Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Minus one

Ah, I'm so sad about Victoria Wood. What a bloody brilliant woman.

I have been up since 4:45 when L started loudly making himself breakfast (this from the child who disdains breakfast approximately 99% of the time) prior to the ridiculously early school trip departure and I'm not wholly serene to say the least about tomorrow so today has involved the following:

1. Saying "petits gâteaux' over and over again in Tom Kerridge's West Country accent (are you watching Bake Off Crème de la Crème? I love that French judge, I love him, I love his angry face and the way he says "sponge" and the furious disdain with which he pokes substandard dacquoise).

2. Deciding that before tomorrow I ought to be fully au fait with everything that has happened in French politics in the past 10 years, just in case, and trying to read a million articles about the loi el khomri but getting nowhere.

3. Starting to make tea/breakfast and forgetting about it for an hour. Starting again. Forgetting again. Giving up and having three lunches instead.

4. Practising reading out loud to the dog who stalked away coldly into another room.

5. Picking compulsively at lips.

6. Reading entire synopsis of A la recherche du temps perdu JUST IN CASE (in case what? In case of a surprise test on Proust? Yep, that's definitely a thing that happens in the normal course of a book event).

7. Buying and eating an M&S apple turnover telling myself it is in some way fitting or symbolic (it isn't, it is of no symbolic significance whatsoever except my friend Kate who features in the book introduced me to it).

8. Reading the end of A Place of Greater Safety which I have been rereading this month and loving utterly but MY GOD, it is not a good book if you are in a state of high nervous whateverthefuck. Doom! Dread! Betrayal! Galloping inevitability of tragedy!

9. Curling up under the printer when it had one of its fits and keening gently.

10. Laughing at this missive from my sister about getting mansplained at by a rogue poet.

I am off to wash my "hair" now because I am going to Paris tomorrow and they're not going to put up with this lank Old El Paso scented version. EEEEEK. THIS IS IT.


cruella said...

Indeed! This is it! Totally surreal, n'est-ce pas, when things awaited and anticipated finally Come To Pass. Can't be right. Break a leg.

Jonathan Lethbridge said...

Bonne chance. I received an Amazon missive this afternoon saying the book is on its way. Very exciting. You will be pleased to hear I got it for my mum - they lived in Paris for three years or so as part of some academic thing and also enjoyed a love-hate relationship with it. Essentially this involved adoring Paris and abhorring Parisians. My mother's favourite phrase from this era remains "ah non Madame!", the default bureaucratic response from a french funtionary to any perfectly reasonable request as if you were in fact asking for a ticket to the Moon.

Mary said...

Good luck! Am waiting for my kindle edition to arrive.

Bytowner said...

Shoes are excellent. As is your writing. Wear whatever you like with the shoes, you are the one in charge at the event. Enjoy.

Betty M said...

I'm sure you will be fabulous. Good luck.

Patsy said...

Also v sad re passing of Victoria Wood. Tuck away a link to this youtube video for emergency use if you are ever in need of medicinal laughter.

Alison said...

Good luck in Paris! My favourite VW routine is 'Welcome to the World of Sacherelle' - some excellent fashion/beauty tips for the more sophisticated lady.

Patience_Crabstick said...

Good luck! I also got an email from amazon, letting me know that your book is on its way.

Ineedmorecoffee said...

I love your book!Je l'ai devore and it felt like a proper treat.
FYI, I found it In Waterstones in the epicentre of nowhere in Surrey a week ago.

You are beautiful in everyways.
Wear what you want and just be yourself, you "do" have the elusive "je ne sais quoi" and you are very elegant.
It is worth remembering that you can buy clothe but you can"t buy style which you have in abundance.
Much love xx

Dale said...

I also received my Amazon notification . . . that I will receive the book in May? I guess it is taking the Queen Mary. Bonne chance in Paris!

Emily said...

I've just bought your book and James Rebanks' too. Thought you might appreciate the connection in my mind! Good luck and have fun

Crazy Mom! said...

Je te dis merde! You'll be splendid!

Anonymous said...

Break a leg, dear Waffle! You will be as charming as ever and I'm sure that most if not all of the people in attendance are already in awe of your awesomeness, so don't worry. Cheering you on from afar. Try to enjoy the moment despite the nerves and stress involved. You are a very special person, anyone that has ever read a couple of your posts will have seen that very easily. Your mother is no doubt watching over you, proud as can be.

Madeleine said...

Bon courage, ma chère Waffle!

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