Monday, 2 December 2013

Advent 2

Day two of the disrespectful advent calendar of tradition-distorting self-indulgence yields a sparkly wire star.

Lovely, but we aren't actually having a Christmas tree this year, because we leave on 21st and it's hardly worth it and seems disrespectful to the tree in question. I'm not complaining. Well, perhaps I am, but it'll be lovely next year.

Hipster advent calendar:

A staircase. It's growing on me, even though its doors are in order and half open already.

Today: ... was quite irritating. My facial expression has, for much of the day, mirrored that of a stoat bursting out of a fondant fancy (I strongly advise you to follow that link). Look on my minor bourgeois tragedies ye mighty, and despair.

- Dog cannot come on Christmas holidays with us because we are so disorganised there are no kennels left on the boat. "Dress him as a girl and say he is your unfortunately long-faced daughter", says F, most helpfully.
-  Comprehensively messed around by a range of people for work purposes. This part is ongoing. Indeed, it currently feels endless.
- Dogged by the recurrent feeling that 85% of my professional decisions are enormously stupid. WHY did I say I would do extremely time-consuming and stressful task x for forty quid? Again? Why do I continue to do time-consuming and stressful task y when it stops me from seeking out more interesting work? God knows. I am functionally stupid.
- Required by F to drink approximately 7 cups of coffee because he is collecting the capsules for his Dutch teacher's craft project (?).
- Godalmighty headache (possibly 7 cup of coffee related).

It doesn't sound very impressive when you write it down, does it. Boo hoo.

Good news:
- Lovely sunny day.
- The vole in the fondant fancy is really cheering me up.
- Have you worked out what kind of Pokemon you are?
- You may enjoy the world's most disturbing Shutterstock image I happened upon whilst looking for a nice bland image using the search term "cocktail party". This is no cocktail party I wish to attend.
- So much leftover Ethiopian food from the weekend that I may do as M suggested and "make yourself an injera blanket". Or maybe some kind of cardigan? It seems like it might be quite warm and it's a fetching mouse brown colour.

That's all here, I think. That and a couple of Nurofen and the prospect of more of the same. And you?


Betty M said...

Here are nits. Endless flaming nits. I've been treating and combing for weeks.
Oh and weasel costumes to be sewn for teh school play.

Sal said...

Oh my. What am I going do to process the industrial grade discombobulation brought on by the cumulative effect of cake+taxidermy, culminating with that horrific rabbit in a milk jug? Cake's hardly appropriate solace now, though maybe you just saved me from myself. Poor Weepette, hope you find someone who will cherish his neurotic arse while he dreams of Moscow this Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I sympathise about accepting complicated work projects for a pittance because I have been there all too often in the past and still sometimes find myself accepting things that are just not worth the hassle.

Waffle said...

Esme - Imagine. He's like the elderly relative who sits stubbornly in the corner, whispering "I'm ready to die". Most festive.

Anon - I am regretting it SO MUCH today and saying I will never do it again. Is this likely to be true? No.

Anonymous said...

Dear Waffle,
It's complicated, but it IS possible to turn down fiddly, annoying projects that are not worth your time.
One thing I have managed to enforce on myself successfully is NEVER to accept a project by telephone, without having looked at it carefully and weighed up the various factors (fiddliness/format issues, terminology requiring lengthy investigation, late-paying customer, low-paying customer, time available and what other demands on my time there are for that day/ week, etc).
Before, if a regular customer (or indeed anyone with a passably pleasant telephone manner) asked me to do something for them, I would always agree immediately and then work out how the f*ck to find the time to actually do it. Years of sleepless nights and spiralling stress levels later, my default response now is "please send it to be by e-mail and I'll have a look and see if I can fit it in". This gives you a little window in which to make your decision (if it's complicated and I won't be paid promptly or properly for the effort made, then a quick "sorry, but I'm very busy this week and I won't be able to squeeze it in".
Now I (almost always) only accept sh*tty projects when they're from important customers that are reliable about payment and which also send more profitable work.

Anyway, sorry for this long rigmarole. I hope you finish it in record time (I find having some strong coffee and blasting something loud and suitably motivating on spotify helps to get things going). Then when you're finished, write some draft emails specifically for this situation and save them for the next time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the terrible punctuation/ spelling there (horrified face).

frau antje said...

No change here at the Shotgun Shack, fighting for peanuts.

There was an article in the NY Times about doing things for a(n attempted) shred of fulfillment in one's life, The Real Humanities Crisis. If hearing that it's hard (and the world's a wee bit backwards) makes you feel better.

Also some graphics in case you're tempted by a Service-Vehicles-of-the-DDR, or Polish-traffic-safety themed Advent Calendar next year.

Waffle said...

Frau A - Those are BRILLIANT. But I'm never sticking anything on a matchbox again.

Alison Cross said...

Sometimes we are overcome by delight that someone wants to pay us ANYTHING at all that we jump at the chance to be useful.

Or you can be like me and jump at the chance to be useful and not even have the offer of forty quid!

I checked out that stoat in fondant fancy link and was surprised to see that it really was a stoat in a fondant fancy. Two nouns that should really never be used in the same sentence.

Oscar is so cute - does he bleed like a very bleedy thing whenever he cuts himself or is that just my woosy greyhound that does that?

Margaret said...

I'm just going to leave this here:

Patience_Crabstick said...

How in the world did they get the little stoat INTO the candy? I will be obsessed with that question all day.

Mckelvey Broomfield said...

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