Thursday, 6 March 2014

Chicken unboxing

Hi. Welcome to some terrible photos of chickens. For full authenticity I should be doing this unboxing with a flat, unmodulated voiceover in which I describe every minute feature of each chicken until your brain starts to liquefy and seep out of your ear, but luckily for you, I had a cocktail instead. They have yellow legs. Tiny beady eyes. Feathers and so on. That's all I have.

Phase 1: selection. Your wishes are pretty much irrelevant to this lady. Don't ask her to do any heavy lifting because "they put wires in my back".

Phase 2: transport. Chickens are terrible co-pilots.

Phase 3: arrival


Phase 5: download.

Phase 6: installation.

Phase 7: Compatibility testing ongoing.


GingerB said...

I think the weepette should be worried. Very worried. Your chickens are Gingers, and we all know Gingers have no souls.

Stacy said...

Chickens! There are at least two families with chicken coops in my neighborhood. When it gets warm, we'll hear them. Looking forward to many chicken adventures, provided weepette doesn't get any ideas.

Anonymous said...

Those are real chickens! Somehow, when you were writing about them before, I didn't think they were going to be real live birds! Well, this should be an adventure ...

redfox said...

I am jealous! Your chickens look the very height of chickenhood.

H said...

I love the fact that the chickens' box originally held butter...

Good luck! I've always wanted some lavender pekins. When will they start laying?

Waffle said...

GingerB - In any ginger hen v whippet stand-off, I back the hen. Even running.

Pinklea - I am as surprised as you are.

H - EGG THIS MORNING EGG THIS MORNING EGG THIS MORNING. Probably a one off but so exciting!

Unknown said...

Love the last pic of the weepette looking suspiciously at the interlopers.

Rachel said...

Eggs take 26 hours to form, so this one was a freebie from yesterday. The move will unsettle them, so don't be upset if you don't get any more for a few days. The most important thing though, is... who's going to eat it?!

Jane in SF said...

I want to give my mother hens for her 80th birthday but she says there are too many foxes nearby. I really want them myself but will have to make do with Emma Bridgewater mugs. Have fun with your chucks.

Unknown said...

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