Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Good evening and welcome to this evening's edition of 'committed to something I am too bad-tempered and lazy to do properly'.

Most annoying pet of the day

This one, with its relentless scrabbling, repeatedly making me think someone had broken in.

Awful freelance lunch:

Basically a re-run of yesterday with uglier soup. See the fish's expression on that plate? Mine was the same.

Awful discovery:

Hyena sex, BRRRRRRR.


I am wearing these crappy €15 jodhpurs and every time I get them out of the cupboard I forget that their cheap rough synthetic fabric grates my thighs to purée if I walk more than 15 minutes. Today has been no exception.


It's not raining

The neighbour is blissfully silent

THE LITTLE OWL IS BACK. Man, I have missed its angry little face and indignant strutting.


An excellent visit to the Old El Paso* (*made in Sweden) corral, ie. Anglo-Belgian faux-jitos.

Family: Why are you wearing a woolly hat

E: Because Old El Paso smell

Family: We finished eating half an hour ago

E: Old El Paso LINGERS.

Mood: Punchy

Dutch class new vocab: Rape, violence, accessibility, equal rights, widow. Also "bucket", which is emmer. Dutch people think I am called bucket.


30% Self-inflicted lip biting pain
30% Administrative doom
10% Put upon
10% Bad bra`
20% Bedtime



Ellie said...

We have a Great Horned Owl who roosts reliably every year on a ledge at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center here and we went to see her on Sunday. I hope to go back on Friday with a camera to get a photo of her for you. Last year by April she was flanked by two or three fat, boggling chicks, who peered out from behind her with proper expressions of outrage. All you can see of her is the top of her head but it is enough: the heavy-lidded contemptuous stare comes through quite nicely. And her "ears" were blowing gently in the breeze last we saw her.

Place to stand... said...

We have a tortoise like yours called David - I have no real issue he doesn't do an awful lot but I REALLY DON"T LIKE REPTILES so there is an issue.

I have a resident owl or possibly members of his parliament ( love that English curriculum ) and he sweetly keeps me entertained when I can't sleep.

I am staying with a friend and either he has followed me here or his owl friend is kind enough to offer the same courtesy.

I like the look of your freelance lunch ...

About 88% plunged into existential reverie over some long distance phone calls with dear friends...

LuLu Anna said...

Dear Bucket don't know what Lesley means in Dutch , but predictive text thinks I'm called Jerkey.

Keep on keeping on.

60% rejoicing that today's hockey match is on car unfriendly pitch, so that won't have to stand in the rain this pm as it is pouring atm.

Unknown said...

Ditch bad bra and grating jodphurs immediately. You won't do this, and will wish you had taken my advice the next time you put them on.

Waffle said...

C Swain - I know you're right, especially about the jodhpurs. Bras are all without exception awful, so there is no hope.

Waffle said...

Dear Ellie - You will be happy to know that my son and I have just been discussing cephalopods as part of his biology revision. It was some limited consolation for the whole dismal revision scenario.

CJ said...

Was biting the inside of my mouth as I read your post, so that is probably a good 10% for me too. You have reminded me of dear Sebastian, a little tortoise who walked into my childhood garden one day. He was a real free ranging tortoise. Get those jodhpurs down to the charity shop and treat yourself to something a bit silkier. CJ xx

KPB said...

I'm never going to unknow about hyennas sex now. Good one.

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