Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Butlins Day 2

Lots of sub-Martin Parr photo opportunities today (I love Martin Parr, this isn't remotely meant to sound derogatory) since it was cold and grey and all the boys wanted to do was stare, rapt, at slot machines.

More observations.

1. Redcoats use a LOT of hair gel. Most of them look like Patrick Kielty's younger, fatter brothers.

2. We have been at the seaside for two days and are yet to see the sea.

3. I am still incapable of dealing with a buffet without making myself ill. I simply have no internal cues to stop myself eating disgusting food. Especially that really really cheap ice cream. Consequently I feel more or less permanently sick.

4. Butlins has done something very bad to my brain. Maybe all the transfats have made their way up to my skull and are eating my neurones. Whatever. I can barely think, or speak, and certainly can't write. By tomorrow I may well be just resting my head on the keyboard and posting a series of randomly selected characters.

Ugh, see? I wrote that about 2 hours ago and fell into a sort of trance, with drooling and a cricked neck. Posting before things get any worse.


Em said...

I await with bated breath to see a Red (whoops) Coat. Hopefully a close-up so the hair gel really SHINES.

Your boys are obviously in boy-paradise. Just keep hitting the mini bar. If I remember rightly (and ALL my Butlins research is strictly from Hi De Hi) some funny incident will happen, the sun will shine and before you know it, it's time to leave the flashing lights and return to your endives. Enjoy!

ganching said...

Did I miss the bit where you explained WHY you have gone to Butlins?

M. said...

Did you know Martin Parr has the world's largest bag of cheese puffs? I saw it at the Orangerie. Fact.

Beatrice said... many days still to go?

soleils said...

How did I not know Martin Parr's work? It is just amazing! Thank you for that link, E., I had such a great time looking at those photos. M, the world's largest bag of cheese puffs? But why? The mind boggles. This is a strange morning, especially as next door
have been drilling relentlessly and maniacally into our wall for the last 3 effing hours. Jesus. I need to get out.


I have nothing useful to add or say (although I am agog re. cheese puffs, I can't lie), but this may pass un peu de temps:

As far as I can see, you can just type things like "Martin Parr has a gigantic bag of cheese puffs", "The next thing I know the 'entertainment' will be Sting" and "The minibar is empty" and you're away. Bonne chance, ma chère.

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