Tuesday, 19 July 2011


"So ... that picture you just sent me. Is that three severed plush Capybara heads?"

"No. It is a capybara that is 94% face. It has tiny legs underneath. I was going to get you one but they only had the giganto-bara left and they wouldn't sell me the display one".

Also, there is one that is like a cloak for children, so they can have a hood like kapibarasan's head, but then on the packaging it says that it can be used as a blanket/hand warmer by crazy women like us".

"I see. Reading this, I am filled with the strange, soothing certainty that everything is going to be alright".

"M? Are you just walking around Seoul stalking giant rodents?"



M. said...

I'm still wondering why Kapibarasan is wearing a rabbit outfit on the logo.

Waffle said...

He is in disguise. All the better to EAT YOUR FACE.

Anonymous said...

My life is now complete. Thank you....

Alison Cross said...

I can think of nothing sensible to say to this other than I know the name of a very good shrink. :-)

Ali x

soleils said...

At first, I thought it was about a newly-formed ex-soviet republic. And then I thought, Kapibarasan SHOULD be the name of a new State. I would emigrate there to escape the madness that is gripping this small island country.
This post has also, somehow, restored my faith in... everything! It has magic powers.

Veronica Wald said...

soleils, that would be Kapibara-STAN.
That is all, thank you.

soleils said...

Veronica Wald, well yes, it would - if it *existed*. It was just an impression I got, I wasn't aiming for accuracy. But thanks.

M. said...

HA! I was so excited by the giganto-bara when I took that last picture, that I didn't see the one on the left hand side that is 100% FACE.

Kerry McGlinchey said...

I am aware that this is an old post but where is this store??? I lived in Seoul during 2011-mid2012 and never saw so many Kapibaras! My obsession...

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