Friday, 20 September 2013

Got those Friday fox scented sofa merguez sniffing blues, oh yeah


A whole week of no good work achievements (not no work done, but nothing worth shouting about). Next week, I'm heading down the pitching mines until the desperation canary falls off its perch. Please hold me to this. Kick me to this. Boot me lovingly up the arse until I achieve something.

That thing where someone gets you to sniff a food item to check whether it's off? NO. USE YOUR OWN JUDGMENT. I am not going to sniff your rancid merguez. What's that? You've cooked it now anyway and you'd like me to taste it? Um, thanks but no thanks, my gut fauna and I will just stay over here.

There is an abandoned bucket of clay right in the middle of the garden and it has been there for a month. We are all in some kind of 'not my problem' stand-off about who is responsible for the bucket and in the meantime the dog has taken to peeing on it. Of course he has.

Fox scented sofa is actually worse on balance than dirty sofa.


1. An amazing, totally undeserved package of treats arrived today from the Reluctant Launderer who is truly a queen among women:

There are already only 2 Caramel Wafers left, I note with displeasure on returning home. I like "new chocolatey taste" on the Wagon Wheel package. Admittedly, whatever they tasted of before bore little resemblance to chocolate, but this degree of honesty is refreshing.

2. Just been out for a free dinner tonight, the most delicious kind of dinner there is. There was prosecco and tiramisu with an amazingly strong espresso ice cream and I can't really remember any of the rest because of the prosecco, but I know it was all delicious.

3. A horse on a roof.

4. If you are in London on Sunday and you aren't tempted by this, you and I would probably not be friends. Pie wrestling: a sporting discipline I could probably get behind.


The Grand-Place tonight (very busy with YOUTH, sitting on the floor. They'll get chillblains, or whatever it was they used to warn us we'd get for sitting on unwise surfaces, possibly piles, on reflection). It always comes as a surprise to happen across it. Oh yes, I live here, I find myself thinking.

Very pretty it is too (until you get on the tram and someone tries to pee on your shoes).


JJ said...

Noooo, I am just reading this now and would have loved to go see pie wrestling (or more honestly, go eat more cake).

Are you pitching this week? I need to do that or whatever the equivalent is. I have booked myself into a conference in November because networking. Already dreading it - writing it out loud will shame me into going I hope.

JJ said...

nb: I am counting commenting on this as professional development in social media skills.

Waffle said...

JJ - I have not pitched a damn thing. I did a big translation job yesterday and went to a launch (I initially typed 'lunch', which is possibly more accurate) this morning and now I must WOMAN UP and seek some work. Sigh. If I had any ideas that would help.

Waffle said...

ps - commenting totally counts as professional development.

Anonymous said...

Yay, you're doing translation! ;)
Lucky customers, you have a great way with words and I'm sure the translation will be better than the original.
Best of luck with seeking more work (maybe use linkedin to connect with translation agencies, other freelancers, etc.?)

JJ said...

Translation is actual work, so you don't pitch when you're doing work and you did worky things this morning, so you are already ahead this week.

I think you should do one pitch a week for Slate's "Trolling the Middle Class Parents" series (they might not call it that). Because it would be fun(ny).


You could start with a "Private school: you're doing it too" thing riffing off this:

I have ideas on that one. It would be a troll masterpiece.

JJ said...

oh fgs, I thought it would auto-link those:

Only bad people send their kids to private school

Why volunteering at your kid's school does not make her smarter


Home schooling, you're doing it too!

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