Monday, 9 November 2015

Some photos of birds, basically

Jesus, I have so much to do. I'm not doing it though, I'm mainly saying that to myself anxiously and repeatedly and doing bugger all, because that's really practical and efficient and likely to result in shit getting done. Fuckwit. I did get to hold a Harris Hawk yesterday though.

I wish I were a tenth as majestic as this creature.

I don't think Harris Hawks are any better at multitasking than I am. Their thing is more flying short distances from tree to tree looking for food, apparently. I could probably do that (without the flying), actually it is one of my favourite ways to spend a day if for "food" we substitute "cake". We also held an African Wood Owl called Georgie, waited as a female Bateleur Eagle called Guy did nothing whatsoever and watched as a turkey vulture (whose name I have forgotten) flew away in the direction of Moreton-in-Marsh, presumably to terrify coach parties and possibly steal scones. Good rural fun.

The only other weekend revelation was the existence of the Giant Crumpet. Did you know about this? Why was I not informed?

(Ten cent coin for scale)

I approve of it.

I will return when I am not being a dick about my work. I need this guy to sit on my desk and wither me into submission with his stare.


30% Unsatisfactory lunch gloom
20% Wrongly tempted by Jaeger emailed special offers for silk shirts when I have plenty of silk shirts and not plenty of money
20% Ongoing book dread
10% Fiddling while Rome burns
10% Channelling Thumper:

10% Probably more like trouserless guy than Thumper.



Alan said...

We have all been keeping quiet about the giant crumpet in deference to the long-standing antipathy between supporters of the crumpet and those of the waffle, an age-old rivalry only tempered by their mutual hatred of The Ancient Brotherhood of the Muffin.

CJ said...

I'm quite cross no-one told me about giant crumpets either. I knew I was right to follow you closely. When you say "Flew off in the direction of Moreton-in-Marsh", is that from Belgium? I'm impressed that M-i-M is considered a direction in Belgium. Lots to do here too, and none of it at all being done. As you can see, I'm reading educational blogs instead and keeping abreast of all the latest bakery developments. You could almost call it self-improvement. CJ xx

frau antje said...

When you asked for reading suggestions earlier I could barely comprehend the sentence, "You?"--due to just short of fatal jetlag--and chances of my having a suggestion you would like are minimal. However, I'm reading about Joan Didion (not a suggestion), and you have also asked for opinions regarding entertaining, something she did (and may still). The secret was that her husband did the talking and made drinks, while she stayed in the kitchen and calmly cooked. All it takes is gin, which you may already have, and Dexedrine. So just the Dexedrine then, good luck!

Waffle said...

FA - I have looked this up because obviously it is of interest to me, and Dexedrine is an amphetamine. I am really struggling to imagine myself calmly cooking on amphetamines, but perhaps the countervailing power of the gin effects some kind of alchemy? Whatever, I am willing to try it.

CJ - We were about 2 miles outside of Moreton-in-Marsh, which I admit is considerably less fun.

Alan - This waffle is very much not anti-crumpet, but I cannot speak for the wider waffle community.

Alison said...

Having followed the link for the giant crumpet, the question I have is why anyone would put a grilled chicken breast and avocado on one.

Lola said...

Oooh you've been to the Cotswold Falconry Centre where I am a Member/Friend, and have also held Henry the Harris Hawk and Thumper the Eagle Owl. Did they fly any of the sweet little barn owls? The staff are lovely too. You can see pictures of incredibly ugly just-hatched chicks if you follow their Facebook page.

Waffle said...

Lola - I am very very envious and plan to return as soon as possible.

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