Sunday, 29 August 2010

Comfort Meme

Oh dear, I've been better, really I have. I got sick last night, and then I woke up with a bad case of onoes teh sunday despairz i can haz xanax.

But rather than dwell on it, I am going to do this meme that Christina has most kindly set me. It's a comfort food kind of a meme, pleasantly distracting to do, possibly terribly dull to read ( I enjoyed hers a great deal, but then her blog - life! - is full of glorious glamour. There is no discussion of missing strimmer wires or discount supermarkets).

Favourite time of day

About nine in the morning, before it all goes to shit. Ideally the conditions are as follows:

Wintry sunshine
In London
Not working
Walking through my old Fitzrovia hangouts, chest swelling with slightly melancholy but pleasurable nostalgia.
Heading out for breakfast somewhere I love. Russell Square maybe, with the leaves turning and shafts of sunlight filtering through the trees and that very particular smell of London winters, diesel and leaf mulch and coffee, and a note of something indefinable that says home. Fuck, I just made myself cry. I am desperately homesick for London, or possibly just for the time I lived in that part of it.

But I'll settle for anywhere when it's vaguely bright and I can go and sit in a café with a cup of coffee and the paper for 20 minutes.

Where and when did you meet the love of your life?

On the internet, a little over a year ago.

We can't be together right now, we probably never will be, but I'll always love him. He said it was ok if I talked about him. He's intensely private, but we discussed it, and he says it's ok if I mention him sometimes.

You're intrigued now, aren't you?

Look, here he is.


What three words would your friends from outside the blogging world use to describe you?

Scary. Flaky. Awkward.

What country would you like to visit and why?

Ok, this is shameful, but I've never even been to the States. So there.

What's your favourite dish to cook?

I hate cooking, can't be arsed, I'd rather bake. But I can make pasta with béchamel and spinach au gratin in my sleep, because back in the day when I was responsible for cooking once a week at home in York (I really need to institute this here soon. I mean 8? He's nearly ready for burny, boily stuff, surely?), I always, but ALWAYS, made that, or cauliflower cheese. If you made cauliflower cheese, then Prog Rock couldn't appropriate the cauliflower and make it into the dreaded cauliflower curry.

Alternatively, my friend Bath Bun gave me a brilliant recipe for overnight bread no knead bread that gives you a delicious glow of smugness for zero effort, which I will give you:

"7g dry yeast

500 ml warm water

600g flour (any kind, and you can add seeds or nuts or whatever you wish)

2 tsp salt

Put the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix. Add water, then mix to a firm slop. Cover with clingfilm or a damp cloth and put in fridge overnight. Next day, shape balls of dough with wet hands, dust with flour, cook at 230° for 20 minutes".

Salt or sugar?

Both together at the same time, please. And can you add some butter too? And cream? Then boil them up for a little while to a thick, gloopy consistency? And serve with a pancake and a small ball of vanilla ice cream? Thanks.

(I think on balance that's sweet)

What are your favourite make up and beauty items?

I have a whole blog for this shit, admittedly moribund for the moment as the two of us fight our way through the ravages 2010 is throwing our way. But I could manage with only: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle lipstick, Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, Armani blush, Origins Ginger Scrub.

What are your favourite flowers?

Hyacinths. Blue or white ones, the pink are vile. I love freesias too, the flowers my mum always put by my bed on special occasions, or when I came home in adulthood.

What are your worst vices?

Oh god, too many to list. How about a dreary tendency to excessive self-flagellation? It's boring. But also laziness, envy, impracticality, shyness, and being a total WIMP. Yeah, that. That's the thing that pisses me off the most, actually. My lack of courage.

At what time of your life were you happiest and why?

