Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Competition time

A tiny post tonight. My smallest is all sick, and floppy and hot today. I have been handing him teatowels filled with ice to his exact specifications and squeezing menthe à l'eau and Nurofen sachets down his throat like an owl mother (except way more attentive and with less ripping limb from limb of small mammals). I have watched four episodes of Pokémon, one of Galaktik Football, and two of Inazuma Eleven. Greater love hath no parent. If I see another anime face today, I will be punching it, hard.

So. Competition time - stealing an idea of Lee's - while I listen to some Schoenberg and stare at a blank white wall to detox my brain (easier said than done, all the walls are rich shades of peach and tangerine round here, mmmm this colour scheme never gets old).

Fingers has come home with instructions for supplies for Father's Day. He has to supply: one empty tin can and a blank CD. (There is also a request for a cowboy hat, but I believe this to be unrelated cruelty on the part of the gulag).

I would like you to give me your best guesses as to what the lucky, lucky CFO will be getting for his present? The winner will, hopefully, get some of these amazing Mexican Wrestling Chocolates, which I am going out to ransack all of Brussels to find. Otherwise, they'll get some tat from the back of my cupboard and the Royal Wedding Commemorative CD the CFO kindly gifted me today. No, I will definitely get you Mexican Wrestling chocolate. It's one of my special shoddy promises. The Fête des Pères isn't until 12 June so you have some time to think about your answers. What handy, cheap, masculine gift could he possibly be constructing from a CD and a tin can? Previous gifts have included: a box file, a photo frame and, errr. No. It's gone. Some other stuff constructed from household detritus. You're on your own, I'm afraid.


Lisa-Marie said...

I think either - a dangly windchime-esque thing or a candle thing, or a music cd and a penpot. or a plant in the tin.

I'm sorry, that;s a lot of guesses, but i think i still have a teacher brain despite not being a teacher anymore. Give me any random selection of objects and i can work out something to make.

Anonymous said...

A Stirling engine?

Rhia said...

hmm i agree the CD is definitely for recording or it could have been a used one. I bet theyre gonna record a poem/rhyme/twee song (like the squirrel one) on it with a dedication beforehand.

The tin can will probably have a cake baked in it. My mum did something involving baking and tin cans at her school. Im really not sure of the health and safety ramifications there...

Seems like a very ambitious project though, two gifts!!

A Student Cook said...

Definitely a tea light holder. How big a tin...could it be a cd holder? I hope they have more imagination and its an ingenious telescope or even better a kaleidoscope.

I live with a guy who talks extensively about pokemon. Nice chap but appearing interested after yet another discussion of the pros and cons of the 3DS is somewhat of a challenge. We threw a pokemon themed party for him which was brilliant...surprisingly inspiring on the costume front. An idea for a future small boy party?

Kath said...

Top hat fascinator.
Stick the can on top of the cd, add a bit of elastic and/or a headband and voila. Paint in a colour of their choice, for the variety element. The top hat element turns the fascinator into a masculine, rather than feminine item.

Alienne said...

Father's Day presents are usually deadly dull so I think it will be something really boring like a pen holder for his desk - stick the can onto the CD and decorate - et voila!

karen said...

A home for a small hedgehog. Attach the CD to the side of the can so it doesn't roll. Insert a small leather lounge and kitchenette made from leftover Easter egg foil.(How big is a hedgehog? We don't have them here.)

Margaret said...

I am casting my mind back to the crap we made my dad in school...and...pencil holder. I guarantee you it's going to be a pencil holder: Glue the can to the cd, paint, and add glitter.

Margaret said...

But Alienne got there first, so, plant? Are they going to grow a small plant in the can and affix the can to the cd with a hole in the bottom of the can, so the water can run out? I got nothing.

Xtreme English said...

A pencil cup, and please, don't send me the mexican wrestling chocolate for identifying this startlingly original craft item. it's too complicated to think about.

michele said...

I was going to guess top hat fascinator too! Only I think it will remain silver, not painted, accompanied by a card that reads "You're Tops, Pops" (slang words which are probably not used in Belge-land.)

