited to read your book. I suspect I will both laugh and cry. I can't wait to get started!

cruella said...

Got update from Schenker stating that they are waiting for my package (book of yours plus Elizabeth Jane Howard's "All Change") to be delivered. WELL SO AM I! A 100 percent!

clare said...

I just devoured the book in practically a single sitting. Very well done - it's beautifully written and very brave. I've been lurking on here for a few months and it was lovely to read the longer story.

Anonymous said...

Quick question: is there some kind of restriction on downloading the Kindle version outside the UK? I'm in Spain and I only seem to be able to download a sample on Kindle for iPhone. Maybe it's a silly question, just downloaded the app now and was hoping to start reading asap, looks like I might have to wait a bit longer :(

Anonymous said...

Wow weeeeeeeeeeeee! Well done. I shall buy it pronto. I love the blossoms outside Shakespeare & Co - you needed to boast about those too. You couldn't have picked a nicer time in Paris to launch your wonderful book.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded on Kindle in there really cake at Waterstones on Thursday?? (Great it at the weekend...)

Waffle said...

Anon - Yes! Not necessarily good or fancy cake, but cake for definite.

Other anon - I have no idea about Kindle, sorry but it probably depends on where your account is set up?

Anonymous said...

Dear Waffle,
Thankfully I managed to sort out the Kindle issues last night at an ungodly hour and read about two-thirds of your book before falling asleep despite my efforts to stay awake, picking up where I left off this morning after walking my daughter to her bus stop.
What can I say? Bravo! Obviously it's incredibly well-written because you are a very talented writer. Cocooned under the duvet in the small hours, I laughed and cried and cheered you on in my mind. The book fills in some gaps that were left out of the blog in the last few years and I absolutely loved it all: beginning, middle and ending. You managed to weave in a lot of cultural (and gastronomic!) commentary throughout but the effect is never tedious as you deftly move in and out of your personal narrative, navigating the ups and downs with unfailing poise, no matter how unsettled you may have felt at times when in the middle of everything. You're honest and unflinching, salt of the earth, but absolutely too hard on yourself. Congratulations on an amazing book, on a well-lived life, on having the courage to strike out on your own, on being brave enough to change course and set the world to rights again, on your depth of character, your incredibly acute powers of observation of everything and everyone around you and on your insight into your own self, which is expertly reflected on your blog and in your book. Thank you for starting your blog and sharing your thoughts over the years with all of those that keep coming back to read your words, even the lurkers like myself that are too hesitant and socially awkward to cast off the veil of anonymity even after several years of following every post. Your blog has been a literal lifeline to me at times, the only thing that was capable of eliciting a smile when life became inexplicably hard all of a sudden and I second-guessed my every move. The admirable way in which you have emerged stronger from your difficulties gives me hope that things may not always be so hard and that real recovery is possible. Your generosity is so great that you even acknowledged the anons and lurkers. Thank you for carving out this space and for tending it so lovingly over the years. Wishing you and your family every happiness as you move forward.

Waffle said...

What an absolutely lovely comment anon - thank you so so so so much, am genuinely touched xxxxx

carolinefo said...

So, the bad news is that our long-awaited holiday in Hay was cut short on the first day
after R received a phone call - no, many phone calls - to inform him that his autistic son had been excluded from school for the rest of the week after a fracas which culminated in him biting the headmaster, who is not particularly well disposed towards children with Special Educational Needs at the best of times.

And probably less so, now.

I did suggest that we offer to pay for the headmaster to have a tetanus jab, but that didn't go down very well.

Very unfortunately, R's ex is giving a public lecture somewhere today and so we had to come back to look after The Excluded One. An unfortunate concatenation of circumstances.

On a more positive note, I can confirm a sighting of 'We'll Always Have Paris' in Booth's Bookshop in Hay, displayed not only Very Prominently but also very near to a book with a picture of a goat on the front, which I thought would probably make you very happy.

When I have worked out how to upload photos from my new phone to the computer I will send you photographic evidence.

Waffle said...

Oh C! This is a very poor conclusion to your holiday! Tetanus jab seems totally reasonable offer. Thank you for the excellent goat/book news and I hope you get an alternative holiday v soon xxxx

Anonymous said...

Good luck this evening at Waterstones, would love to be able to go!
Any events planned elsewhere in Europe?

Emily Walker said...
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