Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Up and Down

The last twenty four hours have been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. That is actually a lie. It was more of a very gently undulating ride on a motility scooter, but nevertheless, there were ups and downs.

Down: Crossed town (desperate scramble for clean clothes, double tram fun) for a meeting that had been cancelled.

Up: They let me into the building before they told me that, and they have nice coffee.

Down: The dog was sick, copiously, right next to the sofa last night.

Up: I narrowly avoided stepping in it, barefoot AND he avoided the (white) sofa.

Down: I still had to clean it up, which was enough to start me retching.

Up: I was quite productive yesterday and wrote a 1400 word article in one concentrated burst, thereby freeing myself for tempura and pottering downtown.

Down: Then I decided it wasn't quite right and I have spent the whole of today arsing around with it to little avail.

Up: I had tempura and miso soup on my own, in total peace in the sunshine at St Géry, and wandered around downtown Brussels for half an hour.

Down: My tempura was a bit rubbish and approximately 93% batter.

Up: Cosmeticary now sells Laura Mercier - the first place in Brussels to have half decent cosmetics, hurrah.

Down: I can't afford Laura Mercier.

Down: I am really quite fat, and I can't quite work out why. I think I have hit a metabolic wall, and will have to stop eating crisps and cinnamon rolls (and 93% batter tempura, you may quite justifiably add).

Up: It has mainly gone to my chest, which is attracting quite the following among Brussels perverts.

Down: My chest hurts like hell.

Up: It is not because I am pregnant, thank fuck. Or if I am, it is a miracle, and they can start a cult in my honour, which might be lucrative.

(After I wrote this, I got so paranoid that even though there was no possible way I could be pregnant, I actually wasted €7 on a test, which,
Up: Was negative; but

Down: That means I'm just fat. M says it's probably the menopause, and they are putting hormones in my chicons. )

Down: Organising Lashes's birthday party (paintballing, never again) is a complete ball-ache. I have had to provide full postal addresses, phone numbers, ages, dental records and DNA samples (ok, that might not be strictly accurate) for all attendees ten days in advance (when of course, no normal parent has even located the invitation, let alone replied to it) on an online form of enormous complexity. It is also frighteningly expensive: I could probably build my own paintballing centre for the price. I have lost all festive spirit in the preparation.

Up: Parents are actually BANNED from staying on site at the paintball place. They will cancel the party if we hang around. Oh, shame. I supppose we must comply though. Oh look, there is a conveniently placed chateau with a café just a brief stroll away.

Down: The oehoe cam is entirely obscured by leaves

Up: The baby Slechtvalks are quite nice.

Colossal down: I have just looked and there seem to be only two left! Oh DEAR. There used to be three. Bloody nature. This whole birdcam thing is fraught.

Sheepish, but very relieved up: I think the third chick had just wobbled off screen and hasn't plunged to its death. Phew.

Down: This post is utter rubbish.

Do let me know your ups and downs of the last few days?


salvyria said...

UP: reading your blog

DOWN: reading it at work in a stuffy office after a week at the seaside.

UP: boots advantage points balance is high enough to buy new shinies.

DOWN: I too am fat, (& lazy) to venture into Manchester to spend them

Macy said...

Up - getting sent to A&E emergency on Friday; giving me a day off work...

Down - Getting kept in hospital over the weekend..

Up - Getting out today!

Mary said...

up: all three slechtvalks are there!! one must have been hiding from the camera

up: as salvyria said, reading your blog

down: also carrying way too much weight between shoulders and hips, and have no Oprah-like angel to get me fitted out in correct support wear

wv:focksau -- I don't even want to know ...it's either a pokemon power or a French Canadian curse

curlywurlyfi said...

CloClo has just come up on shuffle (where are the papillons of MY jeunesse, hmmm?) + it made me think of you, which I think qualifies as both an up AND a down.

WrathofDawn said...

UP: Finally got my butt in gear to get to the supermarket to rent a carpet steam cleaner.

DOWN: Too lazy to run it.

UP: Sun is shining.

DOWN: It's only 11 degrees. Damned Labrador Current/icebergs.

UP: I signed the contract and made the downpayment on a (badly needed) exterior reno on my house.

DOWN: I signed the contract and made the downpayment on a (badly needed) exterior reno on my house.

frau antje said...

Up: Tiny horses spotted on bike ride (with even tinier babies!...I do believe I involuntarily made a sound like choking on cuteness). Even better than the blasé goats of last week (who had their own climbing structure, and were casually climbing on it, of course). There was also a weepette to the side of the path eating grass, no doubt with plans to regurgitate it back at the nest.

Down: Still vacation here--I think the Van Trapps may have made a run for the border in their Sunday best. That's only a down, because I'm totally imagining it. Others in the area still off work, cramping my 'style'...and I do believe that's the best first world whine you're going to get out of me: Apparently, I want to be the only one not working for a paycheck.

Up: Best friend newly managing lovely establishment on cute street in the city closest to my heart. After witnessing a gut-wrenching rampjaar for her, and hearing lines like 'Who wants to cry in the morning?," I feel I must disqualify myself from further downs.

Down: Pending

Mrs Jones said...

DOWN: I think I'm on day 3 of a nasty bout of pancreatitis.

