Monday, 9 September 2013

Organ tombola


- I have just paid the €9867,50 bill that has been hanging over me since April, although I really cannot afford to do so. Savings now further decimated. I feel a bit shaky and sick and tearful, but as M says, at least it is done and I don't have to think about it any more except to wonder which of my organs to sell first. No hairball crying yet.

- My nails have crumbled to dust again and all the nail clippers have been consumed in some nefarious child scheme. Possible options: secateurs, kitchen scissors, teeth. They all give me the shivers.


- Going out for a large gin shortly. Maybe two.

- Several shit administrative tasks done.

- I'm really tickled by the way that L comes home from school at the moment, makes himself a hot chocolate and a carefully curated plate of snacks and retires to his bed to read for 2 hours. Heredity is strong.

- New Facegoop, here on the puzzling subject of primers. Go on, give us a click, in view of DOWN, above, every click is a fraction of a penny towards me keeping both my kidneys.


As a result of a ludicrous piece of work nonsense I will not get into here (there is a reason I am not a photographer), I had to empty my camera today and found that L had been using it to take approximately nine thousand pictures of the garden, the rats, the floor and the dog. I like this incredibly, improbably, noble shot.

How has your Monday proceeded? Hemlock or quiet acceptance?


JB_Kiwi said...

Total Hemlock. House sprang a leak (just as we were starting to think its money sucking ways were coming to an end), set my lunch-flat breads on proper flamey, smokey fire and spent the rest of the day battling with tiny boxes of data in Excel. And there's nary a gin on the horizon.

Meanwhile, your bill gave me feelings of tight-chested horror just thinking about it! Congratulations on facing such a terror!

@mrsstupidhead said...

I graduated from getting my norks out for the 12 y/o GP to the hospital consultant today who, it turns out is my neighbour. He then proceeded to draw on my left breast with a ball point pen. As there is nothing nefarious lurking within said breast, I am inclined to move on and chalk it down and if I do have to bump into him whilst doing the bins, I will smile brightly and pretend it never happened.

I fucking bet you any money there is a word for that in German.

Antje M. Rauwerda said...

Hemlock. I am insane today and unable to shift it.

Empathy re: the big bill. That's a stressful number.

Rye is also very obliterating, should you want something more southern and 'Merican than gin.

Patience_Crabstick said...

A 9,000+ Euro bill is more than I can comprehend. Enjoy your gin, you deserve it!

The Reluctant Launderer said...

Up: Your new daily posts. I am incredibly happy about this.
Down: ummm... strangely, nothing today. No hemlock needed. Instead, am going to toast the relative okayness of the day with a large Sidecar. Which I whole-heartedly recommend for shit-English-weather days like today. If however the sun is shining on Uccle, stick to the gin. OR - try a cider with a shot of gin in it. Seriously! My father fed them to my friend and I one evening about 20 years ago. She failed her driving test the next morning - possibly because she had to stop TWICE to get out and puke. Actually, thinking about it, maybe give them a miss. It is honestly very delicious, but your children might just disown you if you have to stop for a vom en route to the gulag in the morning.

chiclit said...

So glad for everyday posting also. No hemlock but have yet to stop by and see 80 year old father at assisted living place as apparently there was a low blood sugar incident while he was out today with lady friend-or get home to see how dog's digestive system handled eating whole bag of training treats -stolen while I was in the shower. No one really in office today but can't sneak out early due to bitter admin assistant -she is our "time keeper". So I am watching a live streaming golden retriever puppy cam on my phone.

cruella said...

My personalized China Daily for Monday reads: Abandoned Son on way back from doctor's appointment (there's the metro, do you have your card, see you back home for lunch) and got half lost in small and rather smelly neighbourhood. All of a sudden a still, grey-green channel with a crumbling stone bridge leading over to a street market with live fowl and fish running and jumping about, respectively, shouting people, heedless cyclists and peeing children. Rather medieval.

Back home I continued in spirit and read Game of Thrones. A few more rolling heads, not as many bikes.

Anonymous said...

Cruella, those of us who can't read your blog are most dreadfully deprived. Your day sounds fascinating and I'm just going to pretend it was MY day, instead of the shitstorm (stupid weather, stupid children, stupid efforts to work that went nowhere, dread of mother's looming visit, horrible family feud about money in wake of grandmother's death) that was. And Emma, hats off to you, my god. Tomorrow is another day.

Unknown said...

Today is less hemlock than others lately. But that is because I am finally over the flu from hell and am up again, from my bed of suffering.

You posting every day is on the UP side of things too, and I am obsessively clicking through to the Guardian on every device I have... you shall have a whole penny if I can possibly muster it for you.

breakfastlady said...

Monday disappointing for reasons too dull to expand on. I will cheer myself up with loud and repeated renditions of the Good Mother song.

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