Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Fragrant intestine


I did four interviews today and sounded like an idiot throughout, though all the people were lovely and interesting and I have become quite obsessed with what I am researching.

Got caught in a huge rainstorm without a coat.

Another unwelcome outbreak of Child-Imposed-Origami in this household, which is strewn with papery carnage and filled with the sound of YouTube video lamentation.

Still abysmally busy.


No Bake Off spoilers! Watched tonight and very cheerful about whole thing.

With a very pleasant flan pâtissier.

Visited a lovely new café for work.

Experienced a brief wave of euphoria and longer lasting affectionate feelings towards Brussels today (interviews, café, purchase of flan, much wandering round the streets) which means that tomorrow the city will probably crap on me, but it was great.

Today is Chinese day, and F learnt that 'sausage' in Chinese is, as he told me, "intestin parfumé" (xiang chang). I don't know quite why I found that so funny (idiocy?), but I did. I quite like bacon too, which is péi gen, pronounced, well, 'bacon'.


This is Chirac, who lives at the cobbler's. They are both famous. Chirac is more talkative than the cobbler.


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