Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Advent 23

Argh, today. Double Argos. Tempest. More Hawkin's Bazaar. Bollocked for overdue work. Some truly dreadful present purchasing. Parcel lost in the post with no prospect of arriving in time. Children, between bouts of reciprocal vileness, insistent we should 'make our own candy canes'. Yes, what this scenario is missing is definitely boiling sugar. In the end we ended up with blue meth:

The calendar has this to offer:

... and I can only hope my envelope back in Belgium contained a single temazepam, prettily wrapped in duck egg  blue tissue paper.

It was not all bad. We have been to the ludicrous York panto (two hours of plotless falling over, loved beyond reason by all York citizens and émigrés). Prog Rock made the children listen to Tom Lehrer's Poisoning Pigeons in the Park and watch Blazing Saddles, to their bemusement. And I have captured the glorious Barnitt's window display for you: 

Now to bed. 1.5 more articles to write. 2 more presents to buy. Food colouring everywhere. Tooth fairy change scrabble activated. No prospect of getting to Betty's. Relaxed as a weasel on blue meth. About time to start mechanically eating everything in the house except wrapping paper.


Margaret said...

Blazing Saddles--very good! My dad also thought it was suitable viewing for children. I offer your boys a laurel and hearty handshake.

Taxmom said...

Hah! I just this afternoon giftwrapped a Tom Lehrer songbook for the (almost) 17 year old. And we picked Blazing Saddles for "family movie night" a few years back when our boys were about where your offspring are now. Very educational. I fault my own upbringing. My father has the same philosophy as your stepdad's, apparently, of never squandering the chance to introduce the young to quality satire.

Xtreme English said...

I'll bet the boys also would like "The 12 Chairs." Or you would. "Oh, God, you're so STRICT!" Laughed myself breathless.....

Bytowner said...

A very happy Christmas to you, ms waffle. Do enjoy Blazing Saddles. Thanks for all your posts.

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