Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Cruel Tea - the Revenge

This isn't a real post, it's more of a public information broadcast. There will be something else later, I promise.

So, you remember Cruel Tea?

Look, here's our Flickr stream from the mighty Craftacular last year. Ah, that was such fun.

Cruel Tea has been another victim of 2010, but it's in hibernation, not actually dead. M has great plans to open the Singapore branch. I don't think I can face the baking salt mines as a long term prospect, with my one shelf oven and my singular lack of work surfaces, but even so, I am planning a one off pre-Christmas production and delivery of Arse Biscuits in London on 16 and 17 December. I will be doing:

The Classic Tourettes Selection Box - £8

2 x 5 rude words in a ribbon tied box.

Mean Gingerbread Men - £2

Large "Santa's Not Real" or "Fuck Christmas" gingerbread men, with a sparkly, festive finish, bagged and ribbon tied.


Bespoke Bastard's Selection - £10

10 biscuits featuring your choice of 5 words or phrases, obscene or otherwise (not to exceed 13 characters), in a ribbon tied box.

If you would like to order some biscuits for collection from a Central London point to be confirmed on 16 or 17 December, mail me up by clicking here.

So there.