Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Forty days: Pt 39 (which should be forty but isn't)

It's my birthday! And you have all been so lovely I cried a little and not just because I woke up at 5am over-excited and couldn't get back to sleep. Though that was probably part of it. Then I cried again and not just because I had had two and a half glasses of wine but because you were still being utterly, touchingly kind and lovely and LARA EVEN WROTE ME A POEM.

It has all been delightful and I am too full of sugar to contemplate my own shortcomings - slash - mortality. My hilarious eldest son made me one of his special breakfast plates:

And a book on how to make my own special breakfast plates. It is quite strict. It's like living with Nicky Haslam sometimes. I reproduce some of it here, in case you also wish to make your own breakfast plate.

"The little book of beautiful plates"

This says "written by me, drawned by me, special thanks to my mum who wanted a book of cool plates. But she got this..."

"You should always favour round/curved shapes"

"A semi-circular shape is sometimes acceptable"

"Biscuits should be partially, not entirely, superposed"

"Add fruit, so the plate seems more 'healfy'" 

"Include a hot and a cold drink for contrast"

"Serve in a large plate, so it does not seem crowded"

Impressive blurbs

Apart from this I did not get a single thing on my fantasy list and it did not matter in the slightest. 

(This gift from Prog Rock was profoundly strange, admittedly:  

it contained an old, empty perfume atomiser that is impossible to refill. Might be good as a pot for keeping pencils in?)

I had a lovely day, ate too much, got mildly tipsy and my lovely family made me an actual homemade lemon drizzle cake and it was TOTALLY EDIBLE. I think I look a bit like the chicks on the top right now: 

Slightly wonky but unbowed. 

I am going to lie down now because all my blood flow must be directed to my stomach and thought is impossible. THANK YOU for sticking with this stupid odyssey and thank for your all your kindness. May your capybara overlords be ever merciful. 


Stitch this said...

It's my birthday tomorrow, I'm five years ahead of you...and you sound like you had a's a poem too...

Stitch this said...

Stitch this said...

Why cant i get the link to work.....aggghhhhh
Here it is...


It’s amazing
How you change
From young to old.
From smooth to crinkled and stripey.
From innocent to wise.
And from the inside
No change at all.

BadBride said...

happiest of birthdays Emma

The Curmudgeon said...

Happiest, happiest, happiest of birthdays! Thank you for all the laughs and entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Waffle!

Jane in SF said...

Warm wishes for a very Happy Birthday from San Francisco! Just hope this doesn't mean infrequent posts from you although daily is too much to ask!

Lisa-Marie said...

Happy birthday lovely Waffle! Your son rivals most chefs on plate presentation. He should publish his book!

Ellie said...

It is no surprise that your son is hilarious and ironic, but it is a delight. Happy, happy birthday!

Crazy Mom! said...

Happy happy happy birthday!

I'm home preparing to feed my hoodlum offspring a Southern American Thanksgiving feast. they have been salivating for in anticipation of said feast for weeks. Mmmm turkey. Mmmm dressing.

I hope this number 40 was wonderful and delightful. May you have many more....

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag! Boldog Születésnapot!

<> The Economist made me crack up. Your son has an awesome sense of humor.

bbonthebrink said...

That 'petit Livre des beles Assiette' is the most charming, touching, lovely thing I've seen in a long while. Happy birthday, BB x

Sally said...

Happy Birthday Waffly person!

May your ponies always be fat and your plates round.

Sally x

Potty Mummy said...

Happy Birthday Emma!

It is probably a sign of the fact that 40 happened a few years back for me that I didn't work out until today the reason your blog wouldn't let me comment on any of the previous 38 posts of your odyssey. (Apparently Blogger is running EU-style sanctions against Russia and ignoring any attempts to comment originating from within Mordor. However, it did not reckon with such whizzy technology as a VPN which I finally remembered to switch on this morning...)

Anyway, so glad you had a good day, and I hope there was at least a picture of a fat Shetland pony in your birthday post.

Jess said...

Happy birthday for yesterday or belated birthday wishes! What an amazingly thoughtful present. I have loved reading your daily posts. Hope your post birthday day is lovely too. X

Unknown said...

A belated, but heartfelt Happy Birthday! I turned 40 in May, did not really celebrate as we've finally bought our first house (that's right, in our forties), and every penny before and since has been swallowed by it. But I'm hoping for a party for my 41st.
Loved your son's book, and the blurbs are pure gold.

Nellig said...

Many Happy Returns! BTW your son is a genius.

Dale said...

It sounds like everything was perfectly lovely. Sorry for the belatedness, your birthday was the day my admittedly aged computer shuffled off this mortal coil, much to my aggravation. Now I am grumpily awaiting Compudoc, de huisarts voor uw PC.
I think most of us realize that you have earned a wee break from posting, but don't let it be too long.

CJ said...

So glad it was an excellent birthday, your son has made me laugh. I'm new to your blog, but I get the feeling you maybe ask for a pony every year - this is exactly what I do. Haven't got one yet though.

Jo said...

Happy Birthday, thank you for all the laughs in your birthday month.
What a fabulous book by your son. You thought he was just reading comics and dissecting owl pellets but he has obviously been absorbing your aesthetic aspirations! Maybe you wil get the cashmere blanket for your 50th.

The Reluctant Launderer said...

Happy birthday Lady Waffle! Sounds like a perfect day. Your daily posts have been such a gorgeous treat- very selfishly I'm now hoping that you're in the habit and they'll continue... (Btw for my 40th I got knocked up. I too had cake and booze on the Big Day (tho no brilliant homemade books). Just saying...) xx

Sonya said...

Happy Birthday Emma!
Welcome to the 40s and it looks like you arrived in style and with excellent food thanks to teh lovely family xx

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