Monday, 28 February 2011

The answers

Well, here you go:

Is in fact:

Which I THINK means that plaintive Ginger B and Linda are our lucky winners of a packet of deformed feline biscuits OR a packet of Milka Daim Eggs. Au choix. Let me know in the comments or by email, laydeez.

I may be back later but I am up to my thorax in butter icing and fury and there is NO YELLOW COLOURING in this house. Unacceptable.


Katy said...

What a tense finish!

I wish all my life dilemmas could be solved by biscuit determination. Given my success rate in life, I think my performance in biscuit spotting matches up nicely.

But I still think I woz totally robbed. I mean *how* can that be the tiger?

kath said...

cos it has longest tail Katy. Wish I had realised that cats have considerably smaller ears than leopards.

Miss Underscore said...

I am not sure I can see a cat, leopard or tiger BUT if you stare at the biscuits long enough you can indeed see the face of Jesus.

I hope the Weepette hasn't eaten such precious religious relics. You could open your kitchen to the crippled and sick.

GingerB said...

I am so proud I can almost, but not quite, stop whining. I need arse biscuits as a prize because I can get Milka things at expensive European import bakeries but where else could I get arse biscuits?? Bonus - my kids can't read yet, so I can have extra fun.