Friday, 29 October 2010

Halloween, Uccle Style

Oh, Halloween in Uccle. It's all so, so, WRONG.

One can only try and imagine the diktat on Halloween decorations circulated by the local Ucclois authorities.

"Each shop, regardless of type or nature or merchandise, must display one single, large, undecorated pumpkin"

"The uglier the pumpkin, the larger the Halloween tax rebate".

I was hard pressed to choose a favourite - I quite like the Starsky & Hutch cardigan in the ancient gentlemen's outfitters with its companion pumpkin, but in the end, the leopardskin bikini 'n' pumpkin combo just edged it.

It doesn't get any better when they go hors-piste, sadly.

Though this chocolate squirrel does, at least, have intense ecureuilian (yes, I invented that word, and frankly, I'm proud of it) malevolence:

Incidentally, one must wonder, who the fuck pays €8,50 for three small, morose, marzipan pumpkins? Even at my most Marie-Antoinetteish, I wouldn't have done that.

There may be more in this vein, I am becoming obsessed. You are warned.


Lisa-Marie said...

Pumpkins explode when they rot. the third one looks decidedly of colour.

Do you think there really are people who pay that for marzipan? you'd expect 10 for that at least! maybe they have a gold centre?

What in buggery do squirrels have to do with Hallowe'en? do children dress up there, as they do here?

M. said...

Oh, Belgium. You never fail to amuse me.

kath said...

eeek we have those marzi miseries in the cafe called belgique here in east london. I pointed their woeful phz out to my small last week - they are only sold singly though.


Look I can't say I'm proud that I'm about to write what I'm about to write, but when I saw the stalk of that first pumpkin I thought: "Oh look, the stalk of that first pumpkin looks like a morose manstick". (Except I didn't think 'manstick' in my head -I am trying to be polite.) FYI I am going to the Squash Interpretation Centre this weekend. Will keep you posted. Happy Un-Morose Halloween dear girl.

irretrievablybroken said...

Why do all the belgosquash look as if they have some terrible skin disease?

I'm dressing up as that squirrel. I'll scare the shit out of EVERYONE. Thrilled and inspired, grace à toi.

bryony said...

Excellent! If only there were time for you to post me that bikini in time for Sunday....

monk said...

Now I'm looking at all the pumpkin stalks as mansticks, even the sadly emasculated overpriced marzipan treats. Ladyboy pumpkins, that explains the mark-up

Margaret said...

That is a sad, sad display. Do they not do jack-o-lanterns at all in Belgium?

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, squirrels and marzipan pumpkins. . . that's pretty horrifying.



Ladyboy pumpkins. Oh my.

Anonymous said...

Ladyboy...or "girlyman" which is what Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently said to David Cameron on a recent "state" visit.
(I really like your new squirrel word...although I need to look at it a few more times before I can commit it to memory. Anything longer than three syllables seems to stymie me these days...)

Pat (in Belgium)

GingerB said...

Morose marzipan? I can't abide the flavor but as my mother enjoyed shopping at our local German deli, we always had a few select imported European candies as stocking stuffers, and I distinctly remember the cheerfulness of the little fruit, and the affability of the marzipan pigs.

You are right, uccle is wrong.

Merisi said...


Thank you for this wonderful post,
it made my day,
truly did! :-)))

(I followed Karen's of "A Thousand Miles" - grateful she showed me the light, er, way!)