Monday, 19 October 2015


Oh god, I so loved my weekend. We had one fight about teenage behaviour, a minor violin strop and one phone confiscation and I had to de-mite both the chickens and the chicken house (speculative, there is a lot of feather removal going on, which they choose to do whilst standing on the back step and staring in at us for extra creepiness), but apart from that, the wonder of it. I woke up on Saturday morning and it was just THERE, the autumn, properly, even though it has been cold, unseasonally cold, for at least the last week, misty on occasion, gloves weather at least twice. But Saturday was different: I suppose it was something to do with the light and having the fire going and anyway, it was wonderful and I was gleeful with cosiness and filled with the desire to bustle around in a hygge fashion like some Beatrix Pottter harvest mouse in a bonnet.

On Saturday afternoon I made Hannah's sweet potato coconut and chilli soup (delicious, easy), then I made a chickpea and spinach curry with the remaining coconut milk (hmm) whilst listening to Elvis Costello's memoir on audiobook (he is reading it himself and is very very funny and wonderful as you would imagine). On Sunday, we made bolognese for the freezer and a beautiful leg of lamb with baby roast potatoes all of which is frankly astonishing because as frequently documented here I loathe cooking and suck at it, this was simply the magical power of autumn removing my normal personality for a few brief hours.

We also got the jumpers out of the freezer to make room for batch cooking and surrender them once more to the mothbastards, collected two pictures from the framers and bought a new kettle and also a Microplane grater, because I have wanted one since I first read Nigella's How to Cook (which is deliciously prescriptive about tools, I love people who are firm about what you need, see also India Knight writing about pretty much everything and Esther Walker's new blog, which I am greatly enjoying), so that I can make lemon drizzle cake without sacrificing my knuckles to the box grater. And now you are all gagging on my insufferable smugness but fear not because Monday is here and THE DOOM WILL RETURN.


30% there is a Marcolini coffee eclair in the fridge and I can't focus on anything else
10% lunch plotting
10% really want to make this apple pie
10% Dutch exam nerves
10% insufficient layering for ambient temperature
10% goat thoughts
10% desire to Microplane something, anything
10% no to this shite-tastic Halloween display:


(Postscript: my smuggery bubble has just been punctured by realisation that all my bags of nutritious batch cooked soup have adhered themselves to the freezer drawer wall so firmly, it is impossible to remove and eat any of them without defrosting the entire sodding thing, fool)


Anne V said...

You might could kind of chisel the soup off the sides of the freezer. I have done this, um, more than once. It works!

The SP apple pie is very very good. Very. It's an excellent fall food. Lattice tops are less of a hassle than they seem like they'll be.

Margaret said...

Can you try blasting them with a blow dryer? Your weekend sounds lovely. I'm so glad you're back! I've missed your posts!

CJ said...

Very impressed with the autumnal domestic goddessery. Whip the freezer drawer out and apply some warmth to the side (hot water bottle?) and bob will be your uncle. Insufficient layering here as well but zero goat thoughts. I'm in a rat zone at the moment. CJ xx

Anonymous said...

Pour a bit of hot water on the frozen together bags and then hit them with something, violently. That should do it.

Anonymous said...

Waffle: I am SO GLAD you are back to posting almost every day! I missed you. I live in the US, deep in the desert, and your Belgian life is such a wonderful respite from the relentless sunshine and silliness one finds in warmer, US climes.

Please keep up the good work!

Anon from Across the Pond

P. S. I hired a herd of goats to eat weeds at my house. True story!

Waffle said...

I love that you are all getting stuck into my soup/freezer dilemma. The problem is that the plastic bags of soup are in the freezer DOOR and have also expanded to take up all possible available space, so I can't get eg a chisel or knife in to chip out.

Anonymous said...

Freezer bags are the Devil's work (with a capital D). You're far better off with a mismatched hotch-potch of yellowing pseudo-tupperware containers and lids that fall on top of your head every time you open the cupboard over the sink.
My offspring once helped herself to one of these decrepit tupperwares of shame and filled it with some homemade baking before visiting a friend. The mother of the friend made sure to tell me that she had washed the tupperware container before returning it to my daughter. The friend lives in a mansion and I'm sure that all her mother's tupperware collection is the real thing, with new colour-coded matching lids. On the way home to my humble and slatternly abode I blushed every time I imagined the posh lady scrubbing the disgusting old container and had a stern chat with my daughter about asking me for a suitable one the next time. Since then I replaced the lot, obviously. However, she told me that the entire family ate the muffins she had baked so they can't have been that grossed out, can they?

Anonymous said...

Very glad that you had a good weekend, by the way! :)


I have heard you can use a Microplane (TM/MD) to REMOVE SKIN FROM YOUR FEET, but have not tried it. Parmesan. Chocolate. Zest. Callouses. All become clouds of delicious while your knuckles remain intact. What a time to be alive !

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