Thursday, 26 September 2013


I have totally failed to do this today and now it is terribly late and I am off my face on "Deep Relax" bath oil. Ah well.


Hours spent scanning boring documents = all the hours.

Rogue school holidays in the next 24 hours = one.

Blue Peter badges lost = one.

And rooms requiring consequent gutting to locate Blue Peter badge = six.

There was doubtless more, but mmmmmmmm, the deadening delight of vetiver camomile and sandalwood (I am not paid or bribed to say this, which is a damn shame). Oh, and I have just recalled, also a gin & tonic. The badness is all erased. Functioning brain cells = none.


1. My computer has been resurrected thanks to its new ruby-studded charger! What, it's not ruby studded? Then WHY IS IT SO DEAR.

2. Thursday is horse day and Gecko and I did slightly bigger jumps today. It was bloody brilliant. I think it was actually my favourite riding lesson since I started going again, though my hips and lower back beg to differ. Yay for the stoic and sturdy Gecko, who I think is at least spiritually part Icelandic.

Gecko bit me today and I such is the extent of my infatuation I did not even care.

3. Pokemon the musical? Yes please.

4. Carnegie Hall orchestra sets up with a sign reading "conduct us", members of the public do exactly that. Both touching and hilarious.

BEVERAGE AND CAKE OF THE DAY (I think this should become a regular feature):

Bloody hell that cake was good. It looks like nothing but it was amazing (lemon, I'll try the matcha next time).

A man on telly tonight was described as a "terrier historian". I am now wondering how that happens and if it is too late to become, for instance, a capybara historian.

Finally, in York news, the following from my sister:


the auntologist said...

Oh Waffless, your daily posts are now my absolute favorite part of the internet! They make me very happy indeed. And no, I haven't had a drop, alas--the dog is asleep on my lap, wrapped up in a quilt, so I can't reach the vile but delicious butterscotch schnapps. Oh yes, it exists. Brrr! Mmmm! Carry on with the excellence!

Accidental Londoner said...

Hurrah for Gecko and you! (And what's a little tetanus between friends?)

Loving the cake of the day idea...yes please! Yum. I shall drool from afar.

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