Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Still no phone = no pictures = this capybara disdains my puny bourgeois anguish

Argh, I think yesterday was my own personal Blue Monday even though it was actually Tuesday. I spent the day eyeballing 60 incomprehensible Powerpoint slides and an impenetrable law mountain to a soundtrack of relentless rain. STILL no phone. My younger son is sick, which is not keeping him from his exhausting self-imposed programme of improving activities but is making him crosser about them and my elder son is 13 which is a sort of illness in and of itself. Someone sat on the dog and it is limping, exaggeratedly. I discovered all my planned summer activities for the boys were already booked up so my anxiety dream about having to enrol them in a seminar on the female orgasm may come true. I also got so enraged trying to shake bits of washed paper hankie out of a jumper earlier that I banged my hand on top of the washing machine and now it is all swollen and bruised. It's like January has reached out its slimy tentacles into February to mess with us.

However! Barrel scraping for positives:

It did stop raining for half an hour at a useful juncture when I needed to leave the house.

The Channel 4 programme about Chester Zoo had an excellent baby elephant, which I commend to you.

PANCAKE DAY (Chandeleur) here. I managed to make crêpes which are not my forte - I can do a fluffy American style pancake very well, but crêpes not so much. Used Delia's recipe which makes a thoroughly paltry amount, but otherwise worked. Do you have a better one?

Got what is apparently a really really good book (What Belongs To You) in the post.

I have bought some of this bath stuff and spent the latter part of the evening soaking myself into a stupor. It's no Elemis Supersoak, but it's a quarter the price, so it'll do nicely and also scents the whole house with lemongrass, which is pleasing.

I have managed to update my Reading page, sort of. The urls are all messed up, I can't remember how I did it last time, but you can now consult 2016 over in the sidebar (with hyperlinks at the bottom to last year and the year before's reading). January was a pretty good month.

(This is just a holding post, I am writing something else, but it's been a while and I thought I would at least draw your attention to New Books.).

Let us hope for better things today, or at least no Powerpoint.

How was your Tuesday? And are the prospects for Wednesday any better?

(*Doodmoe means dead tired and is one of my favourite Dutch words)


cruella said...

Delia makes a veeery complicated crepe, I think.

Mine is such: 2 eggs, 2 dl plain flour, 4 dl milk of whatever variety (you do spot the math here, I hope), normally semi-skimmed in my house, pinch of salt, 25 g melted butter.

Whisk eggs, half the amount of milk, flour and salt together to form a smooth thick batter. Whisk in rest of milk and add melted butter. Melt additional lump of butter in pan, don't pour batter until pan is properly heated. (My first and second crepe normally end up pale and somewhat soggy from pure impatience.)

Bon app!

Flora Fauna Dinner said...

My whole week has been overshadowed by the inevitable decline of the aged Badger. He is coughing ominously (or have I just watched too many films?) and was rushed to the vet for a 45 minute ultrasound scan (the first the vet had ever done on a ferret!) to investigate his hugely swollen abdomen. He lay weakly on his back like a pregnant woman while this was revealed not, in fact, to be fluid, but fat. We both looked slightly ashamed.

Waffle said...

Cruella - how much is a dl in ml I AM SORRY I NO DO THE MATHS. Thank you however for this recipe. I suppose i could ask a child, they're good at this shit.

Jane - I am VERY relieved Badger is just fat. xxx

cruella said...

Oh sorry, being eurocentric in my measures: 1 dl is 100 ml. The math I was referring to is the simple 2-2-4, easily upgraded to 3-3-6, 4-4-8 and so forth.

I never weigh flour unless doing complicated rye sourdough stuff (= never). Be sure to pour it loosely from the bag, is all.

MJ said...

I've no idea about crepes as I've never made them. They always seem so complicated.

I must say that I'm truly impressed by your January reading list. The books! So many! I love reading but I often get bogged down in the (sometimes) drudgery of book club reading. I belong to two book clubs and often end up slogging my way through two books I dislike each month. But, because I'm "committed" (or stupid) I don't read other books until I've made it through those two. Instead I waste my time on the Internet. (Does one still capitalize Internet? internet?) I feel I must add that I do read more than 24 books per year but some months seem dreadfully slow and unfulfilling from a reading perspective.

Your book choices look interesting; sadly, my public library seems to have very few of them. Undaunted I'm moving on to your 2015 list with a renewed commitment to read more this year.

Anonymous said...

Your first paragraph is just too wonderful. I have a used to be a darling baby who is now 13 and 6'2" with a funny voice.

I don't like pancakes and maple syrup makes me think of paramedics and insulin syringes but so it must be.

I'm in the middle of a legal wrangle for the not so good reasons but I understand the cranium contraction.

If you are on Twitter the Shakespeare & Co tweet feed has some amusing cake names.

Merci for the laughs.

anapestic said...

Crepe = fluffy American pancake - baking powder + lots more milk.

Alternatively, minus much of the flour and plus some more milk. (I'd be more specific, but when I make fluffy American pancakes -- and since I'm a fluffy American, I rarely make any other sort -- I don't use a recipe.) I think it also helps to make the batter in a blender and/or to make the batter a while in advance. And you just have to resign yourself to messing up the first one, and possibly the second. That/those one(s) will still taste good, and you can eat them yourself in the name of quality control. Really, as long as there are eggs, flour, milk, butter, and salt, they're going to come out fine.

"Doodmoe" sounds like the gay version of "dudebro," so I have resolved to start calling my partner (and probably all my other gay friends) that, forthwith. I imagine the pronunciation is somewhat different, but we Americans apparently don't much mind mangling pronunciation.

Anonymous said...

My day was quite similar to the experience of Jane's badger Many tests to explore medically diagnosed "increased abdominal girth" all lead to conclusion that I've grown quite fat. I could have told them.

Alan said...

Enough of this pancake and badger talk, you asked how our Tuesdays were. Mine began with a semi regular walk through the village with a friend from across the street whose sinus problems were not improved by the semi regular walk in an icy wind. This was followed by the weekly Sixty minutes in Sodding Sainsburys with my wife, always a joy.

Returning home I turned my attention to a skin tag just beneath my left eye. A doctor has declared it harmless but it continues to concern me and I regularly attempt to monitor it for size and location. The problem is that when I get close to the mirror without my reading glasses I can’t see it, when I put my glasses on they cover it up and I still can’t see it. Whilst typing this it has occurred to me that I could take a macro selfie with my digital camera and then study the thing at my leisure and in horrific detail on my computer screen. Of course there is always a chance that I will fail to turn off the automatic flash thereby rendering myself effectively blind in one eye for several days.

By the way, Delia Smith recipes are notoriously mean in both quantity and spirit.

Wednesday wasn’t much better, I remember a discussion a while ago regarding the relative merits of Winter and Summer in which you insisted on the supremacy of the colder months, I see very little supporting evidence.

Crazy Mom! said...

This might make you happy

Alan said...

That's a happy panda.

Ilona said...

I made Delia's recipe too - and you are right! Almost NOTHING!

Waffle said...

Ilona - What the hell, how many pancakes do they eat in the Smith household? One each?? FUCKERY.

Platty said...

hi love your blog. Bought the bath stuff as I"m an ex Elemis junki - husband used to work for them so paid fraction of price for everything.. doesn't anymore so I use Simple. but this bath stuff smells like mosquito repellent. Sure I bought the right one.

Waffle said...

Platty - Yes, it DOES smell of mosquito repellent but I like that citronella smell. It also puts you in the Elemis style post-bath coma which is what I look for in a bath product. I find the colour more concerning, why is it so damn blue?

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