Maybe when I first started writing this blog. Suddenly all these funny, compassionate people who liked sculpting vegetables and discussing capybaras and who had the kind of black, but hopeful outlook on life that made me want to go round to every one of their houses for cups of tea erupted in my life. And it was amazing. It still is, but at the moment I am trudging through a trench of crapness in various parts of my life that put a dampener on my joy. But I could never, ever regret starting writing this blog because of precisely that - the people I have met, talk to online, may never meet but who have given me vast amounts of pleasure and solace and laughs.

1997 was good too. It was the year we moved to London, the bastard Tories had been vanquished and everything seemed to carry a slightly magical sheen of optimism.

Would anyone like to do this in the comments? I'd love to read it.


Lisa said...

I do so hope you'll come to the States some day and we'll have a huge party for you.

And when I think about how I "met" you, I can't help but remember how low I was and how visit here made me laugh every time. So needed, so appreciated.

And the love of your life? What a hoot!

the polish chick said...
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the polish chick said...

freesias are the flowers i always got for my birthday in poland, and the smell takes me waaay back. love'em.

i'm nowhere near your popularity but i am meeting lovely people on the interwebs all the time and it is a magical thing, ain't it?

if you come to the states, pop by canada, and i'll show you eagles and seals. and feed you dinner and wine. ok?

Mya said...

I hope you are feeling a little better, my dear.I too have a great fondness for that area of London, particularly around Tavistock and Gordon Squares. We used to sit by the statue of Gandhi and debate whether perching as he did, cross legged in a skirt, was a sensible thing to do, given the number of pigeons around. Happy days!
You are so right about hyacinths,blue and white are beautiful, but the pink just scream granny.
Mya x

indigo16 said...

My favourite time of day? Very early, about 7am on a NON school day, If it is a school day then I would have to be truanting(..gasp yes we all do occasionally) I would be in a Pret eating an almond croissant washed down with a Latte waiting for the shops to open watching all the non truants go to work.
The love...s of my life? My kids, but I met He Who Should Be Obeyed At All Times at work, what a cliche.
Like you I have not visited the states (I don't count Hawaii) but do occasionally toy with the idea especially after watching an episode of Frasier.
I LOVE a pot roast lemon chicken.
and I too like salt and sugar together
Beauty? Rather liking a Nuxe tinted moisturiser at present and Liz Earle is scoring well on the moisturiser front too.
Flowers? Weeds love their tenacity and they are always in season.
Vices? deceit and secrecy with a hefty dose of profligacy.
I was happiest in York 1980/1
Without doubt a vintage year, many male admirers whilst finally realising my dream of going to art college. Plus what's not to love about York! but like you knowing others via writing a blog has diluted my own feelings of inadequacy and grass is greener syndrome.

kath said...

I like trans-seasonal mornings, tomorrow looks promising.
And salty food, meat and leafy things with chilli and oyster sauce. crispy squid, chorizo, ONION RINGS
Anticipation makes me happy and achieiving things. I am occasionally very very happy just with life. But I am often very grumpy and shouty too.
I'd like to go to Madagascar.

I was evacuated to RUssell Sq for 18m while workplace renovated. It was interesting (holborn library fab too) but I never felt quite at home. bacon sandwich was better than traf sq.

Cary said...

Favourite time of day

When I'm zipping through the woods on my bike on my way to work. A peaceful and solitary time before my people filled day.


Almost ten years ago in Whistler while we were both Ski bums. He was my next door neighbor and mutual poverty drew us together.

What three words would your friends from outside the blogging world use to describe you?

100% skint knees (bike accident)

What country would you like to visit and why?

I have conceived the notion of going to Japan basically because it's introverted society and after three years of extroverted Vancouver I would love to see what's that's like.

What's your favourite dish to cook?

Anything in my shiny new slow cooker.

Salt or sugar?

Oooh I'm going to have to go with sugar especially if it's in the form of a cake.

What are your favourite make up and beauty items?

I couldn't live with out mascara.




Rampant rice crispie consumption also bicycle porn like this beautiful trek bike

At what time of your life were you happiest and why?