Anonymous said...

A spaghetti western?


kath (a different one) said...

errm.. a cake stand.

a trophy. that's it. a trophy.

I still haven't got over not winning the catty biscuit comp. My sister got it right too and I didn't post it.

Fat Controller said...

Easy. No brainer. it's an interocitor.

See here

WV is 'prenis'. I had to look twice to make sure.

frau antje said...

Perhaps he's going to make a tiny horse out of it, in which case I'd advise him to leave any content owned by Warner Music Group out of it, even if it is more amusing that way.

WrathofDawn said...

It is a telephone* with a recorded loving message from the spawn**.

*like the tin can phones we used to make as children with two cans and a string, but, allowing for current technology and there being no string required to replicate it.

**This refers not your lovely children of course. The evil spawn of others. Yours are darling angels sent from heaven, as are mine.

wv - nableree - The brand name of above-mentioned communication device.

Also, please to give the MW choc to someone who lives closer to you than I. The postage would break the bank.

Anonymous said...

The can will become a shaker, and the CD will be used to record the little musician's original composition. Dad is sooo lucky!


Fat Controller said...

Ha! Now that Blogger has stopped playing silly bloggers I have a chance to be first in with a comment.

This is a no brainer. I'ts obvious. He's going to make an interociter

Fat Controller said...

Yike! Apostrophe failure there. Better correct that before Lynne Truss is down on me like a ton of brick's.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh warningless autoplay of loud music on your Mexican wrestling chocolates link. I have a tedious, tedious job involving the wearing of headphones at my PC, it's 11 on a Sunday night and I'm still at it, I come here for a small giggle and a little procrastination, and you try to deafen me. My trust is shattered. *Sniffle*. The bloody BBC do that all the time as well. Bastards.

The kids will make 'music' using the cans and each pere will get a CD of the performance. It will be lovely.

Nicky said...

A Lady Gaga hat? They're all the rage ....

Waffle said...

I am very sorry, Anon. I didn't get music, oddly. I usually get music on the Daily Mail, leading to DOUBLE SHAME.

Music. Lucky, lucky CFO.

People who said pen holders, you better put your claims in quickly, 'cos Fingers seems to believe that's what he's making.

A Student Cook said...

I said pen holder originally but had wished for a ingenious telescope/periscope/kaleidoscope. Please write somthing soon, my checking your unchanged blog is starting to make me feel pathetic.

Margaret said...

In the interest of truth and honor, I said pencil holder, but someone else said pen holder first. I can't remember her name, though, Amelie-something, Anya? Something with an A. If she doesn't speak up, though, that terrible prize will be mine. All mine! Ahahahahahahaha.

Mya said...

Shaving mirror for the partially sighted?

Mya said...

I feel so much better knowing that you visit the Daily Mail site too -I have been feeling rather ashamed of myself. You do go there, don't you? I haven't just revealed what a tit I am, have I?!

Mya x

Hope little chap has recovered now.

Mya said...

I feel so much better knowing that you visit the Daily Mail site too -I have been feeling rather ashamed of myself. You do go there, don't you? I haven't just revealed what a tit I am, have I?!

Mya x

Hope little chap has recovered now.

Waffle said...

Yes Mya, guilty as charged. It's disgusting, isn't it? Like a filthy, shameful habit.

Anonymous said...

oh dear I originally said spaghetti western no prizes here then?

I too have a guilty DM addiction by proxy, I make teenage daughter read it out to me, probably ensuring years of psychiatric help all too horrible to contemplate.


audreyswardrobe said...

Um... I will guess pen holder, then.

In all seriousness, where in Brussels do you find these chocolates? Whenever I click on the Bruxelles link, it takes me to Paris.

Waffle said...

Audrey's Wardrobe (why am I talking to a piece of furniture?) - Supposedly the Bozar shop, but i drew a blank, and Mmmmh! on Ch. de Charleroi. I will let you know if I do better there...

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