Thursday, 14 April 2016

Intangible Cultural Heritage

Oh god, I've got nothing. Nothing has happened since yesterday except I chewed my lips even more badly.

What would I say if I had a gun to my head? Erm...

We watched a short film about frieten in Dutch class, because no cliché must be left unplumbed. It was about a petition to get Belgian chip wagon culture to be part of UNESCO's whatever the fuck it's called intangible cultural heritage thingy, which seemed pleasingly Belgian. The film also contained the fact that apparently Belgium is the third unhealthiest eating country behind Hungary and Armenia. Since all the teaching materials are not bang up to date, this may have been the case circa 1997 rather than now, but I still found it intriguing. My Hungarian classmate explained her country's poor healthy eating results on the fact that they like eating pork and pork fat. We don't have an Armenian (Iranian, Hungarian, British, Moroccan, Tunisian, Greek, Ukrainian, Russian, Brazilian, Italian, Congolese, but no Armenian) to explain their awful diet. We also talked about what made us feel angry (I had loads of ideas) and euphoric (stymied for me by not being able to say "miniature shetland pony" in Dutch yet. I suppose I could have essayed something with "uil" in it, but didn't).

I am currently listening to (recently Baileys Prize shortlisted) The Portable Veblen. Anyone read or listened to this because it is driving me demented, and I wonder if it is the narrator.

Very sad about the demise of Badger, who I met once, and admired greatly.

Londoners, tickets are now available for THIS, which is The Books That Built Me on 21 June. I am really excited about it, because talking about books with Helen is my idea of a good evening and there is chocolate and champagne. Please come!


40% Fretting (20% book, 20% children)
10% Unpleasant herbal tea
10% Annoyed someone has dicked around with my toolbars
40% Letting myself, and possibly the whole class, down.



Stacy said...

Don't be too sure someone has interfered with your tool bars--mine seem to have a mind of their own on occasion. I think you have a Mac as well. After some irritated googling, I usually figure it out. But there are usually a fair number of 'FFSs' shouted at no one but the dog. Bonne chance or whatever the Dutch equivalent is.

maggie said...

Ergh! The P Veblen drove me demented as well and I was reading, so the only voice in my head was my own. I managed to finish it, but only by dint of gritting my teeth and furiously skimming from about half way through. I wanted to see where she was going with her whimsical (in the worst sense of the word) nonsense. Well, I regret to say, she was going precisely nowhere. Two word, grumpy old lady review - Pointless and Annoying.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth - I liked Veblen quite a bit, especially the endearing main character but even the farcical elements (and I usually hate farce - ask me about the time my book group did Catch 22). Liked the fiancé, too, and the lengths he was willing to go for her. It also helped that the book was set in Palo Alto because memory lane.
Can't say anything about the audio version: I avoid them - I do even This American Life via transcripts.
You might like "Cassandra Goes to the Wedding" better - different era but some similarities and, I thought, very enjoyable.

Dydo.W said...

There must be some sort of conspiracy with the people who put out statistics. I heard on the telly NZ is the third fattest nation, that's different from worst eaters. Biggest eaters! I don't know who the fattest are...Americans probably. I am a wee bit smug at 54kgs but still, the next thing they'll be saying NZ has the highest number of middle aged skinny women with broken hips or something. You can't win. My mum has a broken hip and now I'm thinking I should pad up with lots of those amazing cakes you talk about. I almost have to wear a bib when I read your cake bits!

Unknown said...

Just came across a lovely comment on your Guardian article in the comments section of an article about cricket by Emma Johns - thought you might appreciate it

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your article in the Guardian. Although I'm a long-term reader I hadn't picked up on the fact that you got back together with the boys' dad and I was incredibly happy to read about that, for all involved and especially your boys, who are getting so big, by the way! Looking forward to reading your book!

Unknown said...

I also enjoyed your piece in the Guardian. I remember the guinea pig ulcer. Didn't I bring some antiseptic and swabs from York District Hospital to facilitate the operation? No wonder the NHS is on its knees.
Good luck with the book launch. Your boys look fab. xxx

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