Honestly right now.

Anonymous said...

Early mornings – I really enjoy watching the world wake up – wherever.
1993 – Bach concert in a church. Marc in St. Marks.
odd, chaotic, observing
Iran. Korea. Taiwan. Uzbek. (Seemingly all countries with more or less territorial or other political issues. In favor of my minor children I should probably settle for Denmark. Or …Belgium?)
Fresh baked rug bread with fresh butter and sea salt.
See above.
Nicely smelling stuff from Shiseido and some Chanel for makeup.
Procrastination. Procrastination. Getting easily distracted. Procrastination…
I was working as a carpenter for 3 years before going to university: at the end of these days I often was completely exhausted – yet profoundly satisfied with the work done. I desperately need to do some work with my hands to get the weird thoughts in head sorted.
(To lie in bed with this Marc from above and our little daughter isn´t bad either.)

Dear Waffle, your writing is addictive. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Forgot the flowers:
quince blossoms!

GingerB said...

I like 930 or so, gotten started and the day still has prmoise to go well, and not to shit. I did love London but I don't hate Salt Lake City, odd though it is. The loves of my life are those tiny little creatures I call my daughters, holy fucking hell, what a ride, what a glorious terrifying ride. My two year old baby put her two hands on my cheeks while I was rocking her to sleep in the dark and when she felt me smile she laughed out loud. Nothing better than that, ever. Three words for me: talks, dances, talks. Country to visit: Costa Rica, because hello! paradise. Favorite dish to cook: macaroni and cheese, because, hello! Salt, sugar, butter, cream, cheese, and cupcakes from a fancy cupcake bakery. Lancome Beinfait Totale and any kind of yellow/green tinted cover up to hid my red zones. Flowers: pink roses. Vices: a desire for perfection that leaves me full of self criticism, I rely heavily on pharmaceutical relief instead of therapy, I am plagued with guilt and doubt. Happiest? Now, tinged with horror, sadness, self doubt and guilt of course.

Bryony said...

time of day: 8am whenever I have had an early morning swim - whether it's the med or the English Channel - the moral high ground for the rest of the day is mine! vodka for breakfast? fine!

Love of life - 1985, Oxford - he thought I was a teacher....bizarre!! we are still together.

Favourite dish - like you, I prefer baking - can I say Christmas Cake? adore the smell and getting everyone to join in.

Beauty - am I allowed my tweezers? an increasing necessity... Also, Chanel Le Vernis - any shade...

I really, really want to go to New Zealand.

Flowers - Bouganvillia (no idea how you spell it) - saw fab examples in Croatia on holiday this year

Happiest - am with you on 1997 - May 2nd in particular. It was also the year I had my youngest son and for that reason, can I have 1993 and 1996 for my other two?

Thank you - I have enjoyed that exercise (except the tweezers...)

Bryony said...

I forgot a vice! I am desperately judgemental which I find satisfying, but am sure annoys others...

Jessica said...

Fave time of day: Morning, a bit before sunrise. Nobody's up, and nobody's fucked anything up yet, so I can just enjoy the pristine nature of it all.

Love of Life meeting: It was early summer in 2006 that I had my first bite of authentic old-school chocolate, handmade on a rough stone in South America with chiles, cinnamon, and almost no sugar. My pupils dilated instantly. I will never forget that day.

3 words for me: Crazy, Awesome, Weird.

Country to visit: Iceland. Seems like the right place to find other forms of crazy, awesome and weird.

Dish to cook: Do chocolaty delights count? I'm going to say they count. Making them rocks.

Salt or sugar?: I'm with waffle on this. Both. And throw in a little spice while you're at it.

Fave makeup/beauty items?: Lipbalm, Mascara, moisterizer, earrings.

Fave Flowers: Forget-me-nots. They're tiny and pretty in a discreet and modest kind of way. They have a lovely name, and they remind me of my childhood.