UP: None whatsoever as I'm in too much discomfort. Bollocks.

mel said...

UP: was in Brussels en route from Amsterdam to London on Sunday and had Chicory and Ham gratin (I hold you responsible)

DOWN: spent 12 hours on trains this weekend

UP: spotted crazy Japanese tourist in Grand Place on Sunday eating moules frites with chopsticks she had brought in her handbag

Marie said...

Up : Having my man away for a 24 hrs business trip.
girlie movie,jelly babies and the entire bed for my little person :)

Down : knowing that those babies will never ever leave my thighs.not without surgery that is.
sleeping alone clutching stuffed animals for comfort (don't laugh)

Up : Having Mr back :)

Nimble said...

I see 3 chicks, no worries.

Up: Last Friday's wine and popcorn while attending a fraught neighborhood discussion about someone acquiring chickens.

Up: A clear majority of us were pro-chicken - yay!

Down: Monday morning email reminding me about an accounting rule I had broken.

Up: Retroactive ass covering seems to have worked.

Down: Sweaty oldest child resented having to walk home on Monday.

Up: Elizabeth Jane Howard novels.

Fat Controller said...

No. refuse to discuss ups and downs as the ups are mostly train-spottingy ups (I am The Fat Controller after all) and the downs mostly concern my daily encounters with mind-numbing human stupidity.

I would just add though that this is not a Slechtvalk. It is a Vandrefalk.

Madame DeFarge said...

Up - remembering that there are fewer downs than last week.

Down - wondering how many more downs there'll be this week.

mousedroppings said...

Are the slechtvalks listening to the radio?

Dara said...

Up: Planned (months in advance) trip to NYC for 9 year old eldest daughter's birthday weekend. Broadway, doll shopping...every little girls dream. Hotel with Times Square view...

Down: Friday afternoon (leaving for trip Saturday morning) eldest daughter comes home from school complaining of belly ache.

Down: Copious amounts of vomit follow.

Down: Cancel trip?

Up: Morning of trip, daughter feels better-we go!

Down: Saturday evening in strange hotel middle daughter begins to complain of belly ache.

Down: Copious amounts of vomit follow.

Up: Both children feel better-American Girl doll store visited-father-in-law picks up tab!

Down: Eldest daughter still sick and home from school doctor says it must run it's course (I assume he's talking about the plague that has descended upon my family).

Up: I am not sick!

Down: yet....

chiclit said...

Up: Feeling good about an interview for permanent job with agency I am on contract to

Down: Seeing a younger, former protege with similiar credentials but extreme ambition in the lobby clearly interviewing for same job

Up: Reading your blog on smart phone while at work worrying about inteview

Down: Text message from friend in worse work situation than mine

Anonymous said...

Down: foetus is dead!
Up: foetus is not dead!

Waffle said...

HFF: I have been reading. Many good thoughts on your actual, ongoing, real rollercoaster. xxxxx

Mousedroppings: The slechtvalks like a bit of commercial RnB, yes.

Frau Antje: Tiny horse picture please.

Mrs Jones: Pancreatitis sounds bollocks. I hope you feel better soon.

Conquistador84 said...

Up: My horrible boss was out yesterday

Down: He is back today.

Up: He is apparently being prosecuted for refusing to pay a parking fine.

Down: There is no down to this bit. I am planning a street party as we speak.

Down: My arms ache due to fibromyalgia flare-up caused by own inability to look after self.

Up: I am now in the warm embrace of Panadol Advance.

Rhia said...

Ive realised my ups and downs are mostly of a mental/abstract nature as none of these events have actually ocurred yet!. Should I be worried its all in my head?..nah.

Up: scary work related things will soon be over!

Down: scary work related things start tomorrow! eeek.

Up: Will be returning to the UK in 2 weeks for a holiday.

Down: idea of having to face certain family members.

Up: Sun Sun and Sun!! :)

Pat (in Belgium) said...

You have a dog and two kids AND a white sofa?!?
BIG UP: to you, for bravery AND optimism.

UP: Doing one of the insurance company online "age" tests and being told I'll live to 95.

DOWNDOWNDOWN: Seeing that my height/ weight info on said test puts my "body mass index" just a hair shy of OBESE.

UP AND DOWN: Not doing a damn thing about it.

The Reluctant Launderer said...

Down: 10-hour overnight flight with 2 kids (& husband sitting TWO ROWS BEHIND ME)
Up: 10 hours of alone time with the fruits of my womb(hmmmm...)

Patience_Crabstick said...

UP: Traveling alone to New York tomorrow.

DOWN: Incontinent patient pooping in tissue box.

Z said...

Main down, of course, was Blogger. Your missing post is on Google Reader if you want to republish it.

WV actually is 'mates' - how sweet.

Waffle said...

Eh, Z, how do I even do that, dammit?

Z said...

Up, by the way, "my" school (I'm a governor) voted to become an academy.

Down. We're getting a visit from Ofsted.

Up. We're bloody good. It'll be worth it if we get Outstanding.

Down. Oh god, I've got to sound really keen and smart and stuff.

Up. I've spent the afternoon in the garden tearing down brambles.

I shall stop there, upbeat is better.

You wait and hope that Blogger will find your post, or you rewrite it, or you email me (zoesprake at gmail dot com) and I send you your missing post.

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