Tuesday, 21 October 2014

40 Days Pt 3

Shit, this was a stupid idea, my foblopo .. something. But failure and anticlimax seems to be a feature of forty according to many of yesterday's comments, so perhaps that's fitting.

Today was grisly, hail, rain, thunder and professional horrors (including a full day ordeal by DOUBLE SURPRISE POWERPOINT), faintly horrified to discover Hadley Freeman is only 36, when she has achieved so much. I always assumed she must be my age. This was also another day of Out, my ninth in a row, of which 7 involved 'talking to groups of strangers' (with a special mention for last Friday when I also left my phone in a taxi, adieu phone), I am no longer fit for that much time with so many people and my neck has seized up with tension and shit posture, like a badly taxidermied weasel. Quite frankly tonight, I got nuffink. Ah well. Perhaps some greater truth will emerge eventually? Some as yet indiscernible pattern? Hmm.

Also, let us share a thought for my father who texted disconsolately that he was "on an 11 hour guided tour of the Cartoon Museum without wine".

Clawing it back from the edge tonight:

- Dead Sea Salt bath (I just dumped the whole sachet in there, fuckit).

- The fact that we now have a functioning bath, albeit with brown water.

- Half an hour of Molesworth.

- Herbal tea (what the fuck. I have started drinking herbal tea again after a good ten years abstinence, I sort of hate myself. Not fruit teas though, there are limits).

- A KitKat (crap Belgian version, but needs must).

- Looking at fantasy elephant camp brochures.

- Sliding a gnarled crone hoof under the warm silky flank of the stupid dog who has exhausted himself fretting about thunder.

- This fantastically horrible, fascinating film about the worst prison in Russia.

- Possibly a hot water bottle.

What is your emergency head repair kit for shitweasel days? Obviously we can discount alcohol, which is taken as read.

This is my eldest son's solution to everything, see also here  and here and here and here. I'm going to get him to do me a special one for my birthday. 


Lisa-Marie said...

Earl Grey, a book, my jammies, a blsnket and time with NO OTHER PEOPLE.

Margaret said...

I second the NO OTHER PEOPLE. I am looking at you, needy husband and batshit little cat.

Unknown said...

NO PEOPLE. I third the NO OTHER PEOPLE stance.

Comforting drinks. Books as a barrier to Other People. And no further plans to venture Out.

Dee said...

I second the Earl Grey Tea.

I snort laughed at 'badly taxidermied weasel', so your work here is done.

Patience_Crabstick said...

Like your other commenters, my shit-day solution is crawling into bed with a good book and a cup of tea, and maybe watching Frazier reruns on netflix, in bed on my laptop.

Anonymous said...

You look very sweet in the dancing picture. :)
I recently discovered that dancing or in my cases "going through the motions" to music can be a brilliant mood-lifter. For someone that spends most of my waking hours seated motionless in front of the computer it is incredibly therapeutic. In my case, no partner to stress over, a bunch of other ladies of varying ages and degrees of fitness all making similar mistakes as well, plus an incredibly encouraging, down-to-earth instructor mean I don't get anxious when I put a foot wrong, which I often do. This is so uncharacteristic of me as I'm normally quite awkward physically, the kind of person who apologises if someone else steps on my foot.
I would definitely recommend you try some sort of dance class if you do decide to try 40 new things, for example :)

Alexander said...

I was not aware that KitKat has national varieties, too. My wife has been struggling with the extremely inferior Belgian kind of Nutella (German one rules supreme). Life can be really shitty sometimes.

maymay said...

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