Friday, 28 February 2014

Home alone

I was totally right about the coat lining, I put it straight back in the next morning, whispering fervent, heartfelt apologies to the gods. There has been unrelenting icy rain all day. I have broken Belgium, it will be like Narnia here soon, all Turkish Delight and fauns and allegories and DEATH.


Unrelenting icy rain.

Poor productivity today currently standing at 2/3 of one dreadful article about running, zzzzz, with no hope of further progress due to wine and intense Friday indolence.

Nagging anxiety (squared up to shitty work thing, but have not heard back - did I email the wrong person? Possibly. Do I dare check my sent items? Hellnoes).

Accidentally dropped a log on the dog (he's fine).

Director of Rat Entertainment for the week in L's absence, a heavy burden. So far I have offered my charge a new cardboard box, he seems unmoved.

Has Russia invaded Ukraine? How worried should we all be on a scale from bof to CONVENIENCE MARRY A SWISS PERSON INSTANTLY FOR A BUNKER SPACE?


Everyone is away skiing (freaks) and I have no plans to go anywhere or do anything except read books, drink tea and wine, watch House of Cards (I am on ep 6 series 2 and not finding it very engaging at all - does it improve? They are talking about vertical integration in the energy sector! If I wanted to listen to that kind of shit I would have stayed in competition law) and have long, languorous baths; possibly all at once. By Wednesday I will be lonely, missing the boys and semi-insane, but these first couple of days will be dizzyingly wonderful.

Finally - finally! - I have boot success, of a sort. They are these from Marks & Spencer and are cheap-ish and comfortable and who exactly am I, because the person I used to be did not consider those criteria to be worthy of ANY consideration in shoe selection. You may be reassured to hear I am not "teaming" them "with a floral dress" as per the serving suggestions on the website. I am teaming them with slightly too small jeans unzipped to accommodate my post-dinner stomach, a bobbly grey sweater and a pet rat, and they are doing just fine. M and I both consider 'western cut' boots give you sausage limbs, but beggars cannot be choosers.

Rabbit rillettes

Red wine

Fire lit

Indian takeaway ordered - it will be so-so and make me pine for Tayyabs juicy juicy lamb chops, but it is better than no Indian food at all*.

(*Post-takeaway postscript: pleasant enough, but literally NO flavour at all. None. How do you even do that with Indian food? I am going to have to resort to DIY daal making this week, I can tell).

A picture

Rats are shit at selfies.

What delights does your weekend hold? Will you be speaking to other humans or like me, wandering around your house in ill-fitting leisure wear, occasionally treating pieces of furniture to dramatic monologues?


cruella said...

I wish! I have a house full of people, ie guests from Sweden who desperately want to experience Chinese things, which really should take no more than venturing out the front door, but alas, I'm suffering full throttle hostess anxiety and thus have to arrange outings, rat meat tasting, snake dishes, 100th floor drinks, market shopping etc, all while worrying about missing The Real Thing.

Also have to turn in well-formed thoughts on gender representation in Swedish literature in the early 20th century and turn up at taiji class knowing three new movements.

*insert gulping breath, racing heart and deep sighs*

Elspeth said...

Instead of conversing with humans (with the possible exception of my husband, and 2 year old son - if only the latter can be coaxed away from cbeebies for a nanosecond) I'm going to be psyching myself up to start writing a 3000 word critical literature review discussing whether or not there's any evidence that it's worthwhile to supplement adolescent girls with iodine.

It's exactly as enthralling as it sounds and alarmingly, 60% (!!) of my final grade rests on it's completion.

Accidental Londoner said...

I think asking this kind of thing - "How worried should we all be on a scale from bof to CONVENIENCE MARRY A SWISS PERSON INSTANTLY FOR A BUNKER SPACE?" - is exactly the kind of policy engagement that would jolly along not only House of Cards but actual real life politics too. Someone should tell the UN/British Government/Uccle Municipal Bin-Collectors they need a new approach.

Dale said...

Ha! Still in pajamas here, alternately fussing with complex and blindingly boring tax thing and an article I am supposed to write. As for humans . . . there's one around somewhere, but come to think of it, it's been quiet for hours. Maybe too quiet, if there is such a thing.

Margaret said...

Still in pjs, but other human in house is forcing me to get dressed and go out for lunch. Laundry looms. I just did five loads last weekend, how can there be more? There are only two of us!

Thanks for zipping in your coat lining but TOO LITTLE TOO LATE MY FRIEND. Monday is forecast to bring another FOOT of snow here. I cannot do this anymore. I need to convenience marry a Swiss person with a second home in Bermuda.

Scunder said...

For the love of God, house of cards will suck your will to live. Give up now and you'll be missing nothing except a little more Fembot action from the android aka Robin Wright. Stultifying bar the theme tune.

Although I might line up for a convenience marriage with Rémy. Phwoar....

Tinne from Tantrums and Tomatoes said...

My weekend brought children playing 'wolf'and howling at the full moon.
This is, alas, completly normal behaviour.

breakfastlady said...

Rain interspersed with odd moments of spring sunshine here, the sort of day that fools you into saying to your children 'Hey kiddos, look at this lovely morning! What say we go to Europe's largest windfarm for a trot?' By the time we get there, the freezing drizzle-slush has returned. It is (obviously) very windy too,so we trudge, frozen, to turbine #40, look up at its ginormous limbs twirling spookily, look as far as the eye can see - not v far, as by now visibility is severely limited on account of driving rain - at the 214 other turbines and then repair to the cafe to eat buns.

Next job on the list is stripping woodchip paper from a bedroom ceiling. Invading Russians would be a welcome distraction. *I* need to convenience marry me a really good decorator.

Waffle said...

Breakfastlady - Um wow. Definitely in the annals of good days out, like Mini Europe and the day we drove an hour to a market to look at 4 chickens.

(Sorry Margaret)

Scunder - I have reached ep 11 and the disturbing sex has made me a bit queasy and not even Remy is working his smouldering magic any more. BRING BACK THE BORING ANTITRUST PLOTLINE.

Unknown said...

Love the boots, very 'Marant' must look into x

Unknown said...

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