Monday, 23 November 2015

Huis clos

#BrusselsLockdown, day 3. Banish all despondency and pessimism, this is a time for family togetherness and creativity, sharing our hopes and fears, uniting in laughter over a board game or a jigsaw, cooking nourishing meals and really taking the time to talk to one another.

Is it fuck.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibits C and D

Main observation: it is really dark in our house, except up in my attic lair where no bastard may venture unless they are (i) me (ii) a very silent whippet or (iii) bearing tea and biscuits.

Supplementary observation: I could probably be finding something witty and intelligent to say about this whole situation if it was not so damn LOUD here.  If L doesn't stop honking at his mates like an enraged goose I will not be responsible for my actions.

Further observation: Is there a danger that the feckless, playstation obsessed school children of Brussels will see this whole lockdown scenario as a good thing (yes there is)?

Yet further observation: the nonsensical comments on Le Soir's live blog are squeezing my head like a vice, yet they appear in the main liveblog so I cannot avoid them and this is a terrible, terrible thing.

Other observation: This really has to stop soon or my liver will give out. We tried to make martinis on Saturday and ended up drinking pints of gin, then we perfected our technique on Sunday and there is plenty of gin left and oh god, my head.

Linked observation: My sensitivity to noise/internet stupidity may be in some way related to this, I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Wholly unrelated observation: HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THIS. Do you like the cover? I do.


95% Lockdown
5% Nurofen



Alan said...

That is a great cover, the whole lipschtick now makes sense.

mountainear said...

This surely calls for a celebratory drink? Cheers!

Looking forward to reading it.

Anonymous said...

fantastique! it looks a treat... congrats x 1000000!

lockdown sounds awful... hope dangers are over soon...


blackbird said...

I do!
Pass the gin (about to embark on a hideously long drive to what may well be a very dramatic Thanksgiving)!

Crazy Mom! said...

LOVE the cover! Congratulations!

Have time off work and enjoying being a slug. I'm am spending time as cat furniture. Most relaxing.

Bon chance....

Lindsey said...

How bloody exciting! The cover is gorgeous, and the book will be too - can't wait to read it.

Gwan said...

Oh I want to do something unpleasant but, under the circumstances, non-violent to that "Math" guy on the LeSoir blog. I'm sure he thinks he's the nerve centre of the whole thing.

CJ said...

Enforced family time is always tricky isn't it. Thank goodness you've been locked down with gin and neurofen. I love the cover very much, it looks like it might be a rather good read. CJ xx

Jonathan Lethbridge said...

My god, you actually finished it? Are there any oiseaux in it?

Waffle said...

JUST YOU WAIT, LETHBRIDGE (by which I mean, check the acknowledgments).

Waffle said...

Gwan - I KNOW WHAT A KNOB. (Sorry about all the capitals, I had another drink, circs seemed to require it).

Z said...

Well, that's brilliant. And I'll have forgotten the delivery date, so it'll be a lovely surprise.

Betty M said...

Looks great. Do we get a book tour?

Anonymous said...

Lovely cover - I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

It is a sight for sore eyes, can't wait!!!!

Jane in SF said...

How exciting! It looks great.

chiclit said...

We of the American persuasion are captivated by the fact that in the face of terror Belgians tweet cat pictures. Assume Belgian dogs do not have requisite attitude. Be safe- LOVE the cover.

ganching said...

"Citing! Looking forward to the book tour. (Is it very wrong for me to wish there was a lockdown in London? I did fleetingly wish for it yesterday morning when getting ready for work.)

Waffle said...

Betty M - I don't know! I hope so! I'm seeing the lady who knows about that stuff next week...

frau antje said...

If living in a provincial backwater starts to look attractive, I'm here to talk you down.

Waffle said...

Frau Antje - But I kind of feel like I already do...

Julie said...

I came in here to share

and find you have put up a link. to. your. book. That didn't come up on my rss feed? or I was sleepy? a book!

Bryony said...

well that cover alone just made me pre-order...

Margaret said...

How dim am I? I clicked your link, saw the book jacket and thought, Oh that looks fun, I wonder who's the author?

I can't preorder because I am American.

Have you really not been allowed outside at all for three days? Jesus.

Laura Cumming said...

Oh how wonderful! Huge congratulations, Emma. Am very delighted to see the fruition - or the fruit, hanging there on the Amazon vine. Brilliant.

Waffle said...

Laura - In no small measure thanks to YOU. Copy forthcoming as soon as we get these last permissions... Thank you x 10000000.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the book!

I have been reading this blog for years and years but have just learned from Amazon that you live with a husband and not just the boys - it matters not a jot obvs, just took me by surprise...

Laura Cumming said...

Ah Emma, no need to thank me. I think everyone should have Patrick Walsh in their lives. I shall swap you for a book I've written, which is coming out on January 7.

Your title is FAR better! xx

Waffle said...

Laura - Look forward to this swap hugely - hurrah! xx

Anonymous said...

Love the cover!

BDM said...

A cover of excellence. Congratulations! How many cake recipes? So pleased to see it will be available in Canada. We are all having martinis to celebrate with you.

Alison said...

Yay book!! PLEASE tell us what you wrote for O Magazine? I don't think I've ever read that magazine, but you having a link to American Oprah Winfrey is somehow a surprising intriguing clash of worlds.

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