Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Happy Birthday Sir Waffle

Tomorrow is my father's 65th birthday. He is getting a knighthood for his birthday, which is just ridiculous one-upmanship, and now all the other 65 year olds will want one. Honestly. I blame the parents.

I am going across tomorrow - not to meet Brenda, sadly (how amazing would that be?), just for lunch - to see him. In preparation the children have drawn him birthday pictures, under only the mildest of duress. For twenty minutes they were peacefully industrious, the silence only broken by occasional questions, such as:

"Comment on écrit "bière" en anglais?" (how do you spell beer in English).

Both pictures feature beer heavily.

Lashes has drawn beer fish and a beer boat ('pacquebot' he said, actually, which is a word I love). Then there is a crab wearing a test tube on its head and the whole scene is seemingly enclosed in a giant laboratory flask.

Fingers's picture has a similar theme. A boat is dropping things, to a chorus of "EH!". The things include beer, a test tube and a 1kg weight. There is also an octopus with two severed tentacles.

Papa Waffle is a scientist, with a particular emphasis on fisheries. I am not quite sure where the focus on beer came from.

Will he do "des trucs de chevalier?" asks Lashes.

"Hmm. I doubt it. He's allergic to horses".

Happy birthday, though, and many congratulations to my brilliant, extraordinary, funny, occasionally terrifying father, who no longer transports potato sacks full of live chickens in a converted Smiths Crisps van, and whose rabbit Heraclitus is sadly long dead, but who continues to awe, entertain, and love us all fiercely. As well as, you know, being in charge of Science. (But not beer).


Madame DeFarge said...

And my happiest wishes too. Clearly, he is a Man of Science and as such, to be admired. Why severed tentacles though? One has to ask.

M. said...

Dear Papa Waffle,

Happy Birthday. I am sorry I brought your daughter home in the middle of the night last year, dragging your clothes horse from the car and smelling vaguely of lamb chops and booze.
I am also sorry my friends waved at you cheerily and giggled like 5 year olds. You must have thought we were insane, and Bad Influences.



WrathofDawn said...

Happy Birthday to Papa Waffle!

From a stranger on the Interwebs of whom he has never heard and who he will never meet.

But he is in Charge of Science and that deserves a birthday wish.

WV - whonatic - an unknown fan

2nd WV, as I screwed up the 1st one - adstho - similar to an ASBO, except one is forbidden to advertise

Margaret said...

Wow. Given that you aren't the one granting him the knighthood (or whatever you do with knighthoods), what *are* you giving him? May I suggest Beer-of-the-Month Club?

Xtreme English said...

65, eh? And Mr. le Waffle is getting not only a knighthood but hand-drawn pictures of beer fish?! Sounds like a great birthday...er... brewing.

Best wishes to all from a Belgian Waffle reader who lives across the sea.....

Betty M said...

Happy Birthday Sir Waffle. Have a great lunch and a splendid trip to the Palace when it comes. Science needs all the friends it can get these days.

BDM said...

All I want to know is if sir waffle is single. A great complement could be forged here between right and left brain persons of the opposite sex. A mature man who knows the difference between chickens and rabbits and fish is a rare find. Have you seen the 40- or 50-somethings out there lately? Pathetic.

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