Friday, 11 March 2011


Today I took my children to a Science Fair, which, my friend and I have agreed, gives me some kind of free parenting pass for at least a month, because of its very great worthiness. I am very tired. I think they are even more tired. I thought Fingers was going to cry when some lovely enthusiastic girls were explaining osmosis with a hollowed out carrot filled with sugar solution. It was very good, really: we were able to misidentify six types of medical prosthesis, fail to blow up a balloon using a yeast solution, receive free pens from at least 3 weapons manufacturers and talk to a robot in French.

However, scienced out as I am, I have very little to offer tonight except today's Stat Counter keyword searches leading to this very weblog. They are a typical selection, with the old faithfuls "Kate O'Mara" and "blue waffle" making a strong showing.

Fourth most popular search term of the day is "dress up like a camel", interestingly.

Thereafter, in no particular order:

"Dog knitted fotos"

"Tapir sex with woman"

"Empty youth club"

"Birthday cake angler fish" (I really want to make one now)

"Hair plugs"

"You had better have one child"

"Badger cake"

"I want to be a woman"

"Folding bike race Anderlecht"

"Don't look here"

and my favourite of the day: "picture of a person dressed like the vegetable turnip".


That is all I have for you, because it is terribly late and I am hallucinating test tubes. I did actually talk to Prince Philip this week, IN PERSON, but you will have to wait until another day for details of that (split-second) conversation. Lucky.


livesbythewoods said...

If you make an angler fish birthday cake, will you send me a bit please?

You know how close the angler fish is to the WithaY heart.

Z said...

I was encouraged to check the keyword activity on my blog and it was much less interesting. Mostly, they were references to toasted cheese, which I think I mentioned once in a Ben Gunn moment. The only mildly dodgy one was, in quotation marks, "pictures of my amazing tits" - which turned out to be in the comments anyway.

You are giving your sons a splendidly educational visit, I'm impressed.

Alison Cross said...

I'm quite partial to Prince Philip. He's a bit loose-cannony. I like that in a Royal Consort.

*pops open the Pringles, awaits Royal conversation posting*

Also - you MUST make Angler Fish cake. It is your DESTINY, Waffle.


Anonymous said...

post every day more like every day.

Dara said...

please, Waffle...I know it can be difficult, but please post everyday. Loving it.
Thank you!

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