Saturday, 18 January 2014

Things my children have asked for today

... my children who clearly haven't read this article.

Galler 70% lime and mint chocolate.

Hunger Games 3.

Gold lamé wings for Converse hi-tops.

Or snakeskin ones.

Or black, as if it were only the colour holding me back.

Some kind of lemon essential oil from the hippy shop.

A purple suede modular chair.

Fortune cookies.

A folder "with the spiky metal bits".

A wedding ring with a black opal set in it.

Ultra-hold hair gel.

A cup of civet pooed coffee (€9, neither of them drink coffee, of course).

"A Chinese newspaper".

A pencil sharpener with a squirrel in a dome, so it looks like the squirrel is surrounded by the fruits of its own tree chewing (query: surely this should be a beaver?)

"Some more weird flavoured crisps" (octopus, disgusting, no way, I had to eat them last time)

A praline waffle

"Another card trick. It's not dear".

A can of violently apple flavored water.

"One of those" (a durian)

A life-sized black plastic horse with a lamp shade on its head.

He hasn't even been on the Firebox site today

(We got the chocolate)


Betty M said...

I'd have got the waffle. Line and mint chocolate? really?

Waffle said...

It was ok, actually, though I was initially sceptical, like you. It was like a posh Matchmaker with little crispy bits.

The Reluctant Launderer said...

Oh God, if I was to write a post with this heading, I think the internet might break.
ps - Hello from Singapore!!

Waffle said...

RL - Oh my god! YOU'RE THERE! HOW IS IT?????

The Reluctant Launderer said...

I am HERE! It is... good. Strange, but good. Orderly. Clean. Efficient. Warm. Organised. Everything I am not. I have been taking photos of Very Odd Things Indeed, which I will share with the worldwidesuperhighway as soon as my children start school (next week, Christ above. The Strangeness puts Uccle to shame.

cruella said...

RL: Singapore sounds everything that Guangzhou is not, I'm telling you. Swap? I can be orderly! Clean! Efficient! Organised!

Anna Maria said...

There was a gruesome BBC programme about illegal civet farms. Utterly appalling, and I doubt anyone who's seen it will ever buy civet coffee, I certainly won't. Sorry to introduce such a sombre note. Great post, as usual.

Anonymous said...

I love the Herdy mug!

Waffle said...

Anna Maria - I know, I told them about it quite severely. Horrible.

Anon - Thank you, I LOVE it. I have two. They are my favourites.

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