Saturday, 14 December 2013

Advent 14

This morning whilst I was walking the dog, L made me breakfast. Toasted crumpets, a warm mince pie, a pint of tea and this plate of treats:

It was amazing, but I am troubled. Has he been expelled? Is he pregnant? And should he really be using the oven in my absence (no, toaster and telly are the only permissible appliances when I am not there)?

Your advent calendar news (attention: poor late night photography) is as follows:

This, a repeat of the earlier magnet, is a small mirror. It is actually moderately useful.

There is .. well, it's displayed like mistletoe but it has red berries, so I suppose holly, on the Etsy calendar.

Absolutely nothing has happened today. L, invalid style, only got dressed for about 3 hours and did not leave the house at all. He spent much of the afternoon lying face down on the sofa watching "Kirstie's Homemade Christmas" and has developed a burning desire to make his own candy canes. "Does it require a sugar thermometer?" "Yes" "Then no, you can wait 'til we get to Prog Rock's". Poor Prog Rock, my sister and her friend are also hatching a plan to make the world's largest gingerbread house in his kitchen. It's a far cry from his usual regime of lentil soup/roll up/Le Monde Diplomatique, but I suppose that is what Christmas is for, to bully your family members out of their comfort zones.

It's nearly 11 and I was hoping to work tonight, but instead L and I have watched Derren Brown. Doom (it was fun though). I've probably got time for about two lines before I slump into terminal stupidity.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post yesterday. I lost my voice overnight and can only advise you acquire a stroppy pre-teen daughter immediately. The look on her face when she realised that all she's going to get is the same old post-it not 'NO ' and a basilisk stare in response to even the stampiest fling .... Your boys are far too sweet and well-raised to be anything like as much fun ! Happy to ship her over any time ;)

Waffle said...

Um, no, thank you so much, but I know when I'm well off. This joy is doubtless to come and I will resort to the Post-It! Hope yours returns soon. Mine is half back already.

Anonymous said...

Damn there goes my cunning plan of working towards suggesting I could do you a swap for your Prog Rock! Thank you - for replying tonight and for your blog every day ; its a joy. Hope you feel better soon.

Margaret said...

He made you breakfast. What a lovely thing! Somewhere out there us a little girl who has no idea how lucky she will someday be.

Waffle said...

Margaret - I have discovered no evidence of any crime, so yes, he must just be lovely. Even though he did absent-mindedly put a whole slice of pizza in the dishwasher on Friday night.

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