Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Magnesium matters


I cut my fingerclaws too short and then had to fight with the blocked washing machine filter and now every one of my fingertips is red and painful and my knees are soggy with blocked washing machine water, also STOP LEAVING WRAPPERS IN YOUR POCKETS INGRATE CHILDREN.

Current work options: doing impossible and thus frustrating legal research, attempting to resolve intractable Belgian administrative tangle I have already made two very creditable yet failed stabs at resolving, working out who is most likely to sue me re. book. Wow, this last one is fun and not at all likely to lead to 4am dark night of the soul moments, nope. I am taking a lot of magnesium, since francophones believe it to be a kind of natural Xanax, I have gleaned this from my many years of pharmacy window observation. No discernable impact yet but I am keeping the magnesium faith.

My long, long fringe is getting in my eyes and giving me an itchy forehead and I have lost the "product" the hairdresser gave me to help with this.

Glimmers of hope:

I secretly like unblocking the washing machine filter because it makes me feel powerful and competent.

L has his phone back after 3 weeks somewhere in the sous-directeur's bureau (for about 12 hours until I confiscate it, probably, but it's something).

Very satisfactory, if weird, lunch. All freelancer's lunches are weird, I think, or at least I hope. Leftovers, things that need using up, occasional off-piste packets of biscuits, cobbled together deadline-desperation snacks. Sometimes I take pictures of the worst offenders, such as this, recently:

WTF Lunch

(that artichoke had been in the fridge for literally a month before we were guilted into cooking it and I can tell you that it was a very long way past its best)

Or this:

Yes, 90% of that meal was M&M cookies and the fish fillet was tepid

Or this:

I hope you admire my commitment to a token vegetable, even in culinary extremis

Today's: spinach and courgette soup, leftover peas and rice in mustard cream sauce, a head of chicory (Belgian national obligation at least 3 x weekly) half a Picard frozen bagel (= bagel only in name) and half an avocado. This will be a high point in the week since I have about 5 kilos of chard from my father to get through, also all the world's apples (containing most of the world's earwigs).  

It is my birthday this month and I have been compiling a fantasy birthday list for my own amusement, mainly composed of Macon et Lesquoy brooches, Elemis bath-crack and cashmere "leisure wear". The anticipation is by far the best bit about my birthday at this advanced stage of decrepitude, that and I have inveigled my father into agreeing to take me for a gigantic boozy meal at Rules, if I can sneak out of Belgium. 

I know this is all thunderingly mundane, but I have decided that rather than just writing about books or stopping altogether, I can get away with being un-fascinating if I post frequently. It's quality or quantity, people. Or I can probably manage 'neither'. Neither is well within my reach. 


20% Facial blemish
20% Head itch (10% scalp, 10% face)
20% Mad desire for a Bogato Mont Blanc, the one that is shaped like a ball of wool with a cassis centre (this is highly specific, yes, but no, I am not pregnant)
20% Obliged to fall back on pâté instead, since Bogato is in Paris and no fecker in Uccle can make a Mont Blanc that looks like a ball of wool
20% Non-specific irritation 

You? What grisly lunches do you indulge in when home alone? 


Hil said...

No pressure but you seem to be meeting both quantity and quality standards. Currently introducing the mite to food so my lunches are mostly thinly sliced fruit, vegetables and cheese (her side of my plate), leftover sausages (out of the mite's reach if possible, though select central parts may be handed over if I am feeling relaxed about salt intake and imminent infant kidney failure), and rejected/regurgitated bits of the above that I've scooped off the floor. I really should read the book about weaning but I'm too busy trying to get the mite to go back to sleep please please, worrying nonspecifically, gazing lovingly at the mite while she laughs at my face, longing for non-weaning-related conversation, making unnecessarily elaborate meals (I'd do percentages for these but a lot of them overlap).

Thanks for blogging. You may not feel much like a ray of sunshine but you are.

cruella said...

Uncooked oatmeal with milk and sugar. Feeling bad about starting with "dessert", thus fried egg. Unsatisfied feeling, thus many chunks of parmesan. Hazelnuts.

CJ said...

Magnesium eh? Say no more, I am on it. Your comment about the popularity of chicory goes some little way to explaining your profile picture. But only a fairly little way. I am familiar with the high of conquering a household appliance. Alas my washing machine requires new bearings and is beyond my very limited capabilities. I ate a whole packet of chocolate covered edamame beans earlier, they were a new and tasty discovery and high in protein and whatever amazing compounds are found in dark chocolate. There could even have been magnesium. I'm almost certain they count as one of my five-a-day. (No doubt in Belgium you are all instructed to be on eight-a-day, we rather lag behind here.) CJ xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Waffle,
Today I committed the heinous sin of putting salt and vinegar crisps inside (yes, inside!) an otherwise perfectly respectable turkey and cheese brown bread sandwich. The last time I had eaten crisps in a sandwich was probably a birthday party in childhood. It was so good I made myself another one. Glorious. Nuff said!

Mary said...

Potato chips (crisps), full stop (and Hil, I feed them to my unweaned 10-month-old, so please don't make me feel guilty about that). Last week I spiced this up with roasted pumpkin seeds from our jack-o'-lanterns, but everyone lost enthusiasm for those after a couple of days, so I'm glad I only make them once a year (decade).

Dale said...

I'm one of those dullards who frets about wasting food, so lunches can be truly eclectic mishmashes, too horrible to name. There's seldom a temptation to overindulge, so there's that.

Ellie said...

I'm like Dale. My lunches are never enumerated and never spoken of, and they are nowhere near as nutritionally balanced as yours. "That's not a shameful lunch," I said to myself upon seeing all of your photos. "There's a green thing in that."

Sparkling Red said...

We call that type of lunch "stomach filler". As in "What did you bring for lunch today?" "Oh, just stomach filler."

Hil said...

Ha! No, I'm British, so crisps are a major food group. The mite won't actually be weaned for about another hundred years at the current rate of hiding watery vegetables in her own neckline until she cries...

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