Monday, 21 March 2016

Belgian Gothic

Hello muddah hello faddah
Correspondence arrives at the waffle residence from the child currently on (NON-POSH MUNICIPAL) ski class. It reads:

"This isn't the best trip. It's kind of like prison (:-/). Today we skied but we didn't go anywhere. Not very fun right now everyone is punished. Anyway, how are the chickens?"

So that's... cheery. I asked his brother whether this chimed with his experience and he said that sounded about right. However, since his own correspondence to us over his two week ski trip absence was a single dog-eared postcard that read, in its totality: "salut je vais bien" (hi, I'm ok), I cannot assess the veracity of this statement at all.


The Easter, erm, murdering chicken is here!

And so is his/her severed head!

Belgian Gothic Easter Bunnies:

Ah, Belgium.

I see from Twitter that it is national poetry day, so let's have MacNeice doing Bagpipe Music himself, which was often read/recited to us over dinner by my stepfather, a habit that would drive my mother demented, but which I now look back on very fondly. I can only hear this poem - especially "But if you break the bloody glass" in Prog Rock's voice now. MacNeice sounds so posh!

It is exactly one month until my book comes out. I am totes relaxed about it *vomits in a bush*. Soon I can leave you all alone again. Won't that be nice? So here's James Fenton reading In Paris With You. Sod off to sodding Notre Dame. Another posh reading voice, I note. Oh look you can even listen to Apollinaire reading Le Pont Mirabeau himself on the Internet! God, modern life is amazing.

50% No to this abomination, a candidate for being instructed to get in the sea if ever I saw one.
20% Relatively pleased with my work today, let the record show.
20% This Farming Life
10% Headache



Anonymous said...

No, not at all what I expect from francophone patisserie, most disappointing. Belgian Easter decs however spot's spring, cheer up, have a dead chicken. I feel so much better now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, phew, just read the article properly, Belgian patisserie is safe....that's a relief.

Unknown said...

That may be the ugliest pastry I have ever seen

Alanna said...

I am already plotting how to buy your book despite being a US resident currently living in Egypt. (started reading you because of facegoop and stuck around for chicken and pastry)

TheQueen said...

I know it's a big city, but I just heard the news reports and I'm hoping you are well.

Anonymous said...

Same here,dear Waffle, hope you and yours are all well and safe

Waffle said...

All fine with all waffles, desperately sad though. xx

Anonymous said...

It's really awful, just unbelievable how people can commit such terrible crimes.
Be safe dear Waffle and take it easy today, lots of hugs, cups of tea and cake.

blackbird said...

Thank you for updating -
long time reader who hardly ever comments for fear I will never be as witty/smart.
So glad you and yours are safe.

Mairi said...

Oh so glad you are safe. Nothing much to say at a moment like this but know that there's a light on for you over here in Philadelphia.

Patience_Crabstick said...

I'm thinking of you and of Brussels today.

Anonymous said...

So glad you and yours are safe and sound. Thinking of Brussels, hoping for peace and calm for your city. So sorry this is happening. Wriiting from the US.

Unknown said...

So glad you are safe. My first thought today was- I know someone in Brussels, I hope she and her boys are ok!! xxx

cruella said...

Outraged. How do we put an end to this?

Amy said...

Long time reader (former resident of Charleroi, now in US), heard the news and wanted to check in. Thanks for letting us know you're fine. Xx

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Coming out of lurkerdom to say I'm glad you're all right.

Jane in SF said...

Checked your site as soon as I saw the headlines and am relieved that you and your boys are safe. I'm sorry it's happened in your city.

Unknown said...

Another long-time lurker/reader here. Am very glad you are okay, thinking of you and everyone in Brussels xx

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you and the boys are ok- my thoughts turned quickly to you as I read the sad news this morning. Stay safe. Its a scary world. Cynthia

kalimak said...

So glad to hear you are safe. To say I'm incredibly saddened by what's happened in Brussels today does not even begin to cover it...

(Longtime reader and mostly quiet lurker, but still a fan of your writing)

carole said...

Another lurker, very glad you are all safe.

Anonymous said...

Yet another lurker, glad you and the boys are safe.

Emma Woodley said...

So awful, isn't it. Thinking of you and yours as you grapple with the horrors of the world hitting closer to home.

Anonymous said...

"thank you we are saying and waving
dark though it is". Xo

linda said...

I've been a faithful reader for years (and occasional commenter) and was relieved to see you and your boys are safe. What an unspeakably sad, horrifying thing to happen.

Unknown said...

Yet another long-time reader and infrequent poster coming out of the woodwork to say how relieved I am to hear that you and your family are safe. You and everyone in Belgium will be in our thoughts here in Seattle.

Taxmom said...

What they all said. My first thought was, "Brussels, I know someone in Brussels!" (well, know in the blogosphere sort of way). You are all in our thoughts out here on California's central coast.

Anonymous said...

Arohanui from New Zealand.
Kia Kaha.
Carol E.

Carol said...

This San Francisco lurker is very relieved that the Waffles are safe.

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