Friday, 23 March 2012

The Friday Fail

Very little of note today, except holy shit, my skin looks worse than ever, like a medieval peasant in winter, with scurvy. I think it's karmic punishment for having too much pony based fun yesterday. I have not eaten any fruit yet today either; I suppose I ought to do something about that. Also, I ate a Cornetto, yes, I suck at this, but it was 20°C and it seemed worth celebrating and quite frankly, it was lovely and well worth it. I also had some wine tonight. What?

Today's achievements:

1. Said no to something. This is always worthy of note, because I am SO DREADFUL at it.

2. Consumed several vegetables. At least three. Do the tiny beetroot strands in that bag of salad count? I'm assuming they do.

3. Bought some mint tea. Yes, I suppose it would be more useful to drink it.

4. Said to my children this evening "I need you to take a picture of me with this fabric bag over my head" and they just did it, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. I'd say 'my work here is done', but it isn't because Lashes has nits AND lost half a tooth tonight, so I have to remember to do all that tooth fairy business.

5. Managed to 'write' this post despite having literally not a shred of anything remotely interesting to say. Sorry. This pointless ordeal will soon be over for all of us, there there. I tell you what, just to show that I am totally committed I am going to take a cup of oats upstairs with me at half past eleven and exfoliate my FACE with them*.

*Sleep with them in a cup next to my bed. It is LATE. I have already wasted another quarter of an hour watching a baby owl sleep.


Anonymous said...

Oh nits - I sympathise. By accident I found a non-nasty-chemical way of killing them off - a few years ago when my son was dancing as a robot in a series of shows, he was meant to have spiky hair as part of the robotic combo. I forgot to buy hair gel so used Vaseline to grease and spike his hair. After a couple of shows and reapplications, I was combing drowned lice from his hair (which he'd not noticed nor been scratching at). Of course it took about a week of shampooing to get the grease out too, but he thought the look was cool anyway. Don't suppose it did away with the eggs, so you'd have to repeat in a couple of weeks to be sure. Vaseline is probably cheaper than smelly insecticides too. (Best if hair is already moderately short)
Good luck! Heather (NZ)
wv is hericele (sounds like a treatment)

frau antje said...

Have you tried drying egg white on your face? If it doesn't work, consider the source (Liz Lemon dipped in a big vat of Ben Franklin).

That's Not My Age said...

My friend's kids constantly have nits - should I wear a fabric bag on my head when I go round?

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