Sunday, 15 December 2013

Advent 15

I got some parcel tags today. I now have more parcel tags than presents I am likely to buy. Ever.

Is the universe telling me to buy more presents? If so, the universe is on crack, or works for Wonga.

Etsy brings us candles:


Well, I like to think of it as such now. We went to visit these chaps, no hang on we went to visit Eireann and these chaps were just a delightful bonus. Weepette hared around around the field in a combination of demented joy and total confusion, frequently risking a sound kicking. They weren't much bigger than weepette, actually, look, here's a child for scale:

It wasn't too shabby at Eireann's lovely, tiny, Christmas market out in the country either, with cake and cards and beautiful ornaments. I took this fine creature home (nb I have accumulated more Christmas ornaments this year, when we are not having a tree, than in the last 5 years put together):

If you like the look of him, you will be able to get various things of his ilk online here from tomorrow. I also got some really beautiful cards with bats on that I will hoard parsimoniously and not be inclined to send to anyone, because they are all mine.

After that we came back to Brussels and ate Lebanese food and watched Ski Sunday and I have managed about 14 minutes of work to date, because there was always someone needing to look up minuets or print out the whole Internet on Nelson Mandela or similar. Let's not think about Monday shall we? Let's just look at those ponies again.

Weekend verdict?


Metropolitan Mum said...

I've got four present tags and about 400 presents (kids...). Maybe we should swap. Winx Club's Bloom, anyone?
Weekend verdict: started out OK but took a turn for the worse when I realised I had actual vomit on my coat. This is a new low. Especially as it's been vomit from two different occasions. I completely forgot about the first bout and only remembered when the baby aimed and puked for the second time. In my defence, I have to say that a) it's mucus-induced vomit, not viral vomit (yeah, that makes it much better) and b) now that it's bloody freezing in London, I don't really know when I am supposed to wash my jacket.
And yes, I want to stroke a mini pony, too.

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