Thursday, 24 October 2013

Battle ferret


Aaargh, so tired. Still 3.5 pieces (ok, admittedly 2.5 are small, but those ones are in French and one of them doesn't even exist as an idea in my brain yet, because OH YES, I have no brain left) to write by Sunday.

Drove (most reluctantly) L to his guitar lesson only to find out the guitar teacher had cancelled it without telling us.

Roads exceptionally full of lunatics.

Having some issues with these notes of mine for a hotel review:

"Botanical"? Possibly "Barry Spence", whoever he is. An interesting "€180m2", however that works. "Sublet chocolate covered"?

The horrifying rustle of YouTube origami tutorials continues. I have been 'gifted' a crane the size of a small dog. I dream of bonfires.

Make this madness stop.


Got a go of a new horse today, the perplexingly named "HERMESS" (I don't know if the capitals are significant). He is excellent, a Rolls Royce of equines, who makes you feel like you're actually really good at this horse business.

Both children have brought home wholly satisfactory bulletins (half-termly gulag reports), so I do not have to send them down a mine yet, nor indeed pay more attention to their homework, which is a mercy.

M introduced me to an eight-legged Norse Horse, Sleipnir (though why you'd call an eight-legged equine battle badass "Slipper" escapes me) and a boar, or "battle swine" called Hildisvini.

E: They were good at names, the Norses.

M: They were awesome in every way. None of this salvation bullshit, just DESTRUCTION.

E: Perhaps we could bring it back? The world is ready for more smiting, I feel.

M: Yes, let's. Bring back Thor.

E: Thor is very now, I feel. Got a problem? Smash it with a hammer. Still got a problem? SMITE IT WITH THUNDER.


I saw this chap advertising a crêperie on the Rue de Flandre, prompting me to think there should be more caped ferrets on signage. Also, I bet the Norses would have a good name for him.


M said...


Margaret said...

I always had a little thing for Thor. If you go by Marvel Comics, he's Nordically handsome and muscly. He's also stern and honest, like a Mountie minus the giant hat plus a mighty hammer.

Fresca said...

"Battle Ferret" is "kamp ilder" in modern Norwegian, according to Google translate.

But isn't that an ermine? The weasels that turn white in winter?

"Battle Ermine" translates as "kamp røyskatt" (supposedly).
I like that, though if you try to translate it back into English, Google says "kamp røyskatt" means "match weasel"...

And none of this is OLD Norse anyway, if that's what you were really looking for.

JB_Kiwi said...

Is it just me, or does the battle ferret look a little like Oscar wearing a cape?

Waffle said...

JB - Maybe that's why I love him.

Fresca - This is very interesting. What we REALLY need is a mustelid expert, like ms Flora, Fauna, Dinner to weigh in on our match weasel. Also, I cannot stop laughing at "match weasel".

Margaret - I find him dull and earnest, like a man I used to share an office with. However, there is the mighty hammer, as you say.

Sonya said...

Facegoop is on the front page of the Guardian website. Congrats!

Love the Ferret superhero.

breakfastlady said...

When I was a nipper, we had a vast top-loading washing machine called THOR. We referred to it as 'The Great God of Washing'. It made a noise like a tardis as it juddered across the kitchen linoleum. And it smote the ass off that dirt, of course.

Marion said...

Caped weasel is the emblem of the city of Vannes, where it made me snigger over the holidays. Have a nice one, by the way, I'll be glad to see you back.

Xtreme English said...

In Swedish "Super ferret" would be "super iller"

Xtreme English said...

Norwegian for ferret is pinnsviget.

the Caped ferret would be "kappekledde pinsviget."

The Flying ferret would be
"Flygende pinsviget."

Kind of lame. Your boys could think of something better....

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