Friday, 25 March 2016

Substandard Friday

Happy Easter from this photocopier!

Ah, bastard Britain with your "Good Friday" bank holiday (Netherlands too). It appears to be warm and sunny with you too from the happy bastard pictures I see on Instagram. A plague on your houses. Here I spent the morning drip drying in my grey attic of punishment after a very rainy dog walk. I am also working while my lotus eating children who are both off school DESPITE it not being a public holiday, lounge messily around the house, making crumbs and watching unsuitable (I assume) YouTube videos. It's not going well, the working, so I'm also pulling at little bits of dry skin around my lips until they bleed. Also there are Tensions, so all in all Good Friday can go and have a hard word with itself.


All of the above.

Caught sight of myself in a shopping centre mirror and looked so rough and old I actually gasped.

The thing I am working on is still shit despite hours of trying to make it less shit.

I have no authority.

Went on the Metro and it is pretty gloomy and filled with men with machine guns.


Have acquired hot cross buns and bacon and NO I am not going to put them together Sainsbury's, you attention-seeking fools.

Warm enough to go and get pizza from Bottega della Pizza rather than sub-standard delivery pizza.

Belgian flags everywhere out in the streets, big ones and little ones and the paper ones you get free at the fête nationale and even a tricolour bin bag on the back of this van:

which is heart-warming.

Going for an old lady hike with my friend tomorrow and I cannot wait.

If you happen to have a Times subscription, this is hilarious (if you haven't, email me if you fancy reading about someone having a shitawful "survival" experience).

Very late Swiss correspondence gave some indication of improvement, though did include the following: "we did two walks: one pointless, one to nowhere. Still no pyjamas :-1".

Another terrifying French cake this weekend. Watch this space (I'm not being mysterious, I have no idea what it's going to be. The least scary?).


Anonymous said...

Good to see those flags - not sure of the synchronicity ( oh what a mediaaaah word ) but a lot of horse rugs bear the colours of the Belgian flag so the racing fraternity is there with you.

I am not sure if it is nature or nurture but I am always introspective and overly inward facing at Easter. Back to my teenage years of black polo necks, geek glasses, intense poetry and Balzac.

I always think something good is going to happen around Easter. Renewal, growth. Hope.

I feel like shouting from the top of something high and I have vertigo - 'be nice everyone'.

Am on the green tea and have deep heat for sore shoulders from overly pretend athlete running.

Congrats on the book. Owl babies are divine.

CJ said...

It was a Good Friday in the very best tradition of British Bank holidays. Nose to tail queues on the motorway and all roads leading that way, overpriced fairground candyfloss, complaining children and incessant requests for ice-cream. Now we are bracing ourselves for wild weather. The town food fair has been cancelled because of the high winds expected and it is forecast to rain for the next two weeks. Easter is upon us. CJ xx

JB_Kiwi said...

Ever so pleased you will not be eating a bacon and hot cross bun sarnie. I do not understand why this is a Thing. Also a pub near me is advertising hot cross bun burgers. No, no, no, a thousand times no.

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the working with kids underfoot, work not going well, tensions front.
I was confronted by my other half for having work this weekend instead of being able to go out and do what everyone else seems to be able to do, i.e. enjoy themselves. The accusation was made on his return from a visit to the gym, all bright and shiny from the spa.
While I'm glad he seems to be in a good mood and filled with bank holiday jolliness, I am so enraged at this that it is better for everyone if I just stew in my rage without saying a word because if any words do come tumbling out of my mouth they will not be nice ones and the situation will become immeasurably worse. As if I bloody well wanted to be working on a f*cking bank holiday weekend, as if the financial pits that need filling were my fault, as if I wasn't scraping the barrel already in terms of utter mental and emotional exhaustion after a very difficult last few months and finding it hard enough to hold myself together and keep soldiering on, working day in day out to keep the boat afloat. According to him, I can go out and come back to it in the evening (imagine how much fun it will be to go places and look like a happy person knowing that I have to come back and keep chipping away at the monumental task ahead of me!). I won't continue because I don't want to be a downer but I am really annoyed and probably really sad under the annoyance. Life can be shit sometimes.

Please be safe, dear Waffle. I worry about you going out for long rainy dog walks with all that's going on in Brussels, although on the other hand, you're absolutely right and life must go on because the bastards can not win.

Dydo.W said...

Thank you so much for your amusing blog, God, it's getting me through my Easter tour of duty!
I am looking after my old mum and dad for the entire Easter period...seems like a couple of months so far but only 3 days, 2 to go. Dad, 91 has 'bad turns' but because he loves techy stuff, he has a little gauge thingy that clamps on his finger and gives a read out of blood oxygen levels and pulse...always Perfect! I love that contraption because I can confidently say..."you're not dying yet Dad" and stagger back out to the pool, which is chilly but seems to be keeping me alive. It's still warm in Tauranga (NZ) so I'm lucky.
Great to read about everyone's hot cross bun preferences. We have some here, but so far I can't be arsed getting them out of the packet.(It would require making yet another cup of tea and fiddling about in the kitchen.) Happy Easter everyone. But not you Easter bunny, you're banned until swim suit season is over!

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