Monday, 15 March 2010

Upcoming oddness

Scheduling like mad, to ward off the lonely and the bored, and the screeching harpy attacks, all of which are frequent. If this post reads like a dull and worthy listings magazine, it's because I have water on the brain. Sorry.

Wednesday: Keeping everything madly crossed for this, but hopefully at LAST the Charleroi Urban Safari. They are elusive buggers, and apparently climbing slag heaps and scrabbling around rusting factories is a growth industry. Actually, as anyone who watched the rather fantastic Detroit documentary on Saturday can testify, Charleroi isn't the only town making the most of its decaying industrial spaces. But it is the only one that can proudly boast that it will take you to where Magritte's mother committed suicide. Fancy!

Sunday: Fiesta Mexicana at the Palais des Beaux-Arts. I intend to force both of my children to learn how to Mexican wrestle. They are expecting burritos and pinata-making. I may, just conceivably, let them do those things once they have learned a passable half-Nelson. I really hope there are masks for sale. I really REALLY hope.

Then to London again as mentioned on Friday. Why yes, I am still terrified, thank you for asking.

3 April: A pillowfight flashmob in the Grand Place! I love the sound of this. Does anyone want to come? It just sounds brilliant. There has been lots of Flashmob action in Belgium recently - not just the famous Antwerp Sound of Music spectacular:

See also the Valentine's dance troup in Charleroi airport and various others.

This is swiftly followed on, I think, 7 April, by the Verviers heat of the Belgian Air Guitar Championships. Si si si.

12 April: The spawn and I may be going to Butlins. In Bognor Regis. Be still my beating heart.

30 April New Young Pony Club. Shut up. We are not opening any music debates on these pages. Marina and the Diamonds in June too, and I am NOT LISTENING, fingers in ears, la la la.

22 May The Zinneke parade. Bi-annual civic weirdness. The last one nearly blew my mind. Herrings in ice cream cones. Amy Winehouse made from waste. Other stuff.

Any other suggestions of things I could be doing this Spring rather than sitting at home and drinking gin? I will do pretty much anything. Sadly.


Lisa-Marie said...

I want to go to the pillow fight! However, Bulgeland is not cheap to get to!

This week I will be going to 3 gigs. one is tomorrow night(Frank Turner), and I have to leave at 6 am the next morning for work. I will not drink, I will not drink, I will not drink...

I think you should go and have a picnic. But you should take the gin. Also, look at and laugh at other people's misfortune!

Rebecca said...

12th May - Deerhunter at Botanique! I'm going!

JPM said...

busy lady! I am looking forward to the New Young Pony Club too in Zurich on the 26th of April. I will try not to wear them out and rather only warm them up for you, tho' I think they come kinda warm already :).

Anonymous said...

You could always visit Reno. I have a dog you can pet, and friends to get drunk with. Candace

Rainey said...

I was a bit non-plussed with your listings until I saw the glorious words 'pillowfight flashmob'. Awesome imagery danced in my head even before I clicked on the below link. It's amazing how two little words can sometimes evoke a thousand mental pictures....

Em said...

Gwynnie, I mean 'Jaywalker', I seriously want to move to Belgium -spontaneous dancing in the airport, wrestling with MASKS, pillow fights. And fish ice-cream cones.

I am impressed with your schedule, yet exhausted.

Bryony said...

I spent last Saturday evening driving down the Belgian coast comparing it to the UK east coast - spot the similarities to Great Yarmouth! We ate chips and saw a road bridge go up and down - try it!!! We also contemplated friend entering Miss St Omer 2010.....

ps I have tickets for Vampire Weekend in July

Anonymous said...

I want to watch and drink vodka. Maybe I could hold your coat while you get down and vicious with goose down?


frau antje said...

Need to look up that Detroit documentary. Will be changing planes there, and am still traumatized by being pulled into a side room in Chicago (probably for stating that I was bringing in food--pre-packaged chocolate from the airport gift shop--yes, I understand there is a sensible limit to honesty, but they asked). In a moment of bureaucratic levity, they even suggested my companion reconsider traveling with me. Feeling good about Detroit would be nice, even though I will have no contraband in my clothing. What's in your clothing should be of no concern to anyone, unless you choose to post pictures on the internet.

Anonymous said...

I am having second thoughts about my comment - it sounded much better in my head. When I wrote I wanted to watch I meant the whole thing - as in the pillow fight and 'down and vicious' meant nothing. Absolutely nothing. I just meant that I would come along and drink vodka. Okay? Phew.

Laura said...

Ooooh... I've been waiting for the Zinneke thing for about a year now, since I first read your original post. It had to be the weekend I'm in England - typical!

Charlie's Tribe said...

Can't you do all this AND still find time to sit at home sipping gin? You might NEED gin to get through all that.

Johnners said...

Am taking my children to see The Gruffalo. In June. No pillowfights whatsoever.

Must move to Belgium, Hertfordshire sucks. I will drink, I will drink, I will drink...

pinolona said...

Did the pillow fight in Krakow last year. I'd love to, but I'll be in the UK for Easter that weekend.
It's good fun, I recommend (the pillowfight I mean)

Jessica said...

Air guitar is the 27th March! Flash-pillow-fights are awesome! I did one in TO last year and it was supremely giggly!

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