Monday, 28 February 2011

Photo post

So, this is my attempt at reproducing Fingers's birthday cake request (cake #1, for school. Cake #2, for home, is to be "a surprise". It will indeed be a surprise to me if it is anything other than a disaster, or a shop bought quatre-quarts with half a sweet shop thrown at it. My wretched 1978 oven, the Competence Trophy, is not in a good mood, and nor, frankly, am I).



My version is a little more newt-like, and I suspect I will be taken to task over the absence of a clearly defined mouth, but otherwise I am satisfied. It's 40% newt, 20% Plankton from Spongebob 30% tooth decay and 10% burning martyr parent.

The house looks like this:

.. because the kitchen is simply not big enough for all my cake decorating supplies (and also because I am a feral beast). Lashes 'helped' briefly, but got distracted by a speck of dust and cracked an egg straight onto on to the floor. Fingers sifted some flour onto the dog. I spilled Thai soup into the butter. We're entirely made of culinary win in this family. Also, I like how the fact that all the downstairs electrics are fucked makes the squalor look cosy and Dickensian.

Over in Shame Corner, I think weepette is slightly regretting eating all the leftover €90 of pizza from the party:

I recognise that expression, I looked much the same on Sunday afternoon.

Lashes has this to say:

Waterstones Brussels would like to suggest this selection of children' audio books:

I had better go. Fingers will be up in about half an hour, I should think.


soleils said...

Holy shit that cake is the business!
I made a cake for my twins' birthday today - I am not showing them the one you made or they will start throwing things (or possibly themselves) at me. Mine is much MUCH less impressive (tastes nice, though).
Mme Waffle, you are a saint.

jojo said...

Most. Amazing. Cake. Ever.

I may have to strike you from my (largely domestically hapless) friend list.

bbonthebrink said...

V.impressive cake making. Chapeau! It makes my hundreds-and-thousands 'oeuvres' look distinctly D-

Pat (in Belgium) said...

I will clean/ organize/ whatever you want your kitchen if I may first lick the icing bowl.
The cake and cupcakes -- O M G!

irretrievablybroken said...


You have traumatized me anew.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what you say, the cake is absolutely beautiful. I hope it tastes wonderful.

Xtreme English said...

That's some cake! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

That cake is amazing!

frau antje said...

The cake is so perfect you could undoubtedly find fossils of it in Charnwood Forest in nothing flat. And the way it has a classic telephone receiver icon for an eyeball, prescient.

kath said...

that cake! so jaunty

Emma said...

Love the cake it looks exactly like the drawing My kitchen usually looks like that without any cake baking! Emma

Alison Cross said...

That cake looks FANTASTIC! Lashes will be thrilled to bits with it. I certainly would be.

Sonshine's birthday cake is usually made by one of Tertarus's rufty-tufty motorbike friends who, rather incongruously, bakes.

I have to think up some cake image that doesn't involve hideous imported (ie banned in the UK) colours. I remember the Transformer Cake and the subsequent chemical high of all small boys at the party with a shudder :-)

Hugely impressed by this Waffle!


Alison said...

Just don't show any of your children (or any children at all) the playable Angry Birds cake


Don't get me wrong, yours is artistially much better, a triumph; but...

Miss Underscore said...

The cake is a thing of rare beauty but I must disagree about the Weepette displaying shame and regret. He has the defiant grimace of a Tory MP caught with his trousers down on Hampstead Heath. There is no genuine shame or regret there. If you ask me, he is already plotting his next wicked move.

WrathofDawn said...

That cake is fabulous! If you simply must have more mouth definition, do you have such a thing in Belgium as "shoestring" licorice? It would do the job nicely and the leftover bits from the package would provide more sugar for the party, which, seriously, can you have enough sugar at a child's birthday party?

Don't answer that...

Waffle said...

That Angry Birds cake ... there are no words. The only consolation I can find for myself is that nothing in that child's life will EVER be that awesome again, so with my barely adequate cake-age I am saving my children a life of future disappointment.

Miss U - you are of course correct, he has continued on his food based crime spree.

WoD - the other cake I made - destroyed before photographic evidence taken - had a dragon's nest entirely made from those bootlace things. It was rubbish but we set it on fire quite dramatically, so that was fun.

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