Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Bath Report II

Day 3 in Bath.

Shiny new Gap trousers tried on: 4

Shiny new Gap trousers bought: 0

Fits of self-loathing induced by Gap "Curvy" trousers: 1

Mildly comic whirlpool baths taken: 3

Discernible effect on skintone of concerted whirpool bathing, body brushing and Weleda Birch oil use: 0

Reader recommended cafés tried: 1 (Jika Jika. Good coffee. Improved carrot cake. What's with the obsession with carrot cake though, Bath? I am not a rabbit. Je ne suis pas un lapin. Ich bin nichts ein Kaninchen, No soy conejo).

Tweets: 18 (improved, but still crap)

Number of pairs of shoes dragged from Belgium in a small suitcase: 9

Number of pairs of shoes worn in last 3 days: 1

Dr Kargs crackers consumed: 0

Packets of Caramel Nibbles consumed: 1

Pointless vitamins consumed: 8

Words spoken to another live human being: Maybe 30?

Dead ends and deletions: too numerous to count

Words: Eh, who's counting. Not me, it's depressing.


Em said...

Excellent. Um, very concise list and with all those shoes you are ready for action. With, say, a Canadian. I'm sure they're easy to find in Bath.

Margaret said...

Will you just make out with a freaking Canadian already?!

Alison said...

The only Canadians in Bath I know are female (a surprising number of them though). Will that do?

Jessica said...

You can do it! (The book, not the carrot cake, because really, carrot cake is mostly evil.)

The Gap is completely evil though, imho ... what were you doing in there and who brainwashed you into it?

What's the deal with all this talk of my countrymen/women? Bath is teeming with them, or something?

Waffle said...

Hello Jessica

Someone kissed a Canadian in Bath twenty years ago so now apparently I have to too. I am not doing well on this part. Words, a little better.

Sure Alison, Female is fine, but they mustn't be grossed out by DISGUSTING FEET.

The Mum said...

think 18 tweets is brilliant. i don't. because i can't understand how to. hope bath means you are soaked in literary inspiration?

Sewmouse said...

I thought that Deutsch for Rabbit was "Hasen", or something similar sounding possibly completely differently spelled. Grandma used to make cookies she called "Hasen Ohren" because they looked like bunny ears.

I will shut up now.

awhirlinlondon said...

If it helps at all, remember that Jane Austen detested bath.

Martini Restaurant is terrific and a very cheery place. You could even take your laptop / ms. (They have a website if you'd like to look it over.)

No. 1 Royal Crescent is a gorgeous, bite-sized museum - a completely restored Georgian townhouse - I visit with delight every time I'm there.

Anonymous said...

These days, there's some kind of 'not a rabbit' spirit in the air: earlier today, while walking Mr O the dog, I suggested to a colleague in the park to let his dog run free (with Oscar) and he replied "My dog is not a rabbit"...(the shit gmail password forgotten = I am anonymous)

Alison Cross said...

Nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. If you've won it loads and don't feel like taking part, it's ok ;-)

Ali xxx

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