Worst vices: Caffeine, procrastination, occasional bouts of thinking I might be able to take on the world followed by the humbling and embarrassing realization that this may never happen.

Happiest Time: Do care-free summers of my youth count? I've had a few, but that was really the last time great things weren't kind-of tainted by other really not-great things like debt, heartbreak, familial drama, and so on. Hm, that's not a great note to end on, is it? : / Erm, hopefully better things are to come? Yes, that's it. When I finally work up the guts to take on the world for REAL. Yep.

Sewmouse said...

Favourite time of day

Bedtime. All clean and shiney from a shower, snuggling into my impressively expensive and amazing soft 350 thread-count sheets with a good book until my eyes are too tired to scan the letters anymore, then turning out the light and watching the stars outside my window in the lovely black-velvet night.

Where and when did you meet the love of your life?

54 years old. Still looking. I suspect he may be still MIA/KIA in Vietnam.

What three words would your friends from outside the blogging world use to describe you?

Intelligent, anti-social, strange

What country would you like to visit and why?

Scotland. Because it looks pretty on the internets and I hear it very seldom gets so hot as to be uncomfy.

What's your favourite dish to cook?

Yorkshire puddings. They amuse me, going from glop to crispy and puffly. Puffly is TOO a word!

Salt or sugar?

Salt. I like sugar ok, but I prefer salty things. Marguaritas anyone?

What are your favourite make up and beauty items?

Dial antibacterial soap. Suave shampoo. I don’t do makeup. Makes me break out.

What are your favourite flowers?

Delphiniums, roses, gladiolius

What are your worst vices?

Sloth, gluttony, procrastination.

At what time of your life were you happiest and why?

When my daughter was just a wee little one and we lived in the blue house in Denver with the incredible garden and all the strawberries.

Lisa-Marie said...

Right..(that was me being all business. I have attempted this twice today and had to stop).

-At the weekend, my favourite time of days is about 11. I've been awake and watching cookery programmes for an hour or so, and at 11ish, husband gets up, and we have breakfast and read the paper and then decide what to do.
The rest of the time, my favourite is late afternoon/evening. Ideally I am not at work, and I have a weather appropriate beverage(tea/hot choc/cider/cocktail) and good company husband/friends/book. In winter(also right now) I have a blanket.

-Love(s) of my life. Husband, books, music, art. The books, music and art were all before i can consciously remember, and are ever present and very much a comfort. I met my husband when I missed the bottom stair of a club (I was drunk) and he helped me up. We were friends on the internet for 4 years till I re-met him, and now we are married.

-Words my outside friends would use to describe me - Loud, loyal, happy (they'd be right too).

-Country to visit. Germany please!

-Dish to cook - soup, roast chicken or macaroni cheese. I'm assuming I can't put a baked thing.

(I am going to make the bread tonight!)


-Make ups - Benetint, OPI nail varnish, No7 tinted moisturiser, black eyeliner (using Bad Gal at the moment, quite like it!)Chanel eye-shadow quad thing (the blacky greyish one).

-Favourite flowers gerberas/red roses/lilies

-vices - being an emotional drama queen, and expecting to much of people.

-I think I'm happiest now. I'm much more ok with who i am than I ever have been,and I like my job and love my husband and have lovely friends (on and off the internet). and we have a good, life. So, yes, now.

(I've a feeling this is very boring, but you did ask!)

Lisa-Marie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veronica Wald said...

Capybara updates.
Doesn't that infant look *thrilled* to be there?

soleils said...

Favourite time of day? Very late at night, when all is quiet, when everyone is asleep, when my mind can fully function again and I feel I can change the world.

My heart beats faster when I look at or think of a few people who must live forever because I don't know if I can breathe without them, when I hear some singers' voices or read some writers' words. They are all the love in my life.

Three words people from real life would use to describe me
I can only guess, but... loyal, self-deprecating, warm (on a good day) or... control freak, judgemental, stubborn on a bad one.

