Friday, 14 November 2014

Forty days: Pt 27 (slump)

Well. This is the first time in these 40 days I have felt really shit about myself and sat weeping for an hour, so I suppose that's not bad, is it? Let's spin this positively, rather than focussing on me being a pathetic defeatist inert sluglike coward loser idiot, etc etc etc.

(There is nothing really wrong. I have just come back from a jolly time in glittery central London with lovely friends to my quiet, rainy Belgian suburb and spent the day trying to find a convincing way to write about a period in my life when I was being a monumental shithead. And failing. Then I got a minor work knock-back at the end of the day. THERE IS NO MYSTERY HERE ALL IS CLEAR)

Good things (hmm, we have been here before 8000 times in 40 days, haven't we. Never mind. They remain true):

- Traditional Friday pizza, not dodgy delivery one we tried last week;

- A glass of wine (just one. Very abstemious. Though really I fancy a champagne cocktail, one of the ones with a boozed up sugar lump served in a saucer shaped glass);

- The comments on the last post. There were some terrible household crimes. AWFUL. I laughed.

- Loved ones not merely tolerant of my wobble but actively kind when 'STFU now' would have been a legitimate response.

Another baby otter video via Karen (he's getting so big! They grow up so fast, don't they, etc etc). This is immensely worth watching for (i) wind-up lobster (ii) post bathe fluffiness.

- Bath (no wind up lobster, fluffiness or, mercifully, YouTube footage) with Dead Sea Salt and last remaining dregs of Aromatherapy Associates oil ("morning revive" beggars can't be choosers, and I don't feel violently revived) whilst finishing book (excellent).

- Friends:


F: The first day is always the hardest. It's the price you pay for a hiatus. The next day will be a mite easier.


F: FINE, DAY THREE WILL BE BETTER. Shit, now I'm depressed and weepy. Damn you Emma.

E: Sorry.

B: Sent me this link about a naked man on the subway.

M: suggested exercise, which got her nul points but then got thousands back by using the expression "shove them up your blowhole"

(It is just a shame none of these people live within 500 miles of me. )

- A nice verveine in bed because I am 900 years old.

Tomorrow will be better if for no other reason than I have the settled intention of buying a large tiramisu. Planning for success, see.


scunder said...

Oh Waffle said in Vivienne Leigh voice. The little sea otter is heart warming indeed. I did have a momentary lapse and squealed with joy at the lobster toy!
Still he has the same trouble 'getting himself out of the pool as the rest of us. I also would like to have someone to roll me dry in a big fluffy towel most days too ( squeals again)
Sleep well.

Betty M said...

Loving the otter but not loving that you are so sad. That seems very unfair per given you are keeping the rest of us mighty entertained.

Stacy said...

An excellent idea, having some cake. May have to do that myself. Here's to a better day today. That otter has the life--pool, snacks, toys and a fluffy towel. I love the little squeals it makes.

Anonymous said...

Treatment by Tiramisu…good plan! And that little Otter….oh my word…like scunder, I squealed with delight! Just gloriously cute.
Each day I look forward to reading your latest post and come away with a precious nugget to ponder. Hoping today had more smiles than tears
Ash :-)

Sarahgx21 said...

well I completed a week at work, looked forward to sleeeeep - no 2 dog (sleeps on bed - yes, I know) has been stressed - three times I let him out, three bum washes, NO SLEEP. Can't believe I have done one week out of three months. New Jo Malone shop in Cheltenham - can't buy anything till I am paid :(

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