Wednesday, 30 April 2014

I was wrong

THE FJORD IS COMPLETED. Roomba did not eat any of it.

See our nerd faces of Fjord joy. How will anything ever taste this sweet again?

L really has no place here since he did not contribute, other than to mock us occasionally. Shortly after this was taken, he also 'hilariously' stole a piece and has refused to return it. Someone will not be getting their eye-gougingly expensive Lego Robotics set for their birthday on Saturday. And maybe I'll make him a homemade phoenix cake for extra punishment with extra shit wings and a wonky face.

Today I went somewhere where, every time I tried to engage anyone in conversation or ask a question, people looked at me as if I was barking at them in Tim Burton Martian and said "pardon?". I've probably forgotten how to speak. Give me another few months and I'll just rattle gutturally like a camel preparing to spit at social occasions. Assuming I ever go to one again.

65% cake
20% mortification


frau antje said...

Oh come on, give him a flaming cake.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for completed puzzle!
This reminds me of a combined effort by many people at a weekend family camp, when nearing the completion of the 1000 Wasgij infernal puzzle, my eldest competitive son hid a piece so he could come along and triumphantly proclaim himself "the winner" because he added the last piece. Simultaneously satisfying and infuriating at the same time (with tautology for emphasis!)
Heather (NZ)

breakfastlady said...

Yay the fjord!

For cake inspiration, I recommend this site, if you haven't already seen it:

Dale said...

You know that working jigsaw puzzles improves your intelligence and problem-solving ability, yes? I call them "research." Only people who don't have the patience for them fail to believe this. However, I have it on the imposing authority of Margaret Drabble; she even wrote a book about her own relationship with jigsaws, called The Pattern in the Carpet.

blackbird said...

Honestly, I do hate when people leave links in the comments, but I do also so appreciate your triumph.

I swear, I'm not selling anything.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely flipping fantastic, Waffle. There's nothing like the satisfaction from finishing a HUGE jigsaw puzzle. hurrah!
Ash :-)

Waffle said...

Oh my god, NO, Frau Antje. NO NO NO.

Dale - Ha! I feel vindicated.

Blackbird - I love other people's links and yours is marvellous. I am so impressed with the substitute piece dedication!

Anonymous said...

Now that your jigsaw is complete, I think you would really enjoy the film Stories We Tell by Sarah Polley (actress from The Secret Life of Words, which is also amazing).

nappy valley girl said...

Hurrah for the puzzle! That is truly impressive. I want to see the phoenix cake...

ali_jane said...

Surprised to see anonymous' comment about the Sarah Polley movie, but I second the recommendation.
Congrats on your fjord mastery!

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