Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Year in Texts from Prog Rock

Whenever I feel homesick for York, and childhood, and for the person I used to be and the life I lived there, I read my stepfather's texts for comfort. This is the last year's worth.

'Mulberry House kitchen sale have a thirty percent sale. Anything you looking for?'

'Lovely leaf shears, shall use incessantly. Say goodbye to brown lettuce woe. xx'

'In pub in Pock. Leeds score v Man Utd! xxx'

'Still much snow lying? Smooth soled shoes or walking boots? xx'

In Betty's - but where are you?'

'Pouring down in Cologne too'.

'Set off in 15 minutes. Dog got a decent walk. xx'

'Bootham reunion 14-16 May. Rush you details? x'

'Chocolate! And so many moustaches! Thank you xx'

'In passing: curtain rings on top hall landing'

'Might buy Officium by the Hillyard Ensemble for O birthday. Or did I already buy it for you?'

'Saw C. Moore in town, he asked kindly after you. A stoop to his spine, it's true'.

'17.33 into midi'.

'You know there's ten minutes of Noggin the Nog on BBC2 tonight?'

'Have kids got the DK picture dictionary? If not, might buy for one or another'.

'Not even Chaos Theory will help you. Ok.'

'Gary Speed died today, aff.. The football radio professionals now are being unprofessional, being human in the face of death. xx'

'Nice nice to see you. Soon maybe. xx'

'Bought two Advent calendars. Shall I send?'

'Delighting in the word 'sottisier' in a polemic piece in the LRB. Does it exist in your actual French?'

'Actual rubric was less explicit, just 'edible', leaving reader to interrogate its silences. This read aloud would be unequivocal. xx'

'A book buying fit so 70s cartoon book to your house. Yours if wished, I'll see it there. Maybe stuff to your taste later'.

'Bought not yet read Nathan Englander and now reading seriously bad review. Bugger. Don't want to read it now. You like it? xxx'

'York Football Stadium Mystery - will not spoil this placard by finding out the story. x' 

'Giant from Sumatra .. Argh'. 


Laura Jane said...

Most comforting :)

The Reluctant Launderer said...

Remove the punctuation and it could be Joyce!

NickyB said...

How very lovely

Amelia said...

Sitting in Fulford and feeling nostalgic about dads, home and brilliant words. I love york and its a wonderful city to live/study in. My nostalgia is all about Tunbridge Wells, home sweet home.

AliG said...

I hope that my nearly fully grown stepdaughters have the same love and respect for me in years to come that you so obviously have for your stepfather. You don't always inherit things - sometimes they come by osmosis and perhaps your amazing use of language is a wonderful example of this.

Pueblo girl said...

Not a bad haul.

My year in texts from my dad would read "lots of love, dad", added to angst-riden letters from my mother.

Anonymous said...

Soothing stuff.

I have been feeling homesick for the past again lately - tired of being an adult at the moment (can't I delegate the more laborious aspects of adulthood?). I remember the last time I felt like this I ended up watching a lot of VH1 musci channel which was like taking a holiday in the 1980s and was both rubbish and oddly reassuring.

Sharon said...

A reference to a pub in Pock! Now I feel all homesick from London...

I must admit, the recent picture of your evil-eyed, sheet-wearing dog (the sheet being his choice, of course) brought a massive smile to my face when I saw it on Twitter, so thanks for that!

Tinne from Tantrums and Tomatoes said...

"york football stadium mystery", intirueged I am