Friday, 26 February 2016

In haste

Prog Rock has just left, my brain feels like it has done the mental equivalent of the Marathon des Sables. He has read me many extracts from a giant tome called "Inequality" and showed me several of the many graphs therein, quizzed me on French fin de siècle anti-semites, membership of Action Française, the keratin content of wool, the year of construction of the Brussels ringroad, deportation levels in Belgium during the occupation, the rise in debate on transgender issues and Vatican finance. He also brought me Lemsip Max, teabags and fondant fancies and taught me how to darn my jumpers properly, so it was a crammed 36 hours.

This morning, he also explained to me how/why he is now housing a Lativian family as he attempted to locate/download/fill in a 91 page visa application for them (sample question: "Have you ever been accused, or convicted, of crimes against humanity and/or genocide?"), dealt with a Russian language query from one of the Latvian housemate's employers about deodorant and bought himself some light reading for the train home in the form of a small red book called  "Pour en finir avec Mein Kampf". I'm not surprised he's always tired. He looks more and more like the BFG also, which is without a doubt the best way for a man to age.

I have to go now because we're going to Paris this weekend with my father and stepmother to the Salon de l'Agriculture to admire some gigantic cows and the like. I will take lots of pictures so next week will be The Week of the Enormous Farm Animal, you can expect great things. I also have vague, grandiose, book related plans for the blog so you can look forward to me forgetting all about them too in the coming weeks.


40% mild packing resentment
20% lapin du Président anticipation
20% scone
20% still Lemsip



Margaret said...

Stopping by to ask when the book will be out in the US?

100% home sick with a respiratory ailment and general malaise.

Betty M said...

75% missing my long weekend in Paris. 25 % referendum related mania at work combined with consideration of what EU member states I could possibly claim dual citizenship of in the event that the country goes mad in June.

ganching said...

I am 110% suffering from a respiratory but despite this am about to go to visit a stately castle with my friend and her two children who are both under 4.

I suspect Prog Rock has been reading the LRB.

cruella said...

100 % HOME ALONE! Happens like never so I'm sort of on speed trying to cram as much LONE TIME as possible into these two days. Right now: sitting at my parliament desk tapping away (fail). Later: Go for a run. Have a go with l'aspirateur. Eat a huge bowl of mung bean noodles with tofu and coriander. Watch at least two episodes of Endeavour.

I know how! (irony)

Waffle said...

Ah, Margaret (late reply sorry), no one in America wants to buy my book because it is "too dark". I bet you are surprised to hear this about me.

Anonymous said...

I'm in America and I want to buy your book! or were you kidding? CC

Waffle said...

Sadly not. No one wants to buy my stupid book in America. Well, no publishers.

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