I would like to go to... San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Burkina Faso.

Sugar, probably. Followed by salt, which makes me want sugar, and so on.

I would narrow it down to a touch of armani foundation when required, bit of blush (any will do, really), coco mademoiselle lipstick or nars pop life lip pencil, chanel grey eye liner and black mascara.

White ones mostly. Only non-white flowers I really like: red tulips and sunflowers.

Favourite dish to cook
Crème caramel renversée (I am not a patient cook, this is easy - mix it all up and stick in oven - and too delicious)

Shoes, strong coffee, ice-cream. Stealing cuddles from my boys whenever they are distracted.

Happiest any time when looking at the sunhine in my sons' hair. Also, on a deserted beach at sunset, Greece, 1997. In a luminous mountain house in China, 1991. Laughing my head off at uni in 1990. And again with a bunch of magnificent Italians on a course in Strasbourg in 1998. Jane Siberry concert in Manchester, 1996? Caetano Veloso in Madrid, 1995?

This has been highly therapeutic. I am a blessed beeeyotch and I should stop moaning. Thank you.

Persephone said...

I'm recklessly and ill-advisedly doing NaBloPoMo this month, so I just grabbed the meme and ran. It's here.

Jaywalker said...

Oh Veronica,

I so love how displeased the capybara looks even in earliest infancy. There's something very right about that.

Mara Gaulzetti said...

I love reading your blog. It makes me laugh, sometimes cry. It even makes me miss Belgie-Land on occasion. I really do love it, your write brilliantly.

My favorite time of day is sunset. Pinky orange colored sunsets especially. This is the only time I enjoy running; and by "enjoy" I mean "not despise".

Where and when did you meet the love of your life?

At an Irish bar in Boulder, CO USA. I thought that he was strange and perhaps had a nervous tic. Things have improved immensely.

What three words would your friends from outside the blogging world use to describe you?

"Funny, kind and generous". Boy, do I have them fooled.

What country would you like to visit and why?

I'd like to go to New Zealand. I hear it's beautiful. I like beautiful.

What's your favourite dish to cook?

I like cooking. Mostly because I'm a gluttonous pig who loves to eat. My favorite food to make is chinese dumplings or pot stickers. They are just too delicious and freeze well, plus they impress my friends, and I am a pathetic glutton for praise as well as food.

Salt or sugar?

Nine times out of ten salt. I admit to eating salt. Yes, just taking a pinch and eating it. It's revolting I know, and it makes my ankles become cankles. I would like a salt lick for Hanukkah.

What are your favourite make up and beauty items?

The only thing I use religiously (besides toothpaste and brush) is moisturizer. My current love is Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting cream. Living at high altitude in Colorado make my skin dry and horrible and the sun seems very strong, so I also use sunscreen.
Also, I am sweatier than most hairy men, so I use this clinical strength antiperspirant at night which makes my armpits dry, red and flaky. If I don't use it, however, I can sweat through a wooley jumper. Seriously. I think this could explain my salt cravings.

What are your favourite flowers?

I agree that hydrangeas are gorgeous in blue and cream. I also love tulips, the dark nearly black ones are my favorite.

What are your worst vices?

Oh so many. Placating behavior, criticizing myself excessively, bouts of extreme shyness, road rage and excess salt consumption, crying at inappropriate moments.
There are more, but I feel I've already provided too much disturbing fodder.

At what time of your life were you happiest and why?

I'm a natural sad sap in a constant state of PMS, but I think I'm happiest now. I live in a beautiful place, where I can hike, ski and get away from my nagging inner dialogue. I have a sweet fiance and we like as well as love each other. I get plenty of solitude, but not too much which is exactly what I need.

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joudymoha said...

شركة نقل عفش بالقطيف
شركة نقل اثاث بالقطيف
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نقل عفش بالدمام

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joudymoha said...

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joudymoha said...

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