Thursday, 27 November 2014

Forty days: Pt 40 (Out of Office)

I am off. Wheeeeee! Back soon and I promise not to just vanish. Terrifying metal box of death permitting. Does anyone know of any good relics in Venice? Because it's not a holiday for me without a shrivelled finger in a jewelled box. Restaurant or other recommendations most welcome too, but fingers are the priority.


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time! I found the Jewish Quarter a very welcome break from the hordes of tourists everywhere in Venice. Quiet streets steeped in history, just beatiful.
No info on fingers or other relics but I will let you know if I dig up anything on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

beatiful? sheesh, sorry about that glaring typo

breakfastlady said...

Ach. All that, and then I missed yer actual birthday. Hope you have a splendid time in Venice. I have no advice to offer I'm afraid but I do hope you find some shrivelled fingers etc.

Anonymous said...

Have a fab time, Emma! I've only been to Venice once, some 20 years ago whilst inter-railing as a student. I suspect your trip will involve a little more sophistication than camping and living off primula cheese and crackers! It is surely dessert heaven - enjoy!
Ash :-)

CJ said...

It's my dream to visit Venice, lucky you. Hope you have a completely fantastic time and that you find the perfect shrivelled finger.

Jess said...

We arrived by train and embarrassingly enough it was so beautiful when we came out of the station I cried. I really thought it would be a horrible let down. Enjoy. X

Bytowner said...

Happy (late) birthday waffle. Do enjoy your selfin Venice. Very best wishes on turning 40 I hope you have a wonderful year.
Excellent instructive book from your son.

karen said...

Don't know about fingers, but there are DRAGON bones in a church on Murano:

ephemerette said...

Can't help with relics as I was too busy either getting endlessly lost in the back streets or running away from tourists but I had a few very good lunches, drinks and snax in this place a couple of years ago.

Osteria alla Staffa
Calle dell'Ospedale 6397

Have a wonderful time!

B said...

I sent an email but in case you really aren't checking, food rec's from a friend who has a country house in that part of the world:

Da Ivo - expensive but worth it

Trattoria Alla Madonna - cheap but good (near the Rialto bridge)

Anonymous said...

Been offline for a couple of days, so want to add my voice to the cacophany of HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and hope you enjoy a rest. I won't say I'm not gutted to be losing the daily dose of delight you have served so beautifully for 40 days (however you counted them), but all good things must come to an end and creative bods must you can write your book! See the voracious, needy public you have created?!!

Have a brilliantly happy Venetian break - I have always wanted to go - please say if it is as richly decadent, eye drenchingly gorgeous, horrifically expensive and as slightly stinky as I imagine? As penumbras go, that's a lovely choice. I have always sought a penumbra, without having a proper word for it, because there's the unshakeable certainty that one day is not enough!

I really ought to be okay for fat ponies - one laminitic vet's bill on legs is plenty - however, my life's dream of Rupert and Mister Fudge, Shetland child-eating monsters, is yet to be realised. So, like you, will continue to ask, for years if necessary! Jasper, my huge darling Shire (he's scared of snow and hides in my armpit!) would be utterly capitvated - when he saw a donkey at a show he went potty trying to sniff it and the llamas made him almost involute with excitement and rapture. It was adorable..and a bit weird...

Have a great time. Hope to read you soon!

Sal xxx

Patience_Crabstick said...

Happy birthday! I hope you are having a wonderful time.

Sam said...

Thanks for the 40 day updates - a genuine high point of my day was reading them. Have a great trip!

Val said...

Belated birthday wishes - but I must say 40 hardly affected me at all, however an additional decade has decrepified me enough that 50 was a bummer...
Middle age my ass - how many 100 yr olds do you know after all? (shamelessly stolen from Dave Barry if memory serves)
I'll gladly deliver a horse selected from my horde of misfits & cripples if we lived on the same side of the pond... Hope Venice is awesome!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday!! and please have Prosecco and fragolino (strawberry sparkling wine that's really tasty - and not in a little-kid drink way) -- and pane dulce, and gelato (or if you're really loving hazelnut chocolate and have a friend to share with try the gianduotto) from Nico on the Zattere.
Spend as much time as you can in the Dorsoduro, and also up near the university ... and take a boat out to Burano and Torcello ... and finally go in the beautiful pastry and sweet shops...don't just press your nose to the window. You will burn off all the calories by walking around! (Sorry don't know of shriveled fingers ... and cute animals are pretty much limited to cats)
Tanti auguri!

Xtreme English said...

When I was in the convent, one of the nuns came back from Rome with a "first class" relic of the Little Flower of Jesus. We asked her what it was, and my friend Martha said "the tip of her nose."

Anonymous said...
I saw this and thought of you!
Heather (NZ)

Jenny F. Scientist, PhD said...

Sta. Lucia! She's in that big church right near the train station from the mainland. Kind of a left turn if I remember correctly. Her WHOLE body! And I think some other random dude too but it's been a long time. (Google Maps says yes, left turn:
Chiesa di San Geremia Campo San Geremia "Elegant, 1700s church & site of pilgrimage housing the body of St Lucy with Romanesque detailing."

Waffle said...

SHIT, I missed St Lucia. I'll just have to go